Caterpillar D10T Bulldozer

Many construction companies get good projects after the giver sees the kind of bulldozers they possess. This only suggests the importance of bulldozers in the construction sector and the kind of impact it can have for getting projects. It has also been seen that big construction companies often outsource their work to small contractors and may lend them their heavy equipment. However, the big companies often prefer the contractors to have their own equipment so that they can use their heavy equipment for other projects. The sole reason of outsourcing their work to small contractors is that they can use their machines to complete the job.

So before they select the contractor to whom they can render the work, they prefer to check the kind of heavy equipment they possess and if they are quite an outdated piece of metal they would like to look for someone else. These big construction companies give a lot of importance to possessing quality bulldozers as they believe it to be one of the most important equipment required in a construction project. The bulldozers produced by Caterpillar are the most favored ones and there are few specific models that have left its imprint in the overall construction domain.

We would be talking in length about Caterpillar D10T bulldozers and its specifications.

The D10T dozer has a gross power of 646 hp. and a net power of 580 hp. which is quite phenomenal in its class. The power measured is at 1800 rpm and the displacement is 27 liters. The total number of cylinders it has is 12 and the aspiration is turbocharged. The operating weight of the machine is 66451 kg with a fuel capacity of 1204 liters. The cooling system fluid capacity, engine oil capacity, hydraulic fluid capacity and power train fluid capacity is 132 liters, 68 liters, 144 liters and 193 liters respectively. The operating voltage of the D10T dozer is 24 V with an alternator supplied amperage of 95 amps.

The number of forward and reverse gears available with this dozer is 3 and the maximum forward and reverse speed is 7.9 miles per hour and 9.8 miles per hour respectively. If we check the undercarriage of this machine, the ground contact area is 7326 in2 with a standard show size of 24 in and the total number of shoes per side is 44. The total number of track rollers per side is 8 and has a track pitch of 10.2 in. It has a hydraulic system pump type which is gear driven. The relief valve pressure is 2725 psi and the pump flow capacity is 107 gallon per minute.

Taking into consideration the standard blade, the width and height of the blade is 15.9 ft. in and 81 in respectively. The capacity of the blade is 24.2 yd3 and the cutting depth is 26.5 in. The length of the machine with and without blade is 30.4 ft. in and 17.5 ft. in respectively and the height of the machine till the top of the cab is 13.4 ft. in.

It is overall an ideal machine for small construction companies as well as for contractors as it is not a very expensive machine and moreover if you are lucky enough you can get further discounts resulting in paying less for it.