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Do not let winter eat away your heavy equipment

Winter is a major cause of concern for both heavy equipment manufacturing companies as well as construction companies. Once it starts snowing, things become very difficult for them to carry on. The ongoing projects come to a standstill and there are high chances that the construction companies may not be able to deliver the work in time and due to this they may incur heavy losses. No business would ever like to make losses just because the weather condition is hostile and it did not allow the men to work. Other than that, the construction companies are also at risk as far as their equipment are concerned. Most of the equipment during winters just do not want to start. So the operators also face a tough time in getting the equipment started. A lot needs to be done to take care of the machine during the winters. Heavy equipment are at their worst during this chill season and if proper care is not taken then there may be lot of complications which will ultimately result in a bigger mess.

Check if the engine oil is in order:-

We tend to remain so busy with our work that we fail to give the required attention to the machines. Changing the engine oil at least once in 2 months should be done without fail. However especially winters, they should be checked more frequently and made sure that the engine oil is in good shape. In case, if the oil becomes thick then it is time to change the oil. Any delay in that situation will only cause problem to the machine reducing its longevity.

Get the equipment serviced by an expert mechanic:-

Just when the winter is knocking the door, it is advisable to get the equipment serviced by an expert mechanic. It would be prudent if you do not get the machine serviced by anybody other than an expert. Just when the winter is at the corner, a lot of things need to be checked in the machine which may often get skipped by a routine mechanic but may hardly skip the eye of an expert.

Painting the machine will be a good alternative:-

If you have an old machine and it needs urgent attention of the mechanic, get it checked first and then get it paint for once. Painting the machine will give a new look to the machine. You can also put some stickers or logos especially in areas where it is slightly dented and has scratch marks on it. Painting the equipment may also protect it from getting rusted during the chilled season. It acts as a good alternative when you are short of money.

Get the faulty parts replaced:-

Just in case if any part of the machine (attachable or not) goes faulty, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Just in case, if it is not replaced in time then severe cold may cause further problem which may become irreparable.

Winters may cause immense health hazards to construction workers

Places where it snows are not conducive for construction industry to flourish. But it does not mean that the construction industry will not flourish at all at such places. If it snows throughout the year then it is a grave concern for this industry to set its foot in. However, if it is only during the winters that it snows and for the rest of the year, it becomes conducive for the industry to thrive then that will really help. We all know how immensely difficult it is to take care of heavy equipment and also to work on a project during the cold weather but less care has been given to the fact that it also takes a toll on the construction workers who find it all the more difficult to work in a rough weather and with very limited help from machines.

During winters, heavy equipment tend to stop working which means that the construction workers will have to put their efforts and try to get the work done. At times, it may not be possible for them to finish a job without the use of equipment. In such case, it becomes a loss to the company. In situations like these, companies tend to risk the life of the workers by pressuring them to work overtime in difficult work conditions. The workers have to work on snow or ice and have high risk of slipping while working. They may cause severe damage to themselves. It is therefore very important for the construction companies as well as the workers to follow the correct safety parameters while working in snow. By following these parameters, they will only save their as well as their colleagues lives.

Check if the brakes and other vital parts of the equipment are in order:-

Before you start with your day, it is very important to check if the brakes, horn and other important parts of the equipment are in order. Once the operator is sure that everything is in place, he should carry on with the work. In case if he finds any issues, it is advisable that he get that sorted first and then starts off with the day’s work. Any negligence on his part can cost the company as well as the worker dearly.

Ensure that all the workers wear their safety accessories:-

In many of the occasions, workers skip wearing their safety accessories assuming that they will be safe and wearing those stuffs will be time consuming. Calamity does not knock the door before arriving. It just strikes you and workers should understand this important part. More importantly, the supervisor on the construction site should take the responsibility that all the workers are equipped with complete safety accessories and that there is an emergency team active at the site. Just in case, if there is an emergency situation, the team will be able to deal with it.

Report anything that you find to be dangerous:-

Construction workers should report anything that they find to be dangerous. This will help to save the life of many other workers who may not know about the danger on the site.

How to Winterize Heavy Equipment

Winter does not affect the humans alone; it puts in its harsh effects on the heavy construction equipment as well. Every winter season, the equipment therefore need a winterization, so that they can perform smoothly in heavy snow-fall, cold wind and freezing conditions and do not bother the owner with a heavy servicing invoice in the spring time. Every year the heavy construction equipment manufacturing companies spend thousands of dollars in replacing the parts of the heavy construction equipment that get damaged due to extreme winter conditions. The luxury of not bothering about the expenditure that one has to bare post winter, is very few can afford.

Winterizing your heavy construction equipment has a huge misconception among most of the users that it is required only during the winter, but taking care of the machines during other times of the year, when the temperature is very low, unlike the summer season, is not kept in mind.

When you want to winterize your equipment, you will have to start first with checking the parts of the equipment. There are quite some tips and measurements that are usually mentioned in the equipment usage manual. The user must go through these equipment manuals, so that the equipments are in proper surveillance of the users.

  • Inspecting the basic parts of the machine is very important. It includes the whether the wiper is in working condition or not, if the lights are working properly or not and all other more important factors.
  • Lubrication is very important in maintaining the heavy construction equipment’s working condition. Keeping the fuel tank of the equipment always full, especially during the winter season, will make it quite easy for the equipment to keep itself active.
  • Keeping the fuel tank to the fuel level of 40 cetane is very important during the winter season. However, where the average temperature during winter is below -4 degree to -20 degrees, the fuel level should be 50 cetane.
  • While using the heavy construction equipment in winter, the RPMs must be kept as low as possible, so that the equipment is kept warm.
  • The suction filter and the hydraulic chamber, all must be tested and lubricated. The other parts that must be included in the checking list are brakes, gear boxes, steering, tires etc. are in proper working condition.
  • If the heavy construction equipment is to be operated on snow and ice, then I t is very essential for the user to winterize the tire, because, if the tires are not winterized properly, they will not function properly.

If all these maintenance measures are taken properly, then the equipment will not trouble the users at all. But it is the responsibility of the users to go through these measurement tips and techniques before they leave their heavy construction equipment in the cold or go out to work with the equipment.