Caterpillar 323F L Excavator

For a construction company that is into excavating work, it is very important for them to possess a reliable, strong and efficient excavator. Their complete business depends upon this very machine and therefore choosing the best excavator is so crucial for them. A construction company before buying an excavator should do thorough research of the model that fits their business requirement and also check if its costing will have any negative impact on the business. Only after they are sure of the machine they should buy it.

Other than that, the after sales service is also crucial. You just can’t forego the importance of after sales service. So it is crucial for you to analyze the facts well in advance. It makes no sense in buying an excavator from a brand that does not have good features or have issues with efficiency and also does not have adequate after sales service points. You will be left in a pickle if things go wrong with the machine. Therefore go with the brand that makes more sense and falls apt to your needs.

A brand like Caterpillar can turn out to be real good for your business. Cat has come up with 323F L Excavator that promises the consumers of high performance and supreme quality. It is probably more reliable than any other excavators from any other brand. This particular machine is said to be 9% better in terms of fuel efficiency than its predecessors (E-series). Other than that, the 323F L Excavator is fitted with C7.1 engine that has a net power of 161 hp. With the help of its automatic engine speed control system, it can lower the rpm of the engine when the excavator is not loading any stuff and also has the engine idle shutdown system which will shut down the machine after remaining idle for a defined duration.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the machine is fitted with ECO mode which permits the operator to adapt the machine’s performance to the application and simultaneously consumes less fuel. It has the regeneration circuits for the boom and stick that helps in reducing the load on the main pumps. The maximum operating weight of the machine is 56,000 pounds with a max dig depth of 22 feet and max reaches at ground level of 32 feet and 4 inches.

The most intrinsic feature of the 323F L Excavator is the technology installed in the machine. It is integrated with technologies like Product Link which helps the operator with key information like the location, hours of constant activity, fuel consumption and idle time. The operator can make use of this report to understand the efficiency of the machine and can be used for various other operating needs.

The excavator can be purchased from any CAT authorized dealer in your city. Placing the order in advance will be a big help to the dealers to make the machine available for you to check before buying it. The dealers will also assist you to get loans from institutions at lower interest rates and they do this for f