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A scraper can generate decent rental income

If you have heavy equipment that are not in use and you do not know what you should do since you do not wish to sell it off, the best option you have is to rent it to people who need them for their construction business. There are many construction companies who are having a hard time to carry on with their business as they encounter unavailability of heavy equipment. They can’t afford to buy every kind of heavy equipment under the sun but still needs to continue with the project. This is where they need machines on rent. They understand that by taking the equipment on rent, they have to pay the rental money every month which is something that they can easily afford. Other than that, brand new heavy equipment are way too expensive and do not make sense to buy them for just one project. You never know if you will need them again for the next project as there is a possibility that you may have to use some other equipment.

A scraper has the potential to generate decent rental income. As a matter of fact, any heavy equipment has a lot of value attached and can be a good source of rental income to its owner. Therefore if you have a Scraper which is not in use and you expect to not use it for the next couple of months or years, you can let it out to someone who may have some use of it. Scraper is quite useful heavy equipment when it comes to moving dirt. Scraper is widely used in big construction as well as mining sites. You will get to see different types of scrapers in any mining site. Therefore it is never a liability when it is not in use. There are different types of scrapers and each type has its own specific purpose. There are these Coal Bowl Scrapers which are predominantly used in mining sites or the open Bowl scraper which is self-loading hauling system and it is used in almost every site.

A machine with so much use attached to it can fetch you good rental value. All you need to do is keep the machine in good working condition so that people are ready to pay the money just by having a look at the equipment. Keep the machine well maintained by servicing it at regular intervals. Replace any part that has gone faulty. Change the engine oil regularly and do everything possible to ensure that the equipment stays healthy and performs better at the jobsite.

You can list the scraper on any online portal that primarily deals with sale/rent of heavy equipment. They might charge you a bit for listing the item but that is worth the deal. You should mention about your machine in details in the description section and also add the intricacies like the rental amount and the period for which you wish to rent the stuff. Post some pictures of the item and put it on the listing. This will attract viewers who are more likely there to take scrapers on rent.

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Working With A Scraper- How To Go On About It?

If you are into the mining industry, then you must be well aware of the important position that heavy equipment holds in the smooth operation of the entire business. If you are involved in the mining arena and are not aware of what a particular equipment is used for or how does it work, then you are not exactly on the route to success. The wheel tractor scraper is one of the most commonplace heavy equipment to be put to use in the arena of mining and highway construction.

Wheel Tractor Scraper- What Is It?

Shifting earth from one place and dumping it to another is one of the most significant aspect of the mining industry, as it is on this that the rest of the work depends. The wheel tractor scraper or the scraper is among the many earth moving equipment that rules the mining and highway construction industry. Consisting of a wagon with provision of a bladed bottom, the scraper is primarily used for scraping away the earth into the hydraulically run hopper. Once the hopper is filled with earth and cannot be loaded anymore, the gate is closed and carried away for dumping. The scraper is generally used for scraping the earth over smaller distances, usually about two miles.

Running A Scraper- How Is It Done?

Operating a scraper is not that difficult a deal, provided one deals with the entire affair a bit skilfully. However, having a basic idea of how the equipment operates wouldn’t hurt. So, let us take a look at the basic tenets of operating a scraper.

  • The ripper shanks of the scraper have to be elevated to the maximum position before driving the scraper forward. Before the scraper is again lowered to the ground level, operators should ensure that there is nothing there that could be damaged or cause damage.
  • It is better not to drive the scrapper too fast, or else the purpose of the equipment will not be served. As the operator proceeds with the scraper, the part of the earth that is scraped gets accumulated inside the box like structure. In case of greater contact with the earth, it is wise to let down the shanks one at a time, taking care to not to let the entire thing fall too low as that would bring the entire scraper to a halt.
  • While emptying the scraper of the accumulated dirt, make sure that you raise the shanks slowly and gradually. This will allow all the dirt to fall off. In the event of the scraper filling up too fast, you might consider elevating the shank further.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that wheel tractor scraper forms an important part of the mining and highway construction industry. It is, therefore, quite obvious that one faulty step on your part in the operation of this heavy equipment might lead to untoward consequences. It is, therefore, best if only the skilled hands of the industry are hired for the job. Having information on the basic aspects of the entire functioning of the scraper is also a good thing.

Using Specific Machine For Specific Work Can Yield Good Results

Have you ever wondered why there are so many heavy equipment in use in a construction site when the same machine has the potential to do multiple tasks? We see a backhoe loader, dozers, excavators, scrapers etc. and often think why they invest so much of money on heavy equipment when they can easily make use of one of their equipment into multiple purposes and get the work done. Well, the construction companies use so many machines for a specific cause adjoined to with and we would be highlighting on that cause.

Heavy equipment has its own intrinsic capability, though it is also potent enough to perform on other areas, but it makes more sense to use the equipment for the very purpose it was produced. For instance, one primarily uses an excavator to dig earth and remove the dirt and carry them from one place to the other. Now the same excavator can also be used to demolish a structure for which it is very much potent. However, you still use a bulldozer to get that part of the job done. This fact implies that though different heavy equipment has the capacity to do several tasks some which do not fall in their job area, it is better to restrict them from doing such tasks. The reason could be many. One of the important reasons is that it may not be much productive and may not yield desired results.

It becomes a big challenge for newbie to understand the role of heavy equipment in his business. Few are also of the opinion that they can do all the required work with the help of one machine and may not need any other equipment for other tasks.

What is rather advisable to guys new in this industry is that they first make their ground concrete by doing a thorough study on heavy equipment and understand the purpose of heavy equipment in their business. They have to get this pretty clear in their minds that single equipment can’t be used for all kinds of work. They have to invest more on equipment if they want to see their machines work for longer duration and also want to get the desired job done quickly.

They can research on the equipment using internet or joining forums where they can put up their questions and can expect to get expert comments. Those comments would turn out to be very helpful for a person who is new to this sector. Alternatively, if one can get some amount of experience by working in this industry for a span for few years, it would help him a long way. He would know more about machines and also which machine can get the work done faster without compromising the quality of its parts.

Articulated Dump Truck or Scrapers- Which Is the Best Deal for You?

If you take a good look at the construction forum, then you will find that the entire industry virtually depends on the efficient use of heavy equipment. It is the heavy equipment that plays a key role in deciding the fate of a particular construction project. Hence, choosing heavy equipment with care is quite an important job for those responsible for the construction site. And things might get difficult for you when it comes to choosing between equipment of the same kind.

The Articulated Dump Truck Vs Scrapers

Earthmoving forms an important part of any construction project. Shifting mounds of earth to clear off a portion of the land is quite an important job. Therefore, one has to be very careful when opting for earthmoving machinery. However, this is where the dilemma of the entire deal lies in. which earthmoving equipment should one go for- the scraper or the articulated dump truck? Well, if one cares to take a look at the features, one would find that both have commendable features of their own. A scraper comes equipped with a sharp hopper fixed horizontally which can be operated vertically with the help of hydraulic power. The articulated truck, on the other hand, has an uncomplicated pivotal system that makes it easy for the truck and the cab to detach, thereby enhancing control of the equipment.

Which Should Be Your Choice- The Articulated Truck Or Scraper?

Now arises the crucial topic as to which should be your choice- the scraper or the articulated truck? Well, it all depends on the purpose for which you will put the equipment to use. Is it is mining and the suburb that forms your area of concern, then scrapers should be your choice. The sharp hopper of the scraper cuts through the soil and clay and there are attachments in the equipment that allow it to be raised and dump the earth exactly where it should be dumped. The scraper can be optimally used by construction workers when they need to cut through the soil and fill an area that is close by. The articulated dump trucks on the other hand form the best option when it comes to rocky and muddy stretches of land. The pivotal system that makes it easy to operate the equipment by separating the cab and the truck offers a huge advantage to operators. Steered and controlled by hydraulic rams, this equipment is the best choice when it comes to moving heavy load from one place to another. Making a choice between articulated trucks and scrapers can be quite difficult as both have their own set of utilities. In such a situation, the purpose for which your equipment is being put to use should form your basic concern.

    Choosing The Right Piece Of Heavy Equipment To Do The Job

    Though construction industry is one of the industry that has the capability to generate good returns within a couple of years from the inception of the business and in order to ensure a successful business, one needs to know the in and out of the business and the equipments attached to it. It would be rather unwise of an individual to directly jump off into it without knowing the intricacies of the trade and then end up burning his fingers. Construction business is not rocket science and one doesn’t have to slog his entire day learning the tricks of the business. He only needs to make sure that he is learning everything that he gets to know on a daily basis. Apart from the knowledge in successfully running the business, one thing which also plays a crucial role in shaping up his business and responsible for its continuous growth is kind of knowledge he has on heavy equipment.

    It is important to understand that not all heavy equipment can be used to perform every kind of activity. Though some machines are made to multitask, however this is not a thumb rule and it is not mandatory for every machine. Some equipment is good doing the core thing for which they are produced and are better not used for anything else. Therefore it becomes very critical to understand the role of the equipment and use them for purposes they are exclusively made for.

    How can one choose the right piece of heavy equipment?

    This one stands to be a very valid question as one may confuse himself in mid of several options available in the market. In such a situation, it becomes prudent for the individual to either do an extensive course on heavy equipment where he will be given a basic understanding on heavy equipments and can also know the specific role of the machine before buying it.

    This option may not sound prolific to a person who has a set business and can afford a technician who will guide him on the equipment. For such businessmen, it is recommended that they hire a professional who will do a thorough study of his business and the type of projects that are progressing under his banner. Only after understanding his projects, he may recommend the heavy equipment he needs to buy. The other benefit in hiring such a professional is that they can guide you from which heavy equipment manufacturing company you should be buying your equipments. It has been witnessed that the most difficult decision to make is to select the best brand. The suggestion of a professional would be quite handy for you to take a decision.

    One can also make use of internet to know what heavy equipment he should be using for his project. However, this may not be as effective as hiring someone to help you take a decision. In a nutshell, things will be in better control if you’ve the right equipment to get the job done.

    Operate A Scraper With Ease – A Bit Of Practical Training Can Help You Master It

    When you are in the construction business, you may have to deal with all sorts of heavy equipment and in order to operate them, you need the best operator who can get the job done with ease and without causing any causality to co-employees or anyone on the site. Ideally, construction companies do have a set of operators who are skilled in operating a particular type of machine but that doesn’t mean that they are not capable of handling other set of heavy equipment. They are also given to try a hand on equipment which they have not worked much. This keeps them abreast with other operators and becomes very handy especially when for any unforeseen reason; you don’t have the primary operator at work. In this situation, you can make use of the other person who has worked on that machine earlier.
    In this article, we will discuss how one can learn to operate a scraper. Operating a scraper is no rocket science and can be learned with ease if only the learner is determined to learn it the proper way and also if he works on the machine, thus with the help of the practical knowledge can make him a better operator.
    Learning the intricacies of the equipment closely:- The first step that one needs to learn before he starts operating a scraper is to learn the intricacies of the scraper closely and should be able to understand what to do when under any given situation. The small cabin given to the operator is actually the brain of the machine and the operator needs to know all the different buttons and their functions. He just can’t afford to press the wrong switch, which if he does will only make the situation worse. Therefore, it becomes very important to understand the different features of the scraper and which switch is meant to do what kind of work.
    Keep updating your knowledge through internet:- Day in and out, there are lot of changes happening in the technology. Various models are being manufactured by different heavy equipment companies. It’s prudent to keep yourself updated with the recent changes so that if the business is required to buy a new scraper, you should not find yourself in a position of not being able to understand anything in it. You may take help of internet to understand the technological changes in the new model and can keep yourself updated.
    Take help from people veteran to you:- Developing a healthy relationship with your veteran can yield positive results in many occasions. Once such occasion is when you want to learn how to operate a scraper of which you have not ever read about. The people who are in senior level position and have been operating different models of scraper may be in a position to give some help to you using which you can try your hand on the new model.

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    Articulated trucks should be chosen over a scraper

    There are many huge vehicles that are used for various purposes like loading or carrying different materials and elements from one place to the other, and also for the mining industry, a lot of heavy load vehicles are required. Scrapers and articulated vehicles like trucks are the most common and broadly used vehicles among these.

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    Features of scrapers:

    In the suburbs and country sides, the scrapers are the most popular ones. But the best use of a scraper is for the mines.

    • A front edge that has a horizontal and sharp hopper which can be moved vertically with hydraulic power is what makes the scraper so useful.
    • The sharp and horizontal edge of the hopper of the scraper can cut the soil and clay easily and can carry it to other area.
    • After the hopper has cut the soil or clay with its sharp edges, it can be raised up, so that the elements do not fall down, and then it is carried to the area where it is supposed to be dumped and then the hopper is lowered.
    • It works best where the cut and fill area are close.
    • If the cut and fill area is large then multiple scrapers can work together.

    Different types of scrapers:

    Many companies build scrapers of different types. Some of the most commonly used scrapers that have the best utility quality are the carry all scrapers, ejector scrapers. The carry all scrapers give the best carriage time, whereas the ejector scrapers can work even on wet soil.


    Features of articulated vehicles:

    • Simple and easy to operate articulated vehicles make them easy to use.
    • No need to spend too much money on the maintenance and servicing of the articulated trucks, and the time that is saved can be spent on the work.
    • Easy pivotal system, that helps to detach the truck from the cab, so makes the vehicle control easy.

    The articulated dump trucks are very good on rocky and muddy terrains. As this vehicle can be removed from its cab by the pivotal joint, using an articulated truck becomes very easy to use. Where regular dump trucks and scrapers fail to carry out the heavy loads on rough terrains, the articulated dump trucks or the ADTs do the job without any hassle. The steering of the articulated trucks is also unique that is controlled by two hydraulic rams that are fixed to the cab of the vehicle.

    Comparison between a scraper and an articulated dump truck:

    Both vehicles are good in terms of their own services. But where it comes to a comparison between the two, the articulated dump trucks are better than the scrapers because of the unique design of its detachable chassis. The articulated trucks work quite faster than the other and what makes it unique is its amazing fuel efficiency. Therefore, using an articulated truck will increase the productivity, as well as the profit.

    Looking To Buy A Scraper? Go For Cat 623

    If you are having a construction business where you are associated with mighty projects, a Scraper is something you can’t do without. Though the involvement of other heavy equipments is not ruled out, a scraper is considered to be the most important heavy equipment due to its versatility, reliability and high degree of performance. The front of the scraper can be fitted with various applications based upon the need of the circumstance. N order to clear the mud/debris from the earth, a bucket can be installed in the front using which the stuff can be pulled out and dumped in the truck. It can also be used to dig earth and make a hole on its surface to give strong foundation to the building.

    Companies that manufacture Scraper are plenty in number. Nevertheless, the one that leads the rank is Caterpillar. Cat is renowned for manufacturing quality scrapers which has undergone years of testing and then has been finally launched for the consumers. Time again, changes are made by the engineers to add more features in the product which makes it a compact product for the consumers. For instance, the engineers have worked a lot on providing comfort to the operators by making several changes such as deploying the switches at close range, putting more cushions on the armrest and things thereof.

    Cat has produced many models of scraper. Out of the many, we would be discussing about CAT 623. Starting with the engine, the tractor has 3406CAT engine. It’s considered to be the most consistent engine which is also known for consuming less fuel which in turn results in higher productivity on the field. Speaking more about the engine, it produces around 407 hp which seems to be 18% more as compared to its earlier models. CAT has also designed a new torque converted which is capable to deliver more power to the bottom. The capacities have been tremendously increased from 2 cubic yards to 24 cubic yards.

    Features like these are not provided by any other construction equipment manufacturing companies. Though other companies are trying to match the pace and catch up with CAT’s technology, but the high performance machines of CAT always keeps it a way ahead from other companies.

    There are 2 ways through you can buy CAT 623 scraper. You can directly reach out to the company and check if they have that model available with them or you can contact the nearest dealer and buy it from them. However, out of the two options, the best would be to close the deal directly with the company. There you can expect some discounts if you make the entire payment at one go. Alternatively, if you choose to take a loan, you shall get it at a very low interest rate. All these things are handled by the company. A dealer may not be able to offer you such facilities. At the same time, you can call the company if you see any problem with the machine. They would either fix it or get it replaced.

    Types of Heavy Construction Equipments and Its Attributes

    A construction site is filled with different types of heavy equipments which are busy moving from one place to another. A non-construction person passing around such a site may only wonder what use are they off as he may not see much utility in it. However, it’s only people who belong to the construction business or who works in this industry does know the real worth of these machines. There have been instances where a break-down in a machine has brought the entire work to a standstill and probably huge sum of losses to the company.

    Nowadays, big construction companies have a team of technicians ready on the site that can work on the faulty machine and can get it up and running. This saves them from the trouble of keeping a replacement of a machine which in a way is practically not possible. You just can’t keep a replacement for all the machines that’s there on site. Thus, by having a team of technicians do a lot of good in getting the stuff back to business.

    Here we would be discussing in brief about the different kind of heavy construction equipment and its utility to the construction industry as a whole.

    Bulldozer:-  Bulldozers are widely used to level the land. They have huge dozer blades that is attached to its tractor which can be moved in the forward as well as in the backward direction. It becomes very difficult to work on uneven land and hence they use bulldozers to level the surface and make the road smooth. They play a huge role as far as construction of roads is concerned. One can’t think of doing the job without the presence of the dozers.

    Excavator:-  As the name suggests, excavators are extensively used to excavate land and with the help of the shovel, the mud is taken and dumped in the truck. Seeing this machine in a construction site is quite common as they are used for digging huge holes deep inside the ground. To give more power to excavators, it has been added with hydraulics which helps to get the work done quickly and by consuming less fuel.

    Wheel Loader:-  This heavy equipment is used to remove huge blocks of demolition debris and ferry them to the truck. They have a loader/bucket attached in the front, with the help of which it collects the debris in the bucket, fill it up and then dump it in the truck. The wheel loader is also used for constructing roads and in mining industries. It plays a pivotal role in clearing heavy blocks of snow, thus making way for the workers to construct the road. Similarly, in the mining industry, it is used to carry huge pile of dirt, coal etc and place them at their right place.

    Scraper:-  A Scraper is a huge machine used for earth moving purposes. It is also extensively used in the mining industry. The back portion of the scraper has a bowl which is hydraulically powered and be raised or lowered as per the command of the operator. It is this bowl which when lowered fills the stuff in it and when it’s full; it’s closed with a vertical blade so that the mud doesn’t falls out.

    Can’t Afford To Buy A Scraper, Better Take Them On Rent

    Heavy equipments being an expensive affair, not many construction houses are able to invest their money buying them. Other than that, some businesses work on contract basis which means that they do not have projects all months along and still have to continue repaying the monthly installments taken from the bank as a business loan. This can certainly hit their finances hard and continuing business may become all the more difficult for small businessmen. Perhaps, the only way to tackle this situation is to take the equipment on rent for the period you need the stuff and then return it to the owner. No wonder, you have to pay the price for using the equipment; however that would be miniscule if compared to having to buy one in its place.

    Scraper is a heavy equipment that is needed for all types of construction and mining work. Buying this equipment may make a hole in the buyer’s pocket and hence we would be discussing means through which a person can get this stuff on rent. Paying rentals will definitely show a declining trend in the operating expenses rather than buying the equipment at one go and paying monthly installments. So, let’s talk about how one can rent a scraper.

    Search within your business circle:-  This should be an ideal option as it’s advisable to do business of this nature within your business circle. You can talk to people about your requirement and see if they know anybody who is looking to rent his scraper. You may for sure come across many such businessmen who probably may not have any use of their scraper and are looking for avenues to get some money from that idle piece of metal. Well, you only want to get connected to them and then can take things from there.

    If you are a novice as far as heavy equipments are concerned, it’s recommended that you take along an expert who has worked day in and out with scrapers and can guide you crack the best deal. You can also use this opportunity to negotiate the price with the owner. Since you’ve approached the owner from a reference, you’ll be entertained and there are high chances for him to bring down the rental price of the scraper.

    Go through the classified:-  You can check out the classified section in your newspaper and see if there is anyone who is willing to give their scraper on rent. Newspapers are full of classifieds with advertisements. You need to check the one you are interested in. Once you get the deal, all you have to do is get in touch with the giver, check the equipment (don’t forget to go along with an expert) and close the deal.

    Looking on internet:-  People have found themselves to be very successful in selling items on internet. You can even try this out and look for websites where people list their heavy equipments for sale/rent. Here, the lessor puts in the specification of the scraper and if it goes as per your needs, you can hit the “Deal” button.

    Heavy Equipment for rent and sale

    Heavy Equipment for rent and sale