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Top Selling John Deere Machines

John Deere has been a renowned company for the last many decades and they have maintained their reputation consistent in all these years. It is perhaps one of the companies that have managed to give tough competition to the leaders of the heavy equipment manufacturing industry. It has rather managed to show their presence in the heavy equipment industry and often come across products that others feel are highly advanced and that compels them to come out with something that is befitting to its product. John Deere never wanted to be the market leader but has always wanted it to outperform others and make its mark in the heavy equipment business. Today, they stand amongst the top selling brands and have scored good profits in the last many years.

Though the construction industry was quite volatile all across the globe, they still managed to keep their nerves cool and advance in a way that can keep the company floating during turbulent times. Not only have they capitalized in the construction industry but they have also made their mark in the agricultural sector. With the help of their tractors, famers are able to do their work with much ease and comfort and it also saves a lot of their time. Time is certainly a factor for the farmers as well as they need to bring the agricultural products to the main market on time and the heavy equipment produced by John Deere directly benefits the farmers there.

John Deere’s heavy equipment are sold all over the world and this time it was in the European Union that it made significant sale. They in fact became the household name as there were not many houses who did not own a machine of John Deere. In the year 2012, the total number of John Deere tractors sold in UK alone was 4,734 which is indeed a commendable figure. Not many heavy equipment companies have managed to hit this high volume during that year considering that 2012 was not an enthusiastic year for the manufacturing companies. It was John Deere that has managed to set aside all odds and sold high volumes of tractors that were above 50 hp.

This figure also suggests that John Deere has been the number one company for straight 14 years. This is a mighty achievement for any heavy equipment company who faces stiff competition from all sides. When you have companies like CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu and stuff, it gets tougher to get going. The year 2011 was better than 2012 as they were able to sell more tractors in that year. However as stated the year 2012 was invariably not a good year for the entire heavy equipment companies, it can be said that John Deere managed to not burn its finger in that year.

John Deere has its presence in many other countries and it seems that their sales are always top notch in whichever country they operate their business. Though they manufacture other machines as well, however it is the tractor that gets sold the most.

John Deere has given more muscles to its excavator 300G LC

What the toughest of heavy equipment can’t do, can be easily done with the help of an excavator. This means that the excavator should be of good quality and should be in a position to resist all strain that it has to undergo during its lifespan. Companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, and Hitachi etc. are working to bring excavators with different features and add to the muscle power of the machine. They normally come up with features that are an improvement to the earlier feature. We can also call it an enhancement to the earlier feature. However, at times they also come up with something that is absolutely new and the same feature is either copied by other companies adding some additional value to it or they try to bring in something far more innovative to make their product look lucrative and more sellable in the market. Undoubtedly, advertisement also plays a pivotal role. Nevertheless, it’s the quality and features of the product that the buyers are more interested in.

What an excavator needs the most is the power to perform and this is exactly what John Deere has done to its latest model of excavators 300G LC. They have increased the horse power by 19 percent which is a phenomenal increase. It means a lot to the customer to have an excavator which has its strength increased by 19 percent. It really sets the machine apart from its competitors and now other companies are eying to increase the power in their machines. However, they have to also ensure that they do not compromise on the quality of the machine. The 300G LC is replacing its predecessor 290G LC. The new machine has the swing torque that can manage to jump 17 percent which was quite limited in the earlier version. It has also been gifted with larger hydraulic pumps that complement the machine with more power in excavating and lifting the dirt from the ground.

The machine has a larger hood that has been added to improve the access to the engine, maintain ground level fluid and finally with filter service. The filter service is used to simplify the pre checks. Just to avoid the technicians to do their laptop tests in the rain a nine pin diagnostic connector has been set up inside the cabin. All these features are being added to make the product more unique and of course a product that marketing guys may not find hard to put across to the clients. For people who want their machine wired with a grade control system, for them John Deere has installed factory sensor mounting brackets on the dogbone, boom, arm mainframe and counterweight of the machine. In order to check the oil flow, they have installed a programmable thumb attachment mode that will enable the gadget to check the oil flow in the monitor attached in the cab. The company has also followed all government forms and has designed a diesel particulate filter that has the potential to clean itself without putting any impact on the machine.

John Deere business plans for the Year 2015

The year 2014 may have a wonderful year for many and not so wonderful year for some. But it was definitely not a very happening year for the heavy equipment manufacturing industry. They had to struggle a lot of factors for the entire year; out of which competition was the biggest factor. Other than this, there were factors like global economic slowdown, unrest in the Middle East nations, the overall business slowdown that has largely affected the mining, oil and gas and construction sector and many more reasons that has slow paced the overall industry. Overall, it has not been a great year for the overall industry and the forecast is also not so pleasant. Big and small equipment manufacturing companies are affected alike by the slowdown in the global economy. The sales of the equipment have gone for a toss and there are not much takers available in the market. This is perhaps the reason why many companies have suffered losses and their sales graph shows a massive decline which they have not seen for years.

Talking especially about John Deere, it has not remained unaffected by the impact of the slow paced market conditions. John Deere is known for producing agricultural and heavy equipment machines had to take the beating of the market. Deer’s outlook gave the news that for the new fiscal year the situation will be grimmer and they do not see any major improvement in the market situation. The outlook suggests that the sales of the equipment is estimated to take a dip of more than 15 percent for the current year and may further scale down to 21 percent during the first fiscal quarter. They also estimated that the net income of the company will be around $2 billion compared to $3.16 billion in the year 2014. Things were much better in the year 2013 with earnings of $3.54 billion. The fall in the number of earnings only suggest the performance of the company. It will not be superficial to express that the company needs to take some time out to think and revamp its strategies. May be they need to make some changes here and there and need to focus on few very important issues that may kick off the sales number from where it is now.

The news of poor sales has already affected the price of their shares in the stock market making it more difficult for the company. The company’s earnings were totaled at around $35 billion in the year 2013 which has now come down to $32.9 billion. This dismal performance has not brought down the morale of the employees of the company. The CEO of the company is positive that the company will bounce back and this time with a bang. Though there has been a global pullback in the agricultural sector, still the company will show profits in the year 2015. They have intended to prepare a more resilient model of growth that will help John Deere to turn the table to their favor.

Caterpillar 385 Excavator or John Deere 850 Excavator

Success in the construction industry depends on the type of control you have on your business. You may have the best men to work for you but it is more important to have a control on your men so that they deliver their best for you. The same attitude goes with your machines. You would want to have machines which have better control and meets all your requirements. You would definitely want to go for equipment which give you what your business wants and also keep a check on its operating expenses like maintenance. Well, in order to get such type of machines, there are very few heavy equipment manufacturing companies on whom you can rely on. Out of the few, the most trusted brand are Caterpillar and John Deere. The machines manufactured by these companies are considered to be the best in comparison to all others manufacturing companies and therefore are the most recommended brands in the history of heavy equipment.

We would be talking in length about the features of Caterpillar 385 excavator and John Deere 850 excavators and understand how beneficial they are to the construction companies.

Caterpillar 385 excavator:- Let us first start with the engine of this model. This machine in fitted with diesel engine with ACERT technology. It has a capacity of 18.1 litre 6 cylinder and possess a horsepower of 513. It is also installed with MEUI and overhead camshaft. The ACERT technology boosts up the power of the engine making it more efficient and augmenting its performance via advanced electronic control.

With the help of this new technology, it has successfully managed to reduce the consumption of fuel which saves a lot in a time when fuel prices are just not ready to fall down. The machine is also installed with a cooling system that helps in cooling off the equipment quickly. This becomes handy when the equipment is required to work in a temperature more than 40 degree Celsius. It has the electronic control system that plays a significant role in controlling the fan speed which is primarily based on 2 factors, coolant temperature and hydraulic oil temperature.

The engineers have also fitted a heavy lift mode in the equipment which allows it to augment its lifting capability while lifting heavy items. It is thus endowed with a lot of options which are extremely user friendly and have thus made its mark in the construction domain.

John Deere 850 excavators:-  John Deere is a brand that is known for its supreme quality and high worth deliverable. The engine of John Deere 850 excavator has a power of 532 hp, slightly more than Caterpillar 385 and its power is measured at 1800 rpm. It has more or less the same feature as available in Caterpillar 385 with very minute differences which makes it a bit unique. The fuel capacity of John Deere is 296 gallons and its engine oil capacity is 13.9 gallon.

If given an option on which one to select, it would depend on what kind of project one would be in and if one has multiple projects and need more than 1 excavator, it would be worth trying both at different locations. It can be said with certainty that the user will not find any major difference in the performances of both the machines.

SU Blades vs. 6-way blades on a Dozer

Bulldozer or dozer is specifically a crawler or continuous tracked tractor which is essentially used for pushing a huge quantity of either soil, rubble or sand or any other heavy or bulky material from the construction site. The machine has multipurpose utility and can be used at various sites as for military bases, mines or in heavy industry or in farms or at quarries. The multifaceted dozer has rear ripper in the shape of claw that can rip through materials and thus makes it easy for carrying or shifting from one place to another.

What are SU Blades?

Basically, dozer blades on the front are of different types and according to their shape and purpose, they have been classified.

  1. S-Blade—This is the straight blade that is short without any lateral curve. These do not have any side wings and are essentially used for fine grading.
  2. U-Blade—This is the universal blade with curved and tall design. Unlike S-blade, it has large side wings which are used for carrying heavy or loads of materials.
  3. S-U Blade—As the name suggests it is an amalgamation of the two but is shorter and does not have as fine curve as U-Blade. Comparatively, the side wings are also shorter.


What are the 6-way blades?

The 6-way blades are a bigger track dozer and are used for lifting and doing much bulkier work. Ways signify that blades can be moved in various directions like it can go left, right, upward, downward, tilt and curve. The ways define the movement of the blade. For intricate and finer work, one can choose to dozer with better efficiency. 6 ways basically defines the size of the dozer and the capacity. If someone has loads of work to do, then one can opt for bigger frame and much efficient machine. It is the cylinder and the horse power which actually measures the efficiency and weight of the machine.

SU Blades vs. 6-way blades on a Dozer

The 6 way blades can either have S type or U type or S-U type blades. The blades make dozer sharper and give it a better edge to crawl through the terrain and clear the way whereas 6 way blades increase the functioning capability of a dozer. The increased number of blades gives better mobility.

This is the main difference between the two. Various companies make dozer which is either light or heavy and depending on the work, one can make a smart choice. To know more about a dozer, it is best to make a comparative analysis of the different model that can give a vivid idea on the bulldozer and be cost efficient.



Shield Your Heavy Equipment From The Deadly Winter

Winter is welcomed in many parts of our country but in some parts, it is indeed a pain as one has to go through a good deal of trouble to protect themselves from the ferocious weather. It is just not for us that this season comes with pain but also for the construction segment as a whole. Imagine in cities where it snows for most of the time in the year, winters are just deadly. Folks from the construction domain are more worried about their heavy equipment as this season not only dampens their business but also the working capability of their machines. It just takes away the power from the equipment leading to enough complication once the weather changes. This leaves them with a damp business and few rotten machines. Though, the equipment can be fixed, it takes time to get them back on their toes.

What should one do to winterize their equipment?

The owner of the construction equipment needs to follow some very basic principles. The first would be to lubricate the machine before the start of the season. It would be practically impossible to do the lubrication thing once it starts snowing. No one can dare to deal with the machines in such a rough weather. Therefore, it would be prudent to do away with the oiling and maintenance stuff at the very beginning and before you start feeling the cold breeze swaying your cheeks.

Winterizing your equipment begins with checking each point of your machine that you feel should be lubricated. It would be wise if you prepare checkpoints before you begin working with it. The checkpoints will help you identify the various points in the machines that you need to work on. As you keep completing the work, keep ticking the checkpoints. This will ensure that you leave nothing behind and have taken care of everything mentioned on the list.

Get a good mechanic to get this job done

One of the most important steps towards shielding your construction equipment from winter is to get the overall machine checked by a good mechanic. It may not cost you much to hire an experienced mechanic who knows the in and out of the equipment and knows what needs to be done to protect them from winter. If he finds any part of the machine to be faulty, that should be replaced immediately. There are instances where the equipment owner gave the job of winterizing the equipment to the operator and they with their limited knowledge tried doing everything possible to prevent the machine but eventually, it took its toll. The machine weren’t working with the beginning of the next season and the owners were left puzzled. Had they given the work to an expertise, things would have been favourable to them.

Once you are done with the repair job, the next thing is to store the equipment in a cool and dry environment. It should not be exposed to outside climate or else it might develop complications.

Following these steps will ensure a safe winter for your heavy equipment.


Loader Backhoe – How Useful Are They in the Construction Industry

A number of heavy equipments have proved their utility in the construction business but there are certain equipments which are of utter importance and without which it is unimaginable to work in this industry. Out of those few, we would be discussing about Loader Backhoe, also known as a digger or simply “Backhoe”. Let us first understand what exactly it is. A Loader Backhoe is ideally a heavy equipment that has a tractor with a built-in bucket in the front and a backhoe at the rear. The backhoe loaders are not very big in size which is why they are quite versatile on the fields and is often seen as one of the best equipment in small sized construction projects. However, that doesn’t lessen its importance in bigger projects and may carry equal weight as far as the performance is concerned.
The Backhoe Loader was invented by Joseph Cyrill Bamford in the UK in 1953. During those days, heavy equipments were not multi-functional and one type of machine was made to do just one work. Somehow the idea of multi-tasking stuck Joseph’s mind and he removed the tractor from his barn and tried to install a shovel in the front and a backhoe in the rear of his tractor. He found this idea to be very interesting and thought that people who are into agriculture will find this very helpful. This is how after giving some final touches to his craft, he started to manufacture more and more of these machines. Though few external appliances are added on the tractor, still the equipment is not called a tractor but a loader backhoe as it gives altogether a different look to the machine. This equipment is popularly known as “JCB” in the UK. However, back in US, they call it as “Backhoes”.
Backhoe Loaders are of multiple usages but is primarily used to clear snow off the road or to move earth by using the shovel and digging it deep in the earth, take off the mud, fill it in the bucket and dump it in the truck. They are also used for other works such as constructing or demolishing small houses, transportation of materials which are not too huge and heavy in proportion to the machine, excavating earth, paving roads and so on. The attachments built in the machines can be easily replaced if they get faulty. For instance, the bucket can be replaced by grapple or a stump grinder. These attachments are much more powerful that the bucket and may prove to be highly effective in getting the work done.
Some of the buckets are built like a clamshell which helps it to unload the mud quickly. These attachments are the result of those innovative engineers who actually knew the importance of this machine and believed that a bit of innovation will turn out to be very helpful to the consumers.
Just to name a few companies that produce Loader Backhoe are Caterpillar, John Deere, J. C. B. , Hitachi, Volvo etc. This is probably the machine which every construction company irrespective of how big or small their businesses are would like to have with them.

Save Your Heavy Equipment from Potential Theft- Install the GPS

Thieving has and will always be an issue of concern for individuals and organizations of all fields. What if your heavy equipment meets the same fate? Surely you wouldn’t want to lose your functioning heavy equipment to thieves and incur loses? So, what can you do to save your machinery from potential theft? Installing a GPS System in such a situation seems to be a good way out.


What Is GPS?


Among the many benefits that individuals and organizations have derived out of technological advancements is the GPS navigation system. The GPS or Global Positioning System is a “satellite navigation” system, which monitors and tracks the location of a certain device anywhere on the planet. Originally meant for military purposes, this navigational system is now open to use for all civilians. Install the GPS system in your equipment and always remain updated on its current location.


GPS Tracking System for Heavy Equipment


For starters, one needs to understand that the GPS system is a long term investment, the setup of which is going to cost you hefty but the gain that one incurs from the installation more than makes up for it. Setting up the device is a piece of cake. It is a hassle free procedure; all the users have to do is connect the device physically and then your equipment will be under surveillance 24 x 7 and you will receive an alert if there is something unusual. Now let us look into the pairing of the device. The GPS system needs to be linked with a trustworthy “fleet management software”. There are a number of alternatives available on this score and your choice should be governed by the need of your equipment. When picking up the “fleet management software”, you need to keep certain aspects of the same in mind- organization, price, “fleet size”.


Benefits of Using the GPS System for Your Heavy Equipment


Installation of the GPS device comes with a number of benefits for your equipment.


For one, round the clock monitoring of the equipment enables you to safeguard the same from potential theft. The setup is perfect for this purpose as even with a defunct battery, the system manages to send signals with regard to out of the order activities.

With the GPS navigation system, you can also monitor the schedule of your equipment. This helps you in taking decisions as to how and when to plan the next schedule of the equipment in order to meet the deadline.


Technological advances of the 21st century have made it possible for individuals and organizations to approach issues in a way they have never before done. And the GPS device is one such boom of technology that will help you to ward off potential thieving threats to your equipment and also help you monitor the equipment in order to serve other purposes. So, without further ado, set up the GPS System in your heavy equipment and keep track of your equipment.

Why do the mighty construction companies have faith in John Deere?

A number of heavy equipment construction companies have come in the market in the past few years. Many of them are quite good. But most of them have failed to make their position along with a good reputation in the market. However, in today’s era, the one company that most of the construction companies blindly depend on in case of their construction machines is the John Deere company. Formerly known as the industrial equipment division, the construction and forestry division of the John Deere company started its journey in around the middle of 1950s. They began with only one dealer for selling and distributing their products in the year 1957, and today they have over 600 dealers worldwide for the distribution of the heavy equipments that are manufactured at John Deere.

In the top 100 heavy construction equipments that are always on demand of the buyers, most of them are the John Deere equipments. This is not because there are no other heavy construction equipment companies available in the market, but John Deere has achieved this place solely in terms of the quality of their products.

What are the factors that make John Deere better than others?

A company can make its place in the market depending on various parameters. Even if the company fails to cater at least one of these factors, then its future might be in trouble.

  • Quality is the key to any successful company. If the product that you manufacture is not up to high class quality, then it will not make its place in the market. Advertisement might bring it to the limelight, but for a long term business, it is very important to maintain the quality of the product. John Deere, in so many years of its career has never compromised with the quality of the heavy construction equipments that it manufactures.
  • The next most important thing is the after sales services. The John Deere company always provides its consumers with every possible customer service till their satisfaction; therefore the reliability and trust of the consumers get increased.
  • One of the most important factors that John Deere keeps in mind is innovation. They keep this a prime importance that the company manufactures construction equipments that are helpful, beneficial, and easy to handle and effective for multiple purposes.

John Deere has always focused on these factors, that has made them the most favoured and reliable company. Customer satisfaction is their motto. What the customers’ needs are and how to fulfil those needs has always been important to John Deere. Be it a backhoe loader, a barrel crusher, a crawler dozer, a grader or even an excavator, John Deere has so many options that you will be confused which one to select and which one to not. A whole range of heavy construction equipments, that are manufactured at John Deere, make them the most preferred and chosen ones by the mightiest of construction companies all over the world.

Wondering Which Company’s Heavy Equipment Would You Go for – Read to Find Out

There are numerous incidents where people wanting to purchase heavy equipments baffle to pick the brand and end up in a confused state of mind and postponing the decision to buy for future. As a matter of fact, heavy equipments are quite expensive and when one decides to purchase a machine, he wants it to work for the next many years without giving any maintenance issues. Therefore, they might sound very confused when it comes to just pick a brand and put it to use.

No wonder there are some big names ruling the heavy equipment manufacturing industry and they have their machines working in every construction, mining, agricultural and other heavy metal manufacturing industries all over the globe. It’s pretty understandable that these machines being expensive, most people shy off to just point their finger on a brand and pick the stuff. They would rather want to give some time to themselves, do some research and then take a call. This article will be helpful to such individuals who are looking for a second opinion.

When we talk about heavy equipment, one name that comes up straight in our mind is John Deere. It is one such company that predominantly focuses on customers wants and on the basis of that frame their designs of machines. It has been more than a century that John Deere is manufacturing heavy equipment and the instances are next to negligible where they have received a complaint from a customer and weren’t able to sort it out. They place the best of experts in this domain to work and try to get the problem resolved within the prescribed time. They probably have one of the best customer services which are unmatched with any other company in this domain.

Research and Analysis:-  John Deere spends a fortune in doing surveys where they try to figure out what the customer wants from them. They simply try to read the swing of mood and what they can do to meet their needs. They have a section known as “Customer’s feedback” wherein they encourage people to write in any kind of grievances they have or anything that they want to talk about their machines. They receive a lot of responses there which helps them to understand the customer’s requirements and work to come out with something new for their customers.

Innovative:-  The engineers working with John Deere are known for being innovative. Coming up with new ideas, creating unique designs and producing class engines which consumes less fuel and increases productivity are some of their forte. In such a competitive market, they have wisely managed to hold their feet deep inside the ground and hence were able to come out in the harshest of times.

Thinking ahead:-  This might sound like a logo of some company. However, John Deere has implemented this in their daily work. While taking care of the present requirements, they also thrive to foresee how things will be in the future. Accordingly, they turn out to be leaders when it comes making machine for the future. This always keeps them a step ahead than their competitors.

Considering all these, it’s prudent to go for John Deere and see your business prosper with every passing day.