Caterpillar 336F Excavator

When it comes to precision, stability, reliability and high productive work with low fuel consumption, there is only one name that has no real competition from the rest of the population and it is Caterpillar. Over the years, Caterpillar has made a reputation of serving its customers by delivering the maximum and charging reasonable prices from then and till now they have stayed intact on that reputation. This is probably one of the many reasons why Caterpillar has been the best choice of thousands of customers all over the globe.

The opening of the economy has nevertheless opened new fronts for the foreign heavy equipment manufacturing companies to invade other markets but that has not deterred CAT a bit and it has taken up the challenge of keeping its position unbroken. Though with the usher of other heavy equipment producing companies having more choices to the customers, which in a way is better for the end user as they can select the best from the rest, they often select CAT products as they believe it to be the best from all other companies. The continued support and unbroken faith of the customers has given CAT the courage to hop out of the US and expand its operations all around the globe. Caterpillar is renowned for producing all kinds of heavy equipment particularly dozers and excavators.

We will be discussing about CAT 336F excavator and will sneak a bit into its specs.

The 336F excavator meets the US Tier 4-Final emissions standards which have now become a must across all heavy equipment manufacturing companies operating in US. Having this technology means the machine will emit lesser intoxicants as compared to the previous versions and will be quite high on productivity. This machine also has a timer that shuts the engine off after being idle for a while. This feature ensures that the life of the engine is longer than expected and no unnecessary trouble comes up with the engine that becomes the reason of worry to the owner of the machine. Other than this, the operator can slowly move the engine speed to idle thus making it more reliable and user friendly, therefore also helps in lower fuel consumption.

This machine can also be fitted with LINK technology that will assist the fleet owners to keep a track of the machine’s utility or like the total amount of fuel it has consumed, the productivity, the idle time etc. These many features are available at a very reasonable price as CAT is not charging a fortune from its customers. It is ideally within the reach of many but those who find it to be a bit expensive can go for borrowing money from lenders to buy the machine.

The purchaser should keep into deliberation the project requirement before going for the purchase. If the project is huge then he has the option for going for more advanced excavators but if the project is not that big then the 336F will suffice his business purpose.