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Growth in the world of heavy equipment

The technology of heavy equipment is growing rapidly nowadays. No one can deny the fact that this development of science extremely useful in detecting any kinds of damages in the equipment regularly. By using the technology of global positioning satellite, one can check the condition of the constructional heavy equipment even if it is placed at a great distant from the observer. Picking out the right equipment for the construction site is becoming a great challenge with so much new models coming out in the market every year. The sellers are offering lots of options and interesting features which ultimately make this troublesome task quite interesting.

Equipment used in construction sites

Among the many heavy equipment available in the market, backhoe loaders are gaining a strong hold in the constructional site as they are used in small tasks of demolitions, breaking down of the asphalt, digging or excavating the holes, to power the building equipment, little transportation of material building and paving of the roads. To smash up rocks and huge chunks of concrete, many people use breaker tools in place of backhoe bucket. To get rid of the loads efficiently and quickly, some of the loader buckets contain a retractable bottom. This retractable bottom of the loader buckets are useful in scratching and grading off the sand. The front side of the bucket has some devices which is either permanently seated or can be removed whenever needed. Most of the times, other constructional tools replace the bucket. The backhoe loader must have a tool coupler to get various types of fastening to the loader.

Bulldozers are large sized heavy equipment and they can easily go over a course terrain because of the mobility and a strong hold of the ground provided by the big trucks. Bulldozers have swamp tracks which are only extra-broadened tracks.

Compressed hydraulic excavators have three unique collections of undercarriage, workgroup and house. The arm and the boom along with breaker and buckets comprise the workgroup of the hydraulic compact excavator. All of them are attached to front portion of the structure of the house of the excavator through an oscillating frame which will allow the workgroup to be pivoted hydraulically right or left to do balance digging needed for trenching.

Today, the harvesters do all the tasks related with commercial felling in Finland and Sweden. They clear their ways by cutting down the forests and can work more easily on smooth terrain. To thinning out the debris, small harvesters are used particularly in the Nordic countries.

Pile drivers also do a lot of work with two rods of metal containing a cylinder between them. This design makes it move freely with the up and down sliding. To remove the cylinders, workers make use of a pulley system. It also involves the use of hydraulics or steam. To lift the cylinders, small explosions are also sometimes made in the chamber.

All of these heavy equipment have their own applications. So, one has to choose the equipment carefully deciding what kind of job he is going to do.

How to fix a hydraulic leak on heavy equipment

Hydraulic is a technology that is widely used nowadays in most of the heavy construction equipments. This technology is very much helpful for running the functions of these equipments, because it is a fluid that moves within a confined section of the equipment and the high pressure created by this, moves the equipment in the desired direction. The hydraulic is mostly favoured by the users due to the tremendous amount of force that it generates, which helps those heavy construction equipment that needs force to perform. Nowadays, the equipments which are used at the construction sites; alone do not require this hydraulic system to be the working principle in the equipments, the small industries also make use of it to reduce the man power and costing that the hydraulic technology can offer.

What are the basic requirements for implanting a hydraulic technology into heavy construction equipment?

  • Hydraulic fluid or the hydraulic oil is the basic requirement for creating the hydraulic technology. It is this fluid that creates the pressure, which works as the main instrument of rotating or controlling the chamber.
  • A pump because without it the technology would not work to create the pressure.
  • The chamber to hold the hydraulic fluid. For that, a series valves and hoses are required.
  • A hydraulic motor and ram.

How does the hydraulic technology work?

The hydraulic pump draws and pumps in the hydraulic fluid, from the reservoir and sends it to the chamber where the valves and hoses work as the medium to create a high pressure through the pump. This high pressure then works as the main force of work for the rams and the motors. These rams and motors then move the equipment as per the directions of the user. The pressure that is created is very high, and equivalents almost 1000 PSI to 5000 PSI.

How to deal with the leakage?

Although you take ample care of your heavy construction equipment that is run by the hydraulic technology may face damage, especially leakage. This may occur due to a lack of force. If there is a hydraulic leak in the equipment, it is very difficult to deal with, because, hydraulic chambers and the entire system requires specific tools to check with the damage and the mechanics must also be quite trained.

  • Using a seal may be very helpful in case there is a hydraulic leak. Normally the seals are made of metal, but they can also be rubber rings with metal bands around it.
  • The area that has been damaged due to a low pressure, most of the time faces the damage. So, if you fix a stainless steel metal fitting, then it will create a high pressure and there will be no possible leakages further.
  • If the lines of the valves and hoses get thinned, due to constant movement of the fluid inside.  So replacing the lines will solve the problem.


Maintain the hydraulic system properly in order to get the best performance from your heavy equipment

Due to the growing demand of construction business and other heavy works the necessity of heavy equipment has become very high. People keep such equipment in their work place in order to perform the work more smoothly. While you have to carry huge loads containing all the dirt and other wastage things of your place then it is obvious that you will need the help of some heavy equipment.

Vacuum truck:

Among the other heavy machines vacuum truck plays a significant role in the society. It actually helps to clear the dirt or garbage that create awful ambience during the time of storm.  Not only has that it also helped to accomplish several other works. While this machine can take care of any kind of material therefore it is really essential to maintain it properly and take care of its every part so that it can deliver the same performances. Hydraulic system is the most important part of this machine thereby you have to provide a regular maintenance to this equipment. The mechanical parts of such heavy equipment have some valuable functions. It is the crucial powerhouse that handles all the other components of the machine. In case of the vacuum truck it helps to move the boom and place it in a good position. Hydraulic system also helps to operate the lock system which actually takes care of the huge trap door. Due to the fact that this truck carry some of the huge substances therefore it is really necessary to perform a proper maintenance on its different parts in order to prevent damages.


Wheel loader:

It is also same in case of wheel loader. Wheel loader is also very important equipment, working great on the construction sites. The main part of this system is the hydraulic system. Even a small failure of it can cause huge problems and also stop the system to work properly. To give great services and last for a long time it is important to take care of it properly. If you can give your full attention to the maintenance of this system then you will get the maximum performance from this. Therefore, you have to learn the proper ways of maintain the hydraulic system of heavy equipment.

Why is the maintenance so important for the hydraulic system?

Through a regular maintenance you will not only be able to get amazing services and great performances but also it will not break down frequently. The machine will be perfect and will ready to perform nicely. If you can do the maintenance properly then you will be able to save your money from any extra repairing costs. However you need to consider certain things before practising any kind of maintenance such as its condition, performance, structure etc.
The main causes of the failure of hydraulic system:


The two most popular causes that help to discard the system are mechanical failure or hydraulic fluid contamination. This hydraulic system failure happens due to the present of any other material into the fluid. Normally, the inside of the hydraulic system should be clear from other materials.


If you can maintain such things carefully then your machine will remain perfect and give amazing services.

Buy The Most Reliable Hydraulic Excavators From Kobelco Construction Equipment

Let’s start this with an assumption where we assume 2 companies selling dish cleaners. The company “A” manufactures and sells only dish cleaners but the company “B” apart from manufacturing and selling dish cleaners, they also have their hands into other household goods. This means that the company “B” is not able to give its 100% to the core product whereas the company “A” invests all its time and energy in researching what the customer wants and what innovative measures they can take to make the product more user friendly and thereby only manufactures dish cleaners. Using this example, from which company would you like to buy your dish cleaner? I suppose, it would be certainly company “A” that you would buy the stuff from.

Similarly, this is what we would do when it comes to buying heavy equipment and when it comes to buying hydraulic excavators, you may not want to rely on any brand other than Kobelco. Kobelco is one of the few companies which exclusively produce hydraulic excavators and hence their end product is finer and superior than the ones produced by other branded heavy equipment manufacturing companies that manufactures all kinds of construction equipment.

They are into production of full range hydraulic excavators that ranges between 3000 lb to 180,000 lb. They also produce excavators used for specific purposes like landscape or that works in a construction site, or the ones used in road building. Kobelco is widely known as a perfectionist in producing excavators which also helps them to sell their stuff with a premium. You may find their excavators to be slightly expensive than the equipment of other companies. They are installed with advanced mechanisms like system that can reduce noise and dust, advanced hydraulic circuitry that helps to reduce loss of pressure and also minimize the consumption of fuel making the equipment fuel efficient.

You can buy an excavator directly from Kobelco sales office either by visiting them in person or through a dealer. Precisely, buying it either way doesn’t make any difference as the buyer would get all the benefits like after sales service, warranty of the equipment and things that are related to the stuff after you done buying them. So if you’ve an authorized dealer closer to your place, then it makes more sense to place the order through the dealer rather than hunting for their shop.

If we talk about their after sales service, you may find it better than brands who claim to be the best in the industry. In case you see a problem in the equipment, you only need to register a complaint by calling them on their customer service number. They will register your complaint and within few hours, you’ll have an engineer at your place to fix it up.

Kobelco has its presence in many countries as it wants to spread it wings and reach out to as many customers as it can. It no longer is a domestic heavy equipment manufacturing company but has turned into a might player in the construction equipment segment.

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Using Hydraulics Can Make Your Heavy Equipment More Powerful

In order to run a business and make good profits, a businessman needs to ensure few things. Firstly, he shouldn’t compromise on the quality he is producing; secondly he should have the best of the resources available with him failing which may give some strong blows to his business and the most important point is to fulfil his business commitments in time. He just can’t afford to fool around with the time factor and got to be very punctual in delivering for what he has committed. In a construction business, using the latest technology makes a lot of difference in giving what people want. If you are technologically advanced, then you take less time in completing your assignments and the quality reflects in the work you have done. However, in order to get all these done, one of the most crucial thing is to have the most powerful machines.
Over the last many years, heavy equipment manufacturing companies are using hydraulics to give more power to their machines. Machines getting more power results in more work in a shorter duration and therefore installation of hydraulics are done which has perhaps changed the way the construction industry looked. You name a machine and you will find hydraulics being used in it. Right from bulldozers to excavators, loaders, cranes…. You name it and you’ll find hydraulics in them. All these machines are expected to work all day and they do real tough job for which they need something special to give them the power they deserve. This is why they have hydraulics installed in them. As a matter of fact, right from using it in any large airplane to control its surfaces to having them installed in your car brakes, hydraulics are used in every machine one can think of.
Well, hydraulics is nothing but an incompressible fluid on which if force applied from one point it gets transmitted to another point giving more power to the machine and therefore when we talk about the benefits of hydraulics, the first thing that hits our mind is heavy equipments in a construction site. They are perhaps a better example of how the utility of hydraulics has changed the very face of the construction and mining business.
For instance, if you see a medium sized excavator which weighs nearly around 30 tons, you would be quite surprised watching it work so swiftly, making some quick moves on the field. The bucket of the excavator can take away dirt weighing 1.5 tons with no difficulty. In order to produce this sort of quickness, the machine uses 8.3 litres diesel engine that is competent enough to generate a horsepower of 340. This gives immense strength to the machine and no wonder why it can manage to do things so conveniently.
There are various kinds of hydraulic machine available in the market. It’ just that you need to know which one is needed by you. Therefore, a bit of research may prove handy to you. Do your part of research in understanding the kind of equipment that will fulfil your requirements and you should be ready to go.

Implications of hydraulic systems on heavy equipment

Heavy equipment are much needed operators from all aspects, from construction to excavation it is involved inextricably. All of these equipments are designed to accomplish the heavy laborious tasks with ease in contrast to the manual labor. In order to design such heavy equipments to work with a great efficiency, hydraulic systems are the best possible way which not only provide speed or efficiency but also allow the specific operator a fine precise movement. Instead of fluid or oil supplements, these ascribe of hydraulic principle is much more acceptable because of no compression under pressure via pump exerted by that of the fluid or oil.

Introduction to Hydraulic systems:

The word ‘Hydraulic’ generally refers to power produced by shifting and moving liquids. Modern hydraulics is defined as the use of confined liquid to transmit power, disseminate force and produce motion.

Key components of hydraulic system for heavy equipments:

¨      Fluid: it can be any kind of liquid but specially compounded petroleum oil is used preferably to lubricate and protect the system from corrosion.

¨      Reservoir: it is the storehouse of fluid

¨      Hydraulic pump: this particular section converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy by forcing hydraulic fluid.

¨      Fluid lines: transfer the fluid thoroughly to and from the pump through the system.

¨      Actuator: this sector usually take the form of hydraulic cylinders and used on agricultural, construction and industrial equipment.

Hydraulic hoses in heavy equipments:

Hydraulic applications call for hydraulic hose of different constructions and capabilities. At present the engineers have bid goodbye to the antique hydraulic systems of early decade and introduced Hydraulic hoses for the heavy equipments, with a minimal space and weight requirements to produce high power output. Eventually, these contemporary systems have the potential to protect the metal pipe and tube conductors from rusting along with the capability to withstand the constant pulsating and the ability to absorb the shock and vibration. So the hydraulic hoses are widely used now-a-days means of power transmission in the heavy equipments.

Benefits on heavy equipments:

There are numerous distinct advantages of this application of Pascal’s law on the heavy equipments. Here we have discussed a few of them.

¨      Hydraulic systems are much more precisely used in their acceleration as it has the capability to gain an abrupt momentum and the capacity to manipulate higher torques with a relative ease.

¨      The heavy equipments running on hydraulic systems are much easier to maneuver as it facilitates the mechanism to change the direction with collaboration to an electric system.

¨      This particular system multiplies flexibility to the heavy equipments in order to accelerate, decelerate, forward and reverse the heavy operators with ease.

¨      Hydraulic system provides a greater output from a significantly lower input as it comes up with a high operating accessibility with a low RPM diesel engine

¨      Fuel consumption is notably inferior to the exemplary performance of the system.

¨      Moreover, the inflammability of the hydraulic system ensures enormous safety.

In addition to all these, there are manifold implications of this hydraulic systems like easy maintenance, lightweight are there on the heavy equipments furnishing the operators more effective.

Hydraulic Hammers – A Must in the Construction and Mining Industry

If you think the construction industry is all about breaking old establishments and building a new one in its place, then you are partially correct. Though it is not all about just breaking whatever old you see around you and replace it with a new building but it’s about many other things which we don’t see. For instance, for constructing a hotel in an open plot, you do not need to break any old settlement. However, you can’t distance the subject of breaking things from this industry and therefore when we talk about breaking establishments, we are indeed talking about good strong hammers that can break off the old stuff without denting itself.
Just like one particular medicine can’t cure all the ailments, in the same manner one type of hammer can’t be used for all the breaking purposes. There are different series of hammers that are used for different work based on the type of work it has to do. Here we would be discussing about hydraulic hammers and different series of hydraulic hammers used for various purposes.
Light weighted hammers:- You need these light weighted hammers on small construction sites where you have things which are not very huge and strong and can be perished at few strokes from a light weighted hammer. Alternatively, it is used on machines which are considerably smaller than the ones we see on huge construction sites. These machines are used at sites which have problems with space and can’t allow access to big machines.
Medium weighted hammers:- Then we have medium weighted hammers which are used in mid-sized projects. They are comparatively stronger than the light weighted hammers and hence has the potential to break down stuffs which are quite strong. They however have to limit themselves in demolishing huge structures. These hammers are also known for consuming less fuel and are highly productive.
Heavy weighted hammers:- These are considered as the most powerful hydraulic hammers which are used by big construction houses. If we talk about big construction companies, they prefer to keep all sets of hammers as they may require either of them at any point in time. However, it is the heavy weighted hammers which are used extensively by them. These hammers are required in projects which are mighty big and need hammers which has more power and can work for longer duration. It’s important to note that heavy weighted hammers are available in huge range of series and that each type of hammer is used for its own specific kind of work. Therefore, the kind of hammer one chooses entirely depends on the kind of project he would be requiring them at.
After having understood about the different kinds of hammers, let us change our focus on buying them. It’s often advisable to buy used hammer rather than spending money on brand new which would also cost more to you. You can buy them online on any online selling site. There you can get in touch with the seller and may seek a better deal.

Use Hydraulics to Give More Power to Your Excavator

When you are into construction or mining industry, you need to have the best of the machines with you. A construction house can never in his widest of dreams imagine to compromise on the quality of machines because it is the machines that gets him the work done in the due course of time. Therefore, it becomes his responsibility to ensure that he has machines with high power deliverance and can work under rough terrain. Well, if we are talking about power in heavy equipment, things that come in our mind are the equipments engine, consumption of fuel and if it is a hydraulic machine or not. With the advent of the technology of using hydraulics in heavy equipment, it has changed the very look of the construction and mining sectors. These sectors are now blessed with the power of using hydraulic technology and can thus get the work done in a comparatively lesser time.
Here, we would be discussing more on hydraulic excavators, companies that produces hydraulic excavators and the various modes by which one can buy them.
Let us first understand what hydraulic is all about. In layman’s term, hydraulic is an incompressible liquid fluid on which if force is applied from one given point, it gets transmitted to the other point, thus giving more power to the machine. Modern day heavy equipments come with a couple of hydraulic cylinders so that if one stops working due to some reason, the other would take it up from the first one and complete the task. It also has pistons on which the force is applied to get the work done. In order words, when force is applied on the hydraulic cylinders it goes on to the pistons resulting in getting the work done.
Many companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, Hitachi, Volvo etc are making use of this technology to give more power to their excavators. As the work of the excavator is to dig deep in the ground, it invariable requires more power and nothing other than the application of hydraulics can suffice its requirement. The engineers of heavy equipments manufacturing companies are working hard to come up with more such technologies where the use of hydraulics can give excavators the extra strength they need to complete the work in comparatively lesser time.
Now as far as buying hydraulic excavators are concerned, there are various modes that one may adopt.
Buying it directly from the company/dealer:- You can directly approach the company and read out your requirements to them. They would then provide you with the kind of an excavator you need for your business. These companies have their experts in the customer service domain who after understanding the requirements of their clients come out with alternatives that suits their needs.
Buying it online:- This is a new trend which has started probably a decade ago. Earlier people bought accessories and apparels online but in the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the purchase of heavy equipments through online selling sites. Here you can get to know the specification and features of the excavator which helps you take the decision of buying it. Elsewhere, you get the manual after you’ve bought the machine.
Hydraulics has perhaps brought a revolution in the heavy equipment segment and we are all hopeful to see more advanced technologies hitting the market in the near future.

Do Heavy Equipment Require Different Attachments for Demolition – Find out Here

Heavy Equipment if not the soul then they are definitely the backbone of the construction and mining industry. Without them, it is unimaginable to do work with the same level of speed and magnitude and it might take several days for a small work to get over with. This will definitely cause good sum of loss to the project owner and that can even bring his project in jeopardy. However, the construction or the mining industry is not only restricted to heavy equipment but it has something more to do than that. It is the demolition attachments.
Heavy equipment are undoubtedly the power behind the demolition attachments but it is eventually the attachment that does the trick. A number of attachments can be installed in heavy equipment provided it should be compatible enough to get them fitted in it. What sort of attachment should be fitted on the machine depends largely on the nature of work as every attachment is used for a specific kind of work. Therefore, the kind of work determines the sort of demolition attachment needed on the machine.
We would be discussing in length about the different form of attachments and for what purpose are they used.
Buckets:- A bucket is installed in a heavy equipment to move earth and dump it in a truck so that it can be moved from one place to the other. Most of the buckets have sharp clips which are used to dig the earth and then with the help of the hook that is attached to the bucket, it takes off the mud from the earth and fill it in which is then carried and dumped in the truck. At times, the buckets are also used to break a wall which may not be that strong to hold it for long.
Rakes:- Rakes are found in different shapes and sizes and each of them are built for specific purposes. However, the one which are fitted in heavy equipment are big strong ones with sharp iron fingers bent towards the bottom which facilitates to dig deeper in the ground. These rakes are specifically used for agricultural purposes and may not have much use in construction business. Rakes of various types are available right from cleaning the grass of your garden to ploughing the field. It is considered to be one of the most essential attachments.
Grapples:- This is an important tool which is used to hold a stuff and pull it from its surface and place it at its designated position. The grapple has a claw which is used to hold things and moves it from one place to another. Hydraulic grapples are used in many heavy types of equipment which gives it more power to perform things with precision. It can be fixed with a tractor or an excavator and the end of its arm which is powered by hydraulic and allows it to move heavy things. The grapple is controlled by the operator of the machine who manoeuvres the arm of the machine in every possible direction and makes the toughest work look simple to perform.
Also don’t forget about Hydraulic Hammers!!!!!!