Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader

It has always been a big problem for the construction laborers to move huge pile of dirt from one place to another especially when you do not have a wheel loader to get the work done. Other than that, moving the dirt manually is also time consuming and quite stressful. Therefore one can certainly understand the importance of a wheel loader when he gets the task to clear pile of dirt. So there is no second thought of whether to possess a wheel loader or not when you are in the business where you have to deal with dirt and got to move it from the construction site to the dump yard. The real question for you is which brand and model of wheel loader to go for. Heavy equipment companies of high repute produces wheel loader however, it is CAT 982M that seems to be stealing the show.

Cat 982M wheel loader is fitted with CAT C13 ACERT engine which is considered to be one of the best in the industry. It has a maximum operating net power of 404 hp with a weight of 35563 kg. Pertaining to fuel consumption it is believed that the 982M wheel loader is 10% more fuel efficient as compared to other leading K series machines and is 25% more fuel efficient to the H series machines. This saves a lot for companies that have to use the machine almost 8-10 hours in a day. One can imagine how much fuel it can save as compared to machines of other series. With the size of bucket that can be installed on the machine, it simply increases its capacity to carry a lot of load at a given point of time.

CAT 982M Wheel Loader provides great degree of comfort to the operator who has to work staying inside the machine for hours. It just becomes tougher for the guy to be inside for hours at a stretch. Cat understands this and has therefore considered every minute details of the comfort of the operator. They also understand that if they are able to maintain the comfort level of the operator, it will automatically lead to higher productivity and will enhance the profit margin for the construction company. The hydraulic systems of the machine have gone through a lot of changes to increase its efficiency. The weight of the mono-block design has been considerably reduced and has less than 40% leak points. The auxiliary third function can be installed at the factory or at the jobsite by just adding up a second remote valve.

In order to monitor the real time health of the machine, they have an online “Visionlink” application that will enable you to check the data of the machine and will thereby help you to know its actual health. Other than that you can always have expert advice of the CAT technical team who will help you to understand the features by which you can increase the efficiency of the machine.