Caterpillar 14M3 Motor Grader

Heavy equipment has been the backbone of the construction industry since ages and CAT machine is the blue eyed candy of almost every major construction house. Any types of construction work and you have CAT to cater you with the best of machines. If you are looking for something to do the grading work, you will not find anything better than a Cat 14M3 Motor Grader. The features that it offers you may sound to be similar what heavy equipment of other companies have to give but when it comes to ease of operation it really steals the show. Operators have found issues with the level of comfort while operating a machine and this is where CAT has taken utmost care while manufacturing the 14M3 motor grader. Other than comfort it also stress on sustainability of the machine. The motor grader can sustain in rough weather and hostile terrain thus proving its metal time and again.

Operators also have a tough time managing the joystick of the machine which is very well taken care in this version of the grader. The joystick is not only smooth but also provides immense precision control which makes the work simpler for the operator. The visibility factor has also been well taken care of. Operators go crazy when they are not able to view things clearly. This may cause accidents which are in no way a healthy sign for any construction company. The operator has to be ultra cautious while operating the machine even if there is poor visibility. The 14M3 grader has quite brilliantly managed this menace and it offers excellent visibility to the operator.

The model of the engine is CAT C13 ACERT VHP which has a net operating power of 238 hp. This sounds to be quite phenomenal. The machine also possesses programmable Autoshift which permits the operator to program the transmission so that it can shift at optimal points and matches its application. Now in order to reduce fuel consumption the motor grader has something known as “Standard Economy Mode” which if turned on will limit the maximum engine speed and will thus help to restrict the consumption of fuel. The VHP ensures that sufficient amount of power is provided in all the gears and the Standard Automatic Differential Lock system helps in unlocking the differential during a turn and locks it back once it gets straight. This makes the operation easier and also improves the power train protection.

Moving to the safety zone, this machine should be used to have a safer working environment where machine are not bumping against each other. The 14M3 grader has optional rear vision camera which enables the operator to have a view of the rear of the machine and thus avoid any collision. It is installed with the Operator Presence System which plays an instrumental role in keeping the parking brake engaged and the hydraulic implements disabled as long as the operator is seated and he gets the machine ready for work. It has an optional seat belt indicator which will blink if the operator fails to wear them.

With all these features, it makes 14M3 motor grader the most appreciated heavy equipment as far as the grading work is concerned.