Caterpillar 349F Excavator

It is very important to understand what more do customers want from heavy equipment and accordingly the heavy equipment manufacturing companies should put their heads to work and bring out machines that serves the purpose of the construction companies. Innovation is most certainly the key to all successful businesses and if you are innovative in manufacturing your produces then it is more likely that they will get sold in huge numbers. People do not want to use stuffs that is redundant and are always on the lookout of stuff that has more features which can play a key role in simplifying their lives.

When we are talking about the construction business, innovative machines becomes all the more instrumental. Construction companies keep on hunting for heavy equipment that have the potential to make things simple for them, is high on utility, and is very reliable and something that consumes less fuel and is more productive. One name in the field of heavy equipment that stands ahead from the rest of the companies is Caterpillar. Caterpillar is renowned for producing high class quality machines for the end users and it is very unlikely that a CAT customer after having used their machines is not satisfied with its performance.

We will be discussing in detail about Caterpillar 349F excavator and will highlight on its specification.

The gross power of this excavator is 432 hp and its net power is 396 hp with a displacement of 12.5 liters. The operating weight of the machine is 117500 lb. and its fuel capacity is 719 liters. The cooling system fluid capacity, hydraulic system fluid capacity and engine oil capacity is 50 liters, 570 liters and 43.2 liters respectively. The total speed of the swing is 8.7 rpm with a swing torque of 109500 lb. ft. Taking the focus to the undercarriage of the machine, the number of shoes per side is 52 with the total number of carrier rollers per side is either 2 or 3 and the number of track rollers on each side is 9.

Talking about the dimension, the width of 349F excavator to the outside of tracks is 11ft in and the height of the machine to the top of the cab is 10.6 ft in. The ground clearance is 1.6 ft. in and the length of the track on ground is 14.3 ft. in. The counterweight clearance is 4.2 ft. in. These very specifications make the machine unique if compare it with excavators produced by other companies.

If you are an inexperienced operator then it is prudent for you to go through the manual thoroughly and then put your hands on the machine. However, it is also advisable for an experienced guy to read the user manual before he tries things with the machine. One thing that you should keep into deliberation before you sit across the table to buy the machine is that you check the specs from the website and compare it with other models. It is nevertheless an ideal machine for every construction purpose and should suit all your business needs.