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Why should we do preventive maintenance for heavy construction machinery

In order to increase the life of any mechanical substance it is highly crucial that it is serviced, checked and maintained at regular intervals. The mechanical instrument is perhaps being used all throughout the day and if any such instrument works for hours at a stretch then the chances of it breaking down increases manifolds. This is the reason why the owner of the stuff should take uttermost care to service it at regular intervals and ensure that if it shows any signs of wreckage that should be addressed then and there. Heavy construction machinery falls under the category where it works almost all throughout the day. Heavy equipment are quite expensive and the owner of the machine can’t afford to just leave it unattended and uncared. On top of that, you can’t work for a day without the help of heavy equipment. They constitute an integral part in the growth and success of your business and therefore their ill-health can’t be and should not be ignored.

Can’t buy another one easily:-

Due to the high price of heavy equipment you can’t afford to buy a new one whenever you see a need for it. No one wants to sell their used heavy equipment for cheap and if that is the case then one can easily imagine the price of brand new heavy equipment. For that matter if your machine goes out of order and you need to keep up with your work pace you have to get another one its place or repair the existing one. Getting another one is not a wise idea and getting repaired means you have to wait for days to get it back fixed. This means that your work is now in jeopardy. This is one of the prime reason why you should always ensure that the construction machines are serviced and maintained regularly so that it does not develop any glitch at the time when you need it the most.

Hiring a mechanic can prove to be expensive:-

Heavy equipment mechanics are equally expensive as they understand the complex stuff that they are dealing with and when you deal with a complex thing you charge more for that. So if there appears to be any technical glitch that may have surfaced due to improper maintenance, you have to call a mechanic. Now this guys will fix his rate depending how complex the problem is and how long will it take for him to get it fixed. Moreover it will not be a day’s affair. He might just take the machine with him and will give it after a couple of days or may be even more. The same is applicable if you give it to an authorized dealer who fixes heavy equipment.

Servicing and maintaining heavy equipment is not a thorny thing to do. It is all about remembering the last time when you serviced the machine and also recognizing from the signals the machine throws if it develops any problems.

Second hand machines are better alternative to newer heavy equipment

If you have a start-up business and are aware that you will always have the need of funds to function, then it makes little sense to buy new heavy equipment which will cost thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you should focus on buying used heavy equipment which has the potential to function if not like a brand new machine but no less than that. Second hand machines are always a safer bet for young construction companies. They need not spend a fortune in procuring machines that will perhaps be a bit faster than a second hand machine.

We will speak about few advantages of buying second hand heavy equipment over a brand new one.

Functions may be user friendly to the operator:-

One of the major disadvantage of new heavy equipment is that the functions involved in the machine are completely new and the operator may take few days’ time to learn the stuff and set its hand on it. For the first few days he will experience a bit of uneasiness on the new machine. This can happen with a highly experienced operator as well. He will be bound to make few mistakes while operating the equipment. They feel at home to work on machines that they have already worked on in the past.

The functions of the second hand machine will be quite familiar to an experienced guy and he will not take much time to begin the work. Simultaneously, if the machine breaks down, he may have some idea on the probable issue and might give some advice to get it back and running but if he is working on a new machine and is having a hard time to operate it; you got to call the technician of the company to fix a problem.

Second hand machines are pretty economical:-

Money plays a vital role in the construction business. A contractor will be happy to invest his money in machines that cost less to him and are highly productive. He will not want to compare it with newly manufactured heavy equipment with advanced technology attached with it. It hardly matters to him as far as he is able to make sizable profit and run his business after paying all his debts to the stakeholders. In a situation like this, the contractor will certainly want to invest his money in buying used machines as that will help him to save a lot which can be utilized for other operational expenses.

Procuring second hand heavy equipment is no tough job:-

Buying second hand machines have become relatively simpler than what it was a few years ago. Now one need not depend on newspaper classifieds to know about the person selling used machines. All he needs to do is type the kind of machine he wants on the internet and he will find a number of sellers who are willing to let go their machines at a reasonable amount. Establish contact with them and make the deal.

For beginners – Don’t buy heavy equipment. Rent them

Beginners joining any profession have to be really careful on the expenses they are making on their business. They might have extremely no control on their expenses as they may not understand how to block the flow of expense. They have to take care of a lot of recurring and non-recurring expenses and while they do so, they may completely lose track of the money left in their bank account. One fine day, they may find their bank account showing very less balance and may foresee lot of expenses to clear. They may find themselves to be in a very tight position and therefore it is important that they refrain from doing any expenses that is not much needed for the smooth running of the business.

To be more precise, if you are in the construction business, you got to be more cautious than ever. For timely completion of projects, you got to possess heavy equipment that are very expensive and if you do that then you tend to spend a good portion of your money for procuring the machine. This may leave you with very little money to meet other business obligations. Hence, it is advisable that if you are a beginner in the construction industry, do not spend your money in buying heavy equipment. On the contrary, you can take them on rent. That will turn out to be a good deal for you where you do not have to spend a bounty and things will be very much in your control.

Identify the heavy equipment you may need for your project:-

It is very crucial to know what type of heavy equipment is required for your business. As long as you do not know that, moving ahead will be difficult. Take guidance from people in the industry if you have any or join some blogs where you can put your questions about heavy equipment to them and you might get real good replies which will prove to be very helpful to you. Once you have identified the heavy equipment, the next goal will be to check the rental price of the machine. Not every owner of the equipment will rent it at the same price. The rental price of the machine may vary keeping into consideration the quality of the machine, the period for which it has been used. In other words, if the machine is not much older then you may have to pay more rent. However, if it is an old piece then you supposedly have to pay less for it.

Go to online portals to check the machine:-

Owners list the heavy equipment on websites that deals with selling and renting of construction machineries. Going to such websites will be really helpful to you as you will get to see a lot of options at different prices. You can then select the one that you seek to have and speak with the owner. If possible you can negotiate the price and try to bring it lower. You will end up getting a good deal at a considerably lesser price.

Heavy equipment mechanics are paid well in foreign nations

The demand for skilled labor exists in every country around the globe. Industries are in search of people who know their work well and can complete the task given to them with complete sincerity. If we can inculcate this in our lives, we will never go out of demand. Industries faces bad phases but they all come and go. Bad phases do not stay for long and definitely not forever. Therefore, one needs to understand what they want to become in life and accordingly master the stuff they want to do. It is only when they are master at it that they will be recognized by others and also they can expect volume of money flowing in. Other than that, they can also expect a good career. It is very crucial to give a good start to your career and once you have given that start, you will not find short of takers who will be willing to absorb you in their companies.

Construction business is a quite a thriving one these days. Industry experts believe that the year 2017 has great prospects for this industry and it will grow by all means. This also means that the businesses that are attached to the construction industry will also have its day in the sun. They will equally thrive along with this industry and so do the people who are connected with it. There is a lot of opportunity for heavy equipment mechanics in the US and also worldwide. Competent mechanics are in huge demand in the overseas market and are also paid in good sum. All they have to do is contact the company directly and talk to them about the requirements and also the remuneration that will be given to them. After you are done with the preliminary talks you can take some time and decide if you want to take the jump.

People should be mobile:-

For heavy equipment mechanics who are looking for a great career in the industry can go overseas. However, prior to this, they first need to be sure if they really want to go abroad. For a person who is quite attached to his family and friends, it will be very difficult for him to work in a foreign land. He will just not be able to adjust himself there. People who do not have problem being mobile and can easily get adjusted with people of different culture can think to move to a foreign land. They will not have much problem to adjust themselves there and can easily make some local friends. So before you start looking for opportunities abroad, give a thought to the fact that will you be able to survive in a place that you have never visited before.

Mechanics should be experienced:-

Since the foreign construction companies are in search of skilled workmen, heavy equipment mechanic should be experienced and should know his work well. Just by hearing the sound of the issue, one must realize the real cause of the problem and if you feel that you are that experienced then you can certainly give a shot in an overseas construction company.

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Buying heavy equipment directly from the company or from the dealer

When you think of buying heavy equipment you need to know which equipment will meet your business needs. Not all heavy equipment is competent to do all kind of construction work and therefore you require the one that is indeed going to be helpful to take care of your business needs. Now once you know what kind of equipment you require, the next important thing for you to know is which model you should be going for and from where you can get the best deal. Every new model has some additional feature and it becomes imperative for you to understand which model to go for. Buying the latest model will be helpful but also be ready to pay the price for it which will undoubtedly be very high. It is also not necessary for you to go for the latest model as you can get your work completed by buying an older version which will be comparatively less expensive.

Once you know which model you should be going for, the next crucial analysis will be to determine if you should be buying it directly from a company or get it from a dealer. Each one of them has their own advantages and limitations. So you got to be wise enough to understand the pros and cons and then take the call to buy the machine from either of them.

Not sure which model to buy:-

Suppose you fall in the category of buyers who is not sure which model he should be going for. Then you can take the help of the company by letting them know a bit about your project and your requirements. On the basis of your needs, they will suggest the model for you. Alternatively, you also need to disclose your budget to them. The amount you can spend to buy the machine plays a big role in the selection of the model. Just in case, you are falling short of finance, they can also arrange loan on the equipment. So make sure you have a good credit report before you apply for loan as you will not want it to get rejected.

Dealer can offer you good discounts:-

If you plan to buy heavy equipment from a dealer you can check if they can offer you with some discounts or are they running any offers that can eventually reduce the loan amount. Dealers take the call on offering discounts on the number of orders he has received from you. This means if you place a big order, there are higher chances that you will end up with good discounts on your purchases. At times, they offer you more discounts than what the company can give. It is primarily done to encourage people to buy equipment from dealers as companies can’t reach small towns.

Place an order online:-

If you are sure about the equipment you want to buy, you can then place your order online on the company’s website. You won’t be asked to pay online and can pay them after meeting them in person and personally checking the equipment.

How to rent off-road articulated trucks

Heavy equipment always has a pretty decent sales value attached to it. This is why people do not mind paying more for equipment that will last for long and at the same time will fetch them a good price while selling it off. But selling the machine will be the end of the story and he can’t expect anything more once it’s sold. Therefore, there is something that can be done rather than simply selling the equipment. The machine can be put on rent if it is not required for the time being and once the tenure is over, it will be returned to the owner. It in fact makes more sense to let out your heavy equipment as you keep getting regular income and at the end of the tenure, you can let it out again at an increased price. Not just heavy equipment that are used for construction works but also trucks are widely let out across US.

A person can earn anywhere around $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the type of truck he has. It is simple to let out your articulated truck on internet. You only need to ensure that you have an account with an online portal that deals with letting you rent out of heavy equipment. There are some portals who only deal with selling heavy equipment and some deals with both selling as well as letting rent out. So you need to list it in the right place.

Articulated trucks are quite high in demand. It is because of their ability to carry loads of dirt at a go. It can also move on bouncy routes with the load on it. You seldom get a proper road on a construction site. More often, you have to carry the load on bouncy uneven paths. Using a normal can be a big pain for the driver but articulated trucks offer a bit ease to them while driving in such horrendous paths. Now if you have an articulated truck and you know the website where you can list the item, become a member and post the truck out there.

Few things that need to be remembered to catch the attention of the taker is how well you put down the information on the site. Just giving complete information is not much helpful. Putting it in the right way so that people find it easy to read must be your priority. Other than that, putting sufficient pictures of the truck is important. The look of the truck will form an impression in the minds of the takers and they might find your truck to be suitable over others. You can mention the rental value on the listing or can just state “Call for price”. This means that you will discuss the rental value over the phone or only when the taker likes the stuff. It also leaves both the parties with the option of negotiation.

What is the best crusher machines?

It becomes a problem for the construction and mining companies to crush huge rocks and stones when they do not have good crushing machines. This has been a big challenge with most of the companies and they all are eying for someone who can make the best crushing machines for them. However, if we do some reality check we will find that there are few crusher machines making companies that carry the reputation of producing world class crusher machines and also deliver its parts to the entire world. Companies like Eagle are renowned all across US as they produce the best crushing machines with few customer complaints. There are many other crusher machine companies who operate globally. Mainly they are not US companies but they are expanding their horizons all across the globe.

This gives people in US the opportunity to select the best from the lot. Construction and mining companies depend heavily on crusher machines as they need to break down the stones and rocks in the construction site. For the mining industry they have more to do with the crushing machines. It is not just rocks and stone for them but they deal with minerals like Copper, Lead, zinc, Sulphur, Manganese etc. They have to depend on excellent quality of crushing machines in order to get the minerals out of the earth. It also requires people with experience to work on crushers and not all crushing machine functions the same way. They have different features which is why a new guy will have problems understanding the way it works. For instance, there are crusher machines that have closed circuit on one chassis and closed circuit on multiple chassis. The functions of these two products are bit different and one might take some time to completely understand the different features and eventually get it to work without any issues.

Then we have configurable crushing and screening machines that combines portable impactors and jaw plants with the crusher’s screening plants to produce a variety of systems which includes portable plants and screens and high volume multi-product systems. This will mainly meet all your processing needs. However before you decide to go for a particular crushing machine, it is always advisable to consult an expert who knows about the subject and can guide you in an efficient manner.

You can get in touch with the company experts who can try and understand your requirements and can accordingly guide you with a suitable product. Both construction and mining sectors needs are different and hence they can’t go for just one type of crushing machine. There are wide ranges of machines available and they are all built for the various types of requirements that companies have.

Crushing machine are expensive stuffs and therefore before you decide to buy a product it is important that you know about it and its utility in your business. Getting advice from people should be appreciated but you should be ready to widen your scope of learning this as well.

Field maintenance on your heavy construction equipment

People belonging to the construction industry are often with a belief that there is nothing certain in their job and which is why they always need to have a Plan B to manage stuffs if they go wrong. Well, in our lives as well we need to have an alternative just in case things do not work as we have planned it to be. Heavy equipment that is one of the most important component in the steady completion of the project needs to perform at all times. The construction company can’t afford to keep the machine idle for a single day. The machine can only remain idle when its part is over but when you need it work, it has to work. This is why the maintenance part of the construction equipment is very crucial. One always needs to ensure that the machine is well maintained and it does not suffer any flaws.

Field maintenance of your heavy construction equipment is one such way to avoid untimely break downs and it helps to keep the machine in working condition for a long time. So what do we understand by field maintenance. Field maintenance means that one the construction equipment have to be checked on the ground while it is there on the jobsite. So the responsibility of the person concerned is to check if the machine is in order. The operator on the other hand should mention about any issues that he experience during working on the machine. He should report the problem to the supervisor or the person in charge of the maintenance work so that the problem can be resolved then and there. One has to understand the seriousness of the issue and the monetary loss it can have on the business if the machine is not working for a single day and therefore steps have to be taken in advance to avoid a situation where the machine gives it up.

Keep a record of maintenance:-

The mechanic who is responsible to keep the heavy equipment in order should maintain a logbook where he will record the dates when the machine was last serviced. In case, there was any disruption that should be mentioned in the book and the nature of the issue should be noted down. This logbook can be then used for future reference and can prove to be helpful to the person who is working on the issue. Cleaning of the construction equipment is a must and that should be there on records. One needs to understand that the machines have to take the beating of the hostile weather and therefore it becomes a must for one to clean it quite often.

Lubricate the machine at all times:-

The construction equipment should be sufficiently lubricated at all times and therefore necessary lubricants should be available on the field so that if the machine starts developing issues due to lack of lubrication, it can be sorted out right away. Regular greasing and oiling the machine is a requirement that every construction machine has and one has to cater to this need.


Rain and Construction Jobsites don’t mix

It becomes very difficult to work on a hot summer or on a chilled winter in a construction jobsite but it is nearly impossible to work during the monsoon. When it rains heavily the entire jobsite is full of dirt and water that workers find it extremely hard to work. Operators are also unable to operate their heavy equipment in the muddy water. Moreover there is always a risk posed to the heavy equipment if you force your way inside the marshy land. It is definitely not the right thing to do if you are concerned about your machines.

If you are laying the foundation for a high rise building, you have to dig deep inside the ground. Now if it rains, it will cover the entire place with water. The solution to this will be to remove the water completely through some water suction equipment and then finish the job. Now the problem is once you begin to remove water from the ditch and if it rains again, it will once again fill the place with water. So you may have to wait and see that it does not rain for a week’s time so that you can continue with the same process and then complete the work. In this entire process, you have lost a lot of your time and money just to remove water from the ditch. You may also have to depend a lot on the metropolitan department for their predictions. However, it is just mere predictions and can be wrong as well.

Moving our focus to heavy equipment and how rains can be a game spoiler when it comes to your expensive construction machines. If your heavy equipment is not well maintained and not painted, there are high chances that it may begin rusting. The skin of the machine will come off from its layer and it will look shabbier than before. You have to spend some money on painting it in order to give it a new look. Other than that, there is always a chance of dirt making its way inside the machine and getting settled in there. Also many people are of the opinion that it is a big waste of money to clean or service heavy equipment as it will become dirty the moment you start using it in the rain.

It will also affect your business big time. A lot of your work will remain pending because of rains and if it is incessant then it makes matter worse for you. You may work on strict timelines but incessant rains can force you to alter your plans and change the deadlines. It is never easy to change deadlines and if you do so you, it comes with a lot of ramifications. It also has the potential to tarnish your goodwill. Many construction companies have found that rain and construction jobsites just do not mix well with each other and it is therefore for the best interest of the industry and also of their individual companies that they try to keep all unimportant tasks during the monsoons.

Being customer centric will help you grow in the construction business

Customers are considered as king of the market. The makers of products produce goods on the basis of the wants and demands in the market and the wants and demands are of the customers. This means that they have to produce items that are in trend and are liked by people at that time. Though trend keeps on changing so once the trend changes the makers also have to switch to the next trend that making buzz in the market. They always have to be on their toes to meet the needs and demands of the customers. While they are meeting the needs of the customers they also need to pay good deal of attention to the fact that they provide them with exceptional quality or else customers always have a choice and they can move on to the next provider. You will only end up in losing business simply because you did not give much importance to the quality of the product.

In the construction domain, the voice of the customer plays a very crucial role in the growth of a company. They may have the best heavy equipment and may use top notch materials to build the buildings but at the end of the day they also need to check that whatever they are constructing, is it as per the wants of the customer and does it goes with the trend of the time.

Knowing the pulse of the customer is important:-

For the survival and steady growth of the construction company, it is very important that they first try to read the pulse of the customer. Check what they can do to make things better for them and accordingly build something that should not be less than exceptional. Customers should feel that they have got the worth of their money and you in turn build reputation from your good work. Getting new businesses in this domain becomes difficult when you do not have goodwill backing your company. If you are into building apartments for people to live, your reputation will speak about you and therefore people will book the apartments right from the period the building is getting constructed. You can achieve this reputation only if you can read the pulse of the customer properly.

Provide them with state of the art amenities:-

When you sell apartments that have state of the art amenities, it sells faster. You can market the apartments on the basis of the amenities that you will offer to the general public. Knowing on what you will offer, people will be interested to book their apartments in your building. This also acts as a brilliant marketing strategy that will drive many to go for apartments constructed by you. You can also charge them for the luxury but that should not be exponential. You should not be money oriented but should be more customer centric. You should quote the amount that gives you your profit. If you try to become greedy and quote higher amount, people will look for someone else.