Caterpillar 320E L Excavator

An excavator is perhaps the second most useful heavy equipment after a bulldozer. It is not that other heavy equipment are not so useful but no other heavy equipment can replace an excavator in terms of the various functions it can perform on the job site. An excavator is a multirole machine and can be used for various purposes like digging the dirt out, loading it in an articulated truck, it is also useful for agricultural purposes and so on and so forth. An excavator means a lot to a mining or a construction company as without it, it will be very difficult for them to sustain in the ever changing business environment.

Caterpillar is one such company that specializes in manufacturing class excavators. The reason why they are good with their products is they keep into consideration the needs and wants of the customers and accordingly they try to put in their innovative minds into work resulting into real classy machines for the end users. One such model that has been real famous among its users is the 320E L excavators. The engine model of this machine is C6.6 ACERT with a displacement of 403 in3 and with a net power of 153 hp.

If we speak about the dimension of the machine, the maximum length of the machine is 31 ft 4 in, maximum height is 12 ft 3 in and the overall width is 10 ft 5 in. The ground clearance of CAT 320E L is 18 inches and the dig depth of the mono boom is 24 ft 10 in. The fuel tank capacity is 108.3 gallons and hydraulic tank capacity is 37.8 gallons. The operating weight of the machine is 48940 lbs. They have tried to keep the weight of the machine appropriate to its size.

Knowing the importance of possessing an excavator especially when one is in the construction business, caterpillar has ensured that the price of the machine should be within the reach of everybody and therefore if one intends to buy the machine, he should not find it hard to procure it. However, if you still find it outside your reach then you can get it financed from any financial institution and can pay the loan in easy installments. It is however necessary to pay the installments on time or else it may lead to repossession of the machine.

The CAT 320E L excavator can be bought directly from the company or from an authorized dealer. You should be very conveniently able to locate an authorized CAT dealer in your city. Placing the order with them will suffice the requirement to get the machine shipped to your place. You can pay the money in one go or can pay in easy monthly installments. All that should be informed to the dealer at the time you are making the purchase.

The other option is checking out few online stores that deal with CAT excavators. There you will easily find the 320E L machine for sale.