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Heavy Equipment Articulated Truck Tires

When working in rough conditions, we often want the best of heavy equipment to be deployed. In the similar fashion, when we talk about trucks, we want its tires to be of extremely supreme quality. The tires of the articulated trucks define the overall quality of the truck. This however does not undermine the other intrinsic features available in a truck. It is just that the tires which holds the entire weight of the truck while it is stagnant or moving determines if the truck is vulnerable to rough terrain. The prices of articulated trucks are also determined based on the quality of tires installed on them. Not all articulated trucks have the same quality of tires. There are some trucks that are meant to perform in extreme rough conditions and the rest works inside the city. So the kind of tires used in both the trucks is absolutely different.

The selection of tires have become little complicated given the number of applications used with the earth moving equipment has increased manifolds. So when you go to shop tires for your heavy equipment, you got to know which one will suit your machine. Not every tire can take the pressure and for specific use you need specific tires. This makes the selection difficult. So when you go out to shop for tires, it is advisable that you do a good study on tires and which tire works in what kind of condition. Taking advices from people whom know about the subject can be helpful. You can try and get some information from internet but that may be too limited and may not speak precisely on the subject you want to know. Therefore, talking out to an expert must be the next best option for you.

Powerful machines need powerful tires:-

Construction industry is quite a demanding one and in order to fulfill its demand one has to deploy powerful machines. Powerful machines are nothing but machines that are capable of doing work faster and consume less human effort. Concurrently, you also want the work to be completed with precision. This all leads to heavy equipment with lot of power in it. But you can’t afford to have normal tires on these power packed heavy equipment. This means that you now also have to change the tires of the machine because if you try to work on the old tires, it will unnecessarily put extra pressure on tires and there are chances that it may give up every now and then. Therefore, changing the tires of the machine with more powerful tires seems to be the next best option.

Buy tires from leading brands:-

When you are investing in quality heavy equipment, it also makes sense to buy tires from leading tire manufacturing brands. The leading manufacturing brands produces tires after doing a lot of research and development on the subject. They understand tires better than we do and therefore we need to just tell them the heavy equipment we need tires for and they will get the best product for us. The price may be slightly higher than tires of lesser known brands but it should be worth the price.

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Growth in the world of heavy equipment

The technology of heavy equipment is growing rapidly nowadays. No one can deny the fact that this development of science extremely useful in detecting any kinds of damages in the equipment regularly. By using the technology of global positioning satellite, one can check the condition of the constructional heavy equipment even if it is placed at a great distant from the observer. Picking out the right equipment for the construction site is becoming a great challenge with so much new models coming out in the market every year. The sellers are offering lots of options and interesting features which ultimately make this troublesome task quite interesting.

Equipment used in construction sites

Among the many heavy equipment available in the market, backhoe loaders are gaining a strong hold in the constructional site as they are used in small tasks of demolitions, breaking down of the asphalt, digging or excavating the holes, to power the building equipment, little transportation of material building and paving of the roads. To smash up rocks and huge chunks of concrete, many people use breaker tools in place of backhoe bucket. To get rid of the loads efficiently and quickly, some of the loader buckets contain a retractable bottom. This retractable bottom of the loader buckets are useful in scratching and grading off the sand. The front side of the bucket has some devices which is either permanently seated or can be removed whenever needed. Most of the times, other constructional tools replace the bucket. The backhoe loader must have a tool coupler to get various types of fastening to the loader.

Bulldozers are large sized heavy equipment and they can easily go over a course terrain because of the mobility and a strong hold of the ground provided by the big trucks. Bulldozers have swamp tracks which are only extra-broadened tracks.

Compressed hydraulic excavators have three unique collections of undercarriage, workgroup and house. The arm and the boom along with breaker and buckets comprise the workgroup of the hydraulic compact excavator. All of them are attached to front portion of the structure of the house of the excavator through an oscillating frame which will allow the workgroup to be pivoted hydraulically right or left to do balance digging needed for trenching.

Today, the harvesters do all the tasks related with commercial felling in Finland and Sweden. They clear their ways by cutting down the forests and can work more easily on smooth terrain. To thinning out the debris, small harvesters are used particularly in the Nordic countries.

Pile drivers also do a lot of work with two rods of metal containing a cylinder between them. This design makes it move freely with the up and down sliding. To remove the cylinders, workers make use of a pulley system. It also involves the use of hydraulics or steam. To lift the cylinders, small explosions are also sometimes made in the chamber.

All of these heavy equipment have their own applications. So, one has to choose the equipment carefully deciding what kind of job he is going to do.

Get To Know the Articulated Dump Truck- The Past and the Present

Have you ever tried swimming without ever getting wet? Or have you tried riding a bicycle without falling down even once? Well, the obvious answer to all these questions is a resounding no. In a similar manner, it is not possible to be a part of the construction site and not getting involved with heavy construction equipment that form an integral part of the entire business. And the articulated dump truck is one of those heavy equipment that have become an indispensible part of the entire construction arena.

Articulated Dump Trucks- Then and Now

The construction arena had not taken the advent of the articulated dump truck very kindly half a decade back. Though it was and is quite a useful earth moving equipment, those in charge of the construction organisation just couldn’t see enough uses of it.

The need for a new kind of machine arose when the articulated hauler was no longer found to be capable of negotiating terrains of all kind. Thus, emerged the articulated dump truck, which was to change the outlook of the construction arena forever. The first articulated dump trucks were designed to reposition the main drive axle at the rear end of the tractor so as to provide maximal traction. The machine had levers operated by means of hydraulics in place of steering wheels. All of these features combined by the fact that the two parts of the equipment were joined together to form a unit proved to be favourable for the construction arena.

The advancement in the field of technology has brought about quite a change in the entire equipment to produce a machine that is powerful, versatile and easy to operate. Equipped with manual and automated shifts and “all-wheel drive” features, the articulated dump truck as we know today has the capability of getting around all kinds of terrains. Not only in terms of lever and machinery, the modern articulated dump truck also comes equipped with side dumps, standard dumps, scarper beds and the like to cater to the different earth moving requirements at construction sites.

Articulated Dump Trucks at Construction Sites- The Benefits

The advent of the articulated dump truck has been successful in completely revolutionising the way in which earth moving was viewed in the construction industry. The number of benefits that this one equipment comes loaded with should be enough for any construction organization authority to go for it.

  • As opposed to the conventional trucks used at construction sites, the articulated dump truck has the ability to manoeuvre through tight corners and rough terrains. This means that earth moving is now possible on every type of surface imaginable.
  • The tires of the articulated dump truck also have been designed in such a way so as to be absolutely compatible to all types of terrains. This means that the center of gravity and sideways stability is completely balanced with the design of the rear end and the width of the tire.
  • Since they can operate on such a versatile mode, construction site owners can be assured of increased job adeptness.

Hence, one could conclude that the articulated dump truck has come along a long way from the traditional designs, thus, making it an indispensible part of the construction industry.

Top Ten Models of Dump Truck

Mining dump trucks used in the constructional sites continue to grow larger, as most of the miners increasingly prefer big capacity dump trucks with greater functional efficiency. That’s why, the manufacturing companies try their utmost to bring out contemporary models of big-sized mining trucks to increase the productivity within short time.

List of top ten models of dump truck

  • Caterpillar 797F:- It is the second biggest mining dump truck which is in service since 2009. The truck is equipped with radial tyres of Bridgestone VRDP or six Michelin XDR. The hydraulic torque converter transmission of the truck enables it to run at the rate of 68km/h.
  • Belaz 75710:– Belarusian Company Belaz launched this extra-heavy truck in the month of October, 2013. The weight of this equipment is 360t. The main feature of Belaz 75710 is its over-sized eight tubeless airy tires of Michelin and two turbocharged diesel engine of sixteen- cylinder. The equipment uses electromechanical transmittal that run on AC.
  • Liebherr T 282C /T 284:- These ultra-modern dump trucks are designed by Liebherr. Both of the trucks weigh 661t. They share the credit of being the second biggest mining trucks across the world whose length is 15.69m. The equipment is fitted with insulated-gate bipolar transistor AC drive system of Liebherr.
  • Terex MT 6300AC:- It was introduced in 2008 by Terex, an American manufacturer company. The truck’s payload capacity is 400t and the total operating weight is upto 660t. A four-stroke cycle engine having 20 cylinders powered by electric converter of AC is installed in the truck which gives out a power of 3750hp.
  • Belaz 75601:- This is the recent model of 7560 truck series manufactured by Belaz. It is invented to carry loose rocks from deep open holes at mining sites. The electromechanical transmission from the 20-V cylinders with diesel engine of four-cycle has been equipped in the machine so as to enable it to run on a gross power of 3750hp.
  • Terex MT 5500AC:- It is the biggest dump truck around the globe. The payload efficiency of the truck is 360t used extensively for large depthless mining purposes. The system of AC electric drive of the equipment helps it to run at a speed of 64km/h.
  • KOMATSU 960-1K/ 960E-1:- These kinds of trucks are rigid. The total lengths of both the trucks are 15.34and 15.6m respectively. Both of them have the speed of 64km/h. It has 18V-type cylinders which are powered by diesel engine of four cycle.
  • Hitachi EH5000AC-3:- Hitachi’s largest and latest rigid mining truck is EH5000AC-3. As it uses the low exhalation16-cylinder diesel engine of Cummins, it is environment-friendly.
  • Caterpillar 795F AC: – The gateless body and the famous MSD features of these trucks give it a unique modular look. Developed by Caterpillar, the model uses the techniques of AC electric drive which makes it run at a speed of 64km/h.
  • Belaz 75600:– The truck of this type is used to transport heavy rocks from mining sites of deep-unclosed holes. It can lift a maximum weight of 352t. Its 18-V type cylinders run on a four cycle-turbocharged diesel engine.


After going through the article, you will surely get a clear idea of the latest models of dump trucks. This idea will definitely help you to purchase the desired truck to carry out the work at construction site.

How To Construct Pipelines using Heavy Equipment?

Almost all the projects of pipeline construction occurs mainly in rural areas and this construction work can be carried out in all climatic conditions. The receiving of effective and timely supply of logistics can appear as a major challenge because of the inferior infrastructure which is a very common case while carrying out the operations of pipeline construction. Moreover, heavy equipment plays a vital role in constructing the pipelines. You should have a proper knowledge of the heavy equipment before you take on the job of pipeline project.

Heavy Equipment for Pipeline Construction

  • Dozers: – Dozer is used to clear the land where the pipeline is going to be installed. The land is levelled using the dozers to enable the workers to construct the pipeline there. Here, they are mainly used for cutting and grading. Dozers which are generally used in pipeline jobs differ in sizes according to the job requirement.
  • Shovels: – Though shovel is not a heavy equipment, still it plays an important part in the construction of pipeline. They are used to dig, lift and shift huge objects required for pipeline jobs. They are one type of excavator and power shovels which are big in size is used during the work.
  • Backhoe:- The employees use backhoe to excavate the trench of pipeline. The land which has been excavated while carrying out the work of ditching is temporarily piled on the inactive side of the trench that means where no work is being done. The depth of the excavated ditch depends on the diameter and width of the pipe to be installed.
  • Pipe bending machine: – Each joints of the pipe to be installed are suspended along the right side which is adjacent to the unearthed ditch, and arranged in such a manner that it become gettable to the personnel employed in the pipeline job. The pipe-bending machine bends every joints of the pipe to the prescribed angle at places where there is a notable underground curvature and where it is needed to change the path of the pipeline. The pipe-bending machine includes Motor Grader, Motor Crane, Air Compressor, Pumps, Skid Truck and many more.
  • Side Boom Tractors:- The collections of the pipes are lowered into the trenches through the use of side boom tractors. The trench then is filled again with the help of bladed equipment like shovel, tractor and others.
  • Dump Truck: – Dump Truck is heavy equipment used in pipeline installation. It is used to carry loose materials like dirt, gravel and sand which can be purposeful for the pipeline job. It comes in a lot of types and the contractor should choose the right one to complete the work perfectly within the said time limit.


After the backfilling ad testing work of the pipeline completed, the disrupted ground is restored once again to its initial look. Construction of pipeline is not an easy job and it calls for some maintenance too after the work has been done. The inspectors of the project have been assigned with the job of monitoring and supervising the constructional work which they have to perform with great care.

Select From the Top Five Terex Rigid Frame Off-road Hauler for Mining Purposes

Rigid frame off-road haulers, the factotums on large mining sites and construction sites have gained a lot of popularity in past few years due to its excessive weight carrying capacity. The early models of the hauler though had the ability to carry 300 tons of weight but they lack some of the vital attributes such as security, manoeuvrability and competence. However, with the enhancement of the design of the frame, managing skill of the operator, improvement in suspension and drive train parts, the truck makers get success in augmenting the hauler’s capability while progressing its handling and performance quality.

The heaviest rigid frame trucks or haulers are chiefly employed in mining sites and are least utilised in today’s construction sites. In the big-sized rigid frame mining trucks, the users are being facilitated with the feature of electric drives. On the other hand, the small-sized rigid frame trucks with mechanical drive feature are usually utilised in construction sites. Just like other heavy equipment manufacturing companies, Terex is also one of the reputed ones who proffer upgraded high quality off-road trucks in numerous models. If you want to attain information about Terex rigid frame mining trucks, then read each word of the following discussion thoroughly.

Basic Attributes of Terex Rigid Frame Off-road Haulers

Rigid frame off-road trucks are intended to heave rough, large stony materials on the well sustained haul paths. Some of the scholars even stated that these haulers are used in downhill regions. The capacity of the Terex rigid frame truck is more than any articulated dump truck. Read the following cited points attentively and get to know its importance in mining applications:

  • The oil-cooled multiple-disc rear brake of Terex rigid frame truck is beneficial in widening the service life and anti-paddle performance level.
  • The surface of the Terex off-road haulers is high competence coarse-resistant which is available with exhaust heating capitulates cleaner.
  • It’s aboard analytic and centralised hydraulic check points lessen the downtime risk.
  • The dual retardation quality of Terex rigid frame off-road trucks assists the machinists to control it excellently and to improve the production level.

Top Five Terex Rigid Frame Off-Highway Trucks

Terex is one of the well-renowned hauler manufacturing companies that presently offering its top five rigid frame trucks to its customers. Before you decide to buy Terex off-highway trucks, it is very much essential to know the additional features provided in its five different models. Just go through the following paragraph and then choose the most suitable one for your mining business:

TR35 is the rigid dump hauler which is obtainable with the payload capacity of ranging between 35 tons and 100 tons. Its engine power capacity is 298kw. It is an emission-certified engine that is accessible with non-wearing pneumatic retarder. TR45 is yet another well-accepted rigid frame truck model of Terex that is available with the heaped capacity of 29 meter cube. Another model of Terex rigid frame truck is TR60 which is obtainable with the engine power of 522kw. The TR70 version is accessible with the option of fire suppression system. In the top five list TR100 is the additional one that has the capacity to carry weight of maximum 100 US tons.

While you strongly think about buying, you should also read the detailed features and functions of these aforementioned rigid frame truck models by clicking on the home page of Terex Company in order to procure the most suitable one.