Caterpillar 140K Motor Grader is the ultimate choice of many

Be it flattening the road or leveling a piece of land, a motor grader is the equipment one will vouch for. One can put the motor grader for many other uses as well. For instance, this particular equipment can be used extensively for agricultural purpose and simultaneously has shown great performance in the construction segment. A grader is a machine that has a long blade at the front of it which is used to level the land. Ideally, a grader is equipped with a single blade in the front. However, some construction companies use double blade graders. These types of graders have 2 blades situated in the front of the front axle. The motor grader is also known as “Blade”.

Construction companies have huge requirement of good graders. For them, good leveled roads mean fast work. It becomes very difficult for the workers to work on crooked roads as it may lead to accidents and this is why it is a must to have leveled roads. Simultaneously, other heavy equipment working on the construction site may have a tough time working due to improper roads. Therefore, getting the roads repaired becomes their first priority. Heavy equipment manufacturing companies are aware of the varying needs of the clients and thus they always bring technologies that will lessen human effort and increase productivity.

But out of the many models manufactured by various heavy equipment manufacturing companies, one specific model that has caught the attention of many is none other than Caterpillar 140K. This particular grader seems to be the ultimate choice specifically with users who like to use CAT equipment. The overall length of the equipment is 28.6 feet with around 2464 mm tire width. The total height of the machine is 3131 mm and the wheelbase is 6169mm. The important feature in the machine is its blade base which is 2561 mm. This means that it will not take long for the machine to level a very bumpy piece of land. The maximum power of the grader is 185 hp with a displacement of 10.3 liter. The total fuel capacity is 105 gallon and the fluid capacity for the cooling system is around 10 gallon.

It has 8 front gears and 6 reverse gears. Concurrently, the maximum forward speed is 27.4 miles per hour and the maximum reverse speed is 21.6 miles per hour. The machine is fitted with hydraulic systems that benefits the equipment is every possible way, thus increasing its efficiency and productivity and lowering the fuel consumption. By launching the K-series and replacing the H-series, Caterpillar has tried to reach to customers at all levels. This machine is not only meant for big construction companies but can also fit the budget of medium sized companies and to certain extent small companies as well. Though the H-series model was doing extremely well but had few issues pertaining to the sustainability which has been perfectly taken care by the new model. Cat 140K can be the grader that all can rely on as far as its performance and sustainability is concerned.