Caterpillar 312 Excavator

Over the last few decades we have seen the construction industry has developed manifolds and is continuing to grow at a very steady pace. This certainly means that people who are linked with the construction as well as with the heavy equipment manufacturing industries have a lot to gain in the next many years to come. Since we are just in the beginning phase, we have a lot to make and for which we need more sophisticated heavy equipment that has the capacity to endure more, deliver more and cost less when it comes to maintenance. This is probably what many expect from their machines. The most common thing that one ever witnesses when he approaches a construction site is an excavator. You need to dig the ground to put up any kind of foundation and for that you need the best of excavators which can dig deep inside the ground and carry all the mud out.

When it comes to buying an excavator, no name other than CAT comes into the minds of people who have been using CAT products. The reason is pretty simple. CAT is renowned for producing machines that are not only reliable and cost effective but also consumes less fuel and are low on maintenance. So machines that cost you low on maintenance and does not pinch you hard when it comes to fuel does invariably become the number one choice of users.

Speaking a little briefly about the CAT 312 excavator, the gross and net power of this machine is 94 hp and 90 hp respectively with a displacement of 259.4 cu in and the power is measured at 1950 rpm. Moving towards the operational side of the excavator, the total operating weight of the machine is 12778 kg. The total fuel capacity is 66 gallons. The cooling system, hydraulic system, engine oil and swing drive fluid capacity is 4.6 gallons, 42.8 gallons, 4.6 gallons and 0.79 gallons respectively. The alternator supplied amperage is 55 amps and the hydraulic system pump flow capacity is 33.5 gallon per minute. The swing speed of the machine is 12.9 rpm and the swing torque is 22496 lb ft.

Talking briefly about the undercarriage, the shoe size of the machine is 24 in with a ground pressure of 4.8 psi. The maximum travel speed is 3.4 mph. speaking about the bucket, the minimum and maximum bucket capacity is 0.31 yd3 and 0.98 yd3 respectively. Talking about the stick, The maximum digging depth of the stick is around 18.2 ft in and the maximum cutting and loading height is 27.8 ft in and 20 ft in respectively. The maximum vertical wall digging depth is 16.3 ft in.

Looking into the dimension of the machine, the width to outside of tracks is 8.5 ft in, the height to the top of the cab is 9.1 ft in and the ground clearance is 1.4 ft in. CAT 312 excavator can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and also on the internet.