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Thinking of selling your heavy equipment? Give it a new look first!

Do you own a heavy construction machine or equipment? Whether you run a construction business or if you are a renowned builder, having your very own heavy construction equipment is one of the wisest decisions that you will ever make. However, due to continuous usage, the heavy construction machinery, vehicles and equipment are sometimes likely to lose their functionality and performance. In fact, with every passing day, a more enhance tool or technology is being introduced to the world.

In such a scenario, it is a great idea if you want to sell your old equipment and buy new ones. Given the constantly growing construction industry, there is a constant demand of the heavy construction equipment, regardless of how old or new they are. As the price of the new equipment is often quite high, buying the second-hand or used ones is a trend that small scale construction business owners always choose. Hence, you will easily get a buyer for your equipment. In fact, there are construction equipment buyers and sellers, who buy old equipment from you at any time. You can sell the equipment to them as well.

What should you be careful about?

Before you sell your heavy construction equipment, it is a must that you take care of a few things.

  • The parts are properly fitted
  • It is a functional condition
  • It looks as new as possible.

The first two factors can be taken care of, as you refurbish your equipment. The repairing or servicing works will fix the damages and also increase the functionality of the equipment. Moreover, with damaged parts, the possibility of accidents is also quite high. Hence, you might lose potential customers. So, this is a key step that you must take.

Apart from these two factors, what is equally important is that your equipment has a clean and almost new look. Though the papers will clearly show the age of the equipment, having a clean and appealingly new look will help your equipment get more customers and that too faster. The customers are always drawn towards those equipment and machineries that look new.

How to give your heavy construction equipment a new look?

Now that you have understood how important it is for your heavy equipment to get an almost new look, it is a must that you take proper care of the equipment in terms of its appeal. For that you need to paint the equipment at first. As soon as you clean the equipment of all the dirt and dust, it becomes more suitable for a better sale.

The expert equipment cleaners also provide sandblasting feature that helps in painting the equipment even better. After sandblasting, the paint has to be done as per the specifications or requirements of the equipment. Once the paint is done, you can add the stickers for the manufacturing company names. This will give the equipment an absolutely brand new look or appeal. Certainly, this will increase the price of the equipment, regardless of how old it is.

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How to handle rejection as a heavy equipment salesman

We all see selling as a difficult profession. It is because you got to convince people to buy something that you believe is important for them. However, the person to whom you are trying to sell it may not find it to be at all important. So your job then becomes to talk about all the possible features related to the product and create the need for it in the mind of the taker. This creation of need in the mind of the prospect is a real tough job and not many are able to do that successfully. Many ace sales persons have written in their books about the difficulties they have experienced while creating the need in the minds of the prospective buyer and they have also suggested ways and means that one can take to tackle that part of the problem. However, there is something more important that a salesperson should be learning before learning anything else and that is the way to handle a rejection.

Salesmen who are into selling of heavy equipment have a real tough time doing their job. They are actually dealing with a high priced product that is basically sold to people belonging to a particular domain. This means that your market is quite restricted. It is not like selling a high priced car that many like but can’t buy as they can’t afford it. Here the case is completely different. You are dealing with an item whose takers belong to a specific industry and therefore your scope to sell it in good numbers becomes restricted. This is perhaps the reason why a heavy equipment salesman has the chance to experience rejection lot many times than a salesman selling a car.

Be optimistic in your approach:-

Your approach speaks a lot about your personality and especially when you are a heavy equipment salesman your approach matters a lot than anything else. Your knowledge on your product needs to be absolutely bang-on and that perhaps constitute a larger portion of your self-confidence but your approach towards your profession should be nothing less than splendid. You may have been rejected many times and there may be situations when people will simply not want to meet you but that should not deter you or your approach towards meeting people. Your frame of mind should be always optimistic, nothing less than positive. It is this positive approach that plays an instrumental role towards handling rejection.

Share your experiences with your seniors:-

It is always useful to be around people who are jolly and have a good sense of humor and if such people are your seniors you should consider yourself to be damn lucky. You can share your experience where the prospect didn’t want to buy the machine or have insulted you or simply asked you to leave, leaving you dejected. Your senior in this case will give you a piece of their mind and try to ease you by cracking a joke or two. It also acts as a stress buster. Not just your senior but share your days’ time with anybody that you are convenient with. You can also play around with your dog for that matter. It is undeniably a great way to handle rejections.

Selling heavy equipment that are on the verge of becoming obsolete

Heavy equipment being so expensive, we use them to the fullest and then when we see no further use we try to sell it off to someone who may need it in his business. But as years passes by, we see a lot of changes in the technology of a machine and people ideally do not wish to buy something that is very old. They like to go with heavy equipment that are known to the operators and they do not experience a hard time to work on it. Now in a situation like this, if you have a machine that has been with you for decades and now it just can’t be used at all, you are perhaps left with no other option than to sell it as scrap. A person with a sane mind will never buy it with the intention of using it in his construction business. It will simply not work.

In case, you sell the heavy equipment as scrap, you are not getting anything out of it. Just few hundred dollars and you are done. But what if a company is ready to pay few thousand dollars for the same piece of metal. It sound to be unrealistic but as a matter of fact there are some companies that deal with age old heavy equipment and buy them by paying decent amount of money which a person selling it can’t even expect to get for that old stuff. These companies are always in the hunt of old heavy equipment that people are happily willing to do away with.

The modus operandi of these companies is to buy the machines at real cheap rate and change their parts with newer ones. They work to give it an altogether new look and also installs gadgets that are currently in demand. Overall, they make it look like a brand new heavy equipment and sell it at a price much less than the ones that you normally buy from the heavy equipment manufacturing companies. These companies have engineers working for them. These engineers have loads of experience in producing heavy equipments. They are also provided with all the equipments that are required to manufacture construction machines. It is just that they can’t use the name of the brand on the machines or else they mostly produce machines which are a bit less than par to the original ones.

It makes a lot of sense to sell old heavy equipment to these companies. They are ready to buy machines that are not bought by anybody. So before you plan to sell it off to such companies, it is better that you first check the number of such companies available in your city. You can contact them and check the price they are ready to pay. Do not commit to anybody but speak with as many people as you can and know the price they are ready to pay you. You can then sell the machine to the person who can pay you the most. In this way, you can get rid of very old heavy equipment and can still make decent money from it.