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Inexperienced mechanic can make a mess of your equipment

A lot of difference can be seen in terms of the quality of work done by an experienced and an inexperienced person; wherein you will find the experienced guy doing lot better than the inexperienced one. This does not mean that one should never hire anybody without any experience. If that be the case, no one will ever be able to develop their skill as we all require some sort of practical training to gain expertise in the respective domain. Eventually, it is the person who will wants to get the work done needs to take the call. Ideally, one should hire few very experienced mechanic and the rest as newbie. The experienced mechanic will help train the newbie and will also guide them wherever it becomes necessary. In this fashion, the one with less skill will slowly and steadily develop their knack for their respective domain and that will help them to shape their future.

Servicing heavy equipment is the field where one requires good number of years of experience. You just can’t learn everything in heavy equipment in a short time. Other than that, there are high chances of the inexperienced mechanic spoiling the machine by trying to do things that he is not confident about and also without consulting an experienced person. Therefore, when it comes to maintenance work, it is always advisable that you assign the work to someone who has been doing this for a long time.

An inexperienced mechanic can really make a big mess of your machine. You may want to check with your peers and then give your machine to a mechanic. If you do not know how good he is, it is better that you stay away from him or try to get some information about him; like how good he is with his work, does people who gives their machine to him for servicing relies a lot on him for their work and things pertaining to his capability in resolving any issues with the machine. One you are convinced that your machine is going in safe hands you should give it for servicing.

Do not try things on your own. Going through a user manual is advisable. However, if you are not the person who understands user manual well, then don’t try to do things referring to the user manual. Though service manuals are written in the simplest language so that all can follow it without committing any errors, still we can find people who may have issues understanding what is stated in the document and can mess up things. Apart from that, if you have never worked on an equipment before, there are high chances that you may end up deteriorating it completely.

An experienced hand also comes handy when you need to replace a particular part of a machine.  They can even offer you some tips on what you can do to lengthen the life of your machine which you’ll not get from an inexperienced guy.

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B&R Equipment

Do not change heavy equipment mechanics quite often

It is often said that we should stick to one doctor for our medical needs and changing doctors often can lead to more complications. It is because the doctor we go to know our medical history and we won’t be wrong in saying that he has a fair amount of idea on how our body reacts to a particular medicine and on the basis of those facts, he prescribes medicines to us. Similarly, when it comes to heavy equipment it is advisable that you stick to one mechanic rather than switching to several mechanics. It will not be a healthy decision for your heavy equipment if you think you should service the machines from different mechanics after every month. What is rather more important in this case is you find out the guy who is an expert in your place and check his work. If only you do not find his work to be satisfactory that you should search for someone else.

Do not change if you find them to be expensive:-

Heavy equipment is in itself an expensive stuff and in order to augment its lifespan you need to hand it over to somebody who knows how to treat it well. Maintenance of the machine is the most important part to ensure that your machine works for many years and in order to see t working for many years you need to get it serviced from a mechanic who has fair amount of knowledge about what he is doing. The guy should have good years of experience fixing machines and for this if he bills you a bit extra than the other mechanics, you should pay him happily rather than thinking how expensive he is and then decide to move to someone else. As long as they are doing their job to your satisfaction, you should continue with them.

Check the quality of work of the new mechanic if you have to switch:-

Just in case you decide to switch to a new mechanic, you got to do a fair deal of research to know how good he is in his work. You just can’t give it to someone without knowing about his quality of work. It should not happen that after getting your machine serviced from the new guy you experience plenty of other issues in it. That will only make your life and business miserable. Therefore try to get some reviews from people you know who services their heavy equipment from the guy who want to switch to and only when you are content you should go ahead.

Finding a good mechanic is a big issue:-

It takes time to get hold of a competent mechanic. It is sort of trial and error method that you go through during the initial phase when you are in search of an able mechanic. The alternative for this would be to take advice from your peers who are associated with this industry for years. You can check with them the mechanic where they service their machines and try them out. But once you get hold of a good mechanic, it will not be wise enough to drop them for any small reason.


Hire experienced technicians to take care of heavy equipment

One of the biggest hindrances that many construction companies encounter is the abrupt breaking down of the heavy equipment which ultimately leads to no business activity in that area for the next few days. It is quite evident that not every construction company can afford to deploy more than one heavy equipment in one location. They simply do not have enough heavy machinery to manage their business affairs on the jobsite and on top of that if they experience a break down with any of the machines that are currently in use, they suffer heavy loss for the number of days the machine remains inactive. Taking this into consideration, the way out of this mess is to ensure that you have someone to repair the machine whenever it breaks down.

The easy solution will be to hire technicians who will be a call away from the jobsite and can fix things instantly. If for some reason the machine needs any crucial part to be replaced then that should be done without any further delay which means immediately. Such should be the instruction coming from the higher management that as soon as there is a problem you have men to resolve it and this is how things will be in place.

Now when we talk about hiring technicians, it is prudent that one should hire experienced technicians who have worked earlier with most of the heavy machines that are normally used in a construction jobsite. The benefit in hiring such technicians will be that they will take less time to resolve the problem and also they will provide with highly effective solutions. This is perhaps something that we can’t expect from an inexperience technicians. They will relatively take more time to identify the issue whereas the experienced ones by then will be over and done with it. It will make life lot easy for the people directly involved in the business. An operator will be always at ease as he knows at the back of his mind that there is someone to help him if the machine goes bad. So he can work without any limitations.

So when we talk about hiring experienced guys does not mean that you only have a bunch of experienced men working for you. This may create a level of uneasiness amongst the technicians and in order to avoid this scenario, it is advisable that there should be a mixture of both experienced as well as inexperienced technicians. In this way, people who want to become good technician gets employment and you on the other hand can get a bit of cheap labor. Remember, experienced technicians charges good chunk of money as their compensation which most construction companies find difficult to give. Therefore, they are compelled to have a mixture of experienced and inexperienced men in their company so that they do not have to pay more for their services.

Alternatively, there is a high risk that the experienced guys may switch companies for better salary and benefits. So, having a mixture helps them to a larger extent.

Ask a Heavy Equipment Mechanic a question

When it comes to the health and well-being of your heavy equipment, you can’t trust anybody but the best. Heavy equipment is a complex subject in itself and it takes ages for mechanics to learn it completely. As a matter of fact, many expert mechanics agree that they can work fantastically on some types of heavy equipment but if they are asked to work on something that they have never worked previously then they have to start with it from square one. This means that they will spend time to first learn the machine well and then only will start working on it.

This indicates us the fact that if an expert mechanic can experience problem dealing with a new machine, what will a newbie do who perhaps do not have any experience whatsoever. He may ruin the stuff if he does not get proper guidance. Therefore, it becomes very important for people who have little or absolutely no knowledge about the working of a machine to ask question to a mechanic. Alternatively, if they experience any problem in fixing a machine, it is better that they put their question in forth of a mechanic and see what he suggests him to do. It will not be wise to act without the guidance of a mechanic or else the consequence could be drastic and appalling.

We would be discussing what one can do to reach a mechanic and ask him a question or two.

Join a forum run by a mechanic:-

This is one of the interesting ways to interact with the mechanic. You will find most of the mechanics who deals with heavy equipment to be tech savvy and they also write articles pertaining to heavy equipment on their websites. You only have to get in touch with one such mechanic and if you have any question you can shoot it out there in that forum. There are chances that they might reply you with the solution. Just in case you do not see any reply, the next option would be to try and contact the person over the phone.

The contact details will be available on the website. You can fetch those details from there and probably email him first and if he wants you to call him, you can do that as well. Ideally, they will help you with some trouble shooting solutions and may even provide you a link that talks more about the subject issue. You check the link and see how it helps you.

Contact your local mechanic:-

Just in case, you do not get much help from the mechanic after having written to him on his blog/forum, the next best viable option would be to ask the same question to your local mechanic. If the question is related to some new technology that is available in the market and if that can be installed in your machine, you mechanic will at least take the effort to know about the new stuff and inform you if it is at all compatible for your machine.