Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer

It is a must for a construction company to possess a bulldozer because it is considered to be the basic heavy equipment one should have if they are in this business. Not having a bulldozer will only suggest that the company is not sound or is probably not so keen in conducting its business implausibly which will only deter the projects giver to give any businesses to the company and may move to some other construction company. It has been noted that people are ideally brand oriented when it comes to buying heavy equipment. It is quite seldom to find a person who is not so brand conscious and is ready to buy heavy equipment of any brand or else most of the guys prefer to buy machines of a particular brand and will stick to it.

Knowing this fact, the respective brands also need to work hard to keep up to the demands of their customers compelling them to think out of the box and keeping into consideration the wants of the customers they keep bringing in various innovative models with varied features. One brand that has set itself different from the rest is Caterpillar and being the pioneer in manufacturing bulldozers, they take pride in introducing dozers of high quality and reliability.

Caterpillar’s D11T bulldozer is quite an innovative machine manufactured by the esteemed brand with its specs mentioned below.

When we talk about bulldozers, we invariably mean power. The gross power of this machine is 935 hp. and the net power is 850 hp. with the power measured at 1800 rpm. It has a displacement of 32.1 liters and its aspiration is turbocharged. The total number of cylinders it has is 12. The operating weight of the machine is 104590 kg with a fuel capacity of 425.1 gallons. The cooling system fluid capacity and engine oil capacity is 63.1 gallons. The hydraulic fluid capacity and power train fluid capacity is 64.2 gallons and 91 gallons respectively. The operating voltage of the machine is 24 V and the alternator supplied amperage is 100 amps.

The total number of forward and reverse gears is 3. The maximum forward and reverse speed is 7.3 miles per hour and 8.7 miles per hour respectively. The ground pressure of D11T dozer is 20 psi with the contact area of 9781 in2. The standard show size of the machine is 28 in and the total number of shoe each side is 41 and the total number of rollers on each side is 8. The track pitch is 12.5 in and the track gauge is 9.5 ft in. The total pump flow capacity is 66 gallons per minute and the relief valve pressure is 3500 psi.

If we check the dimension of the machine, the length of the machine with and without blade is 34.9 ft. in and 19.8 ft. in respectively. The height of the machine to the top of the cab is 13.4 ft. in and the length of the track on the ground is 12.7 ft. in. It is overall an ideal dozer for anybody to have.