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How to hire competent operators

Hiring competent workforce can be a real challenge for any company. They often see this as a pain and the HR finds this to be the most challenging task out of the many activities they conduct on a daily basis. It is simply not possible for any human being to judge another person by having a 15 minute talk. You may not know if the person knows about the subject that the company wants him to work on or for that matter how the person will be facing once he is hired. If the job demands a person who can work under pressure, it is virtually not possible for an HR to identify the person who can indeed work under pressure and still deliver results. But when the company needs human resource, the HR team has to get into this work of hiring men/women and they have to ensure that they pick the right guys/gals from the lot that come for the interview.

The construction industry is a highly competitive business and here the impact of hiring a wrong candidate can prove to be really costly to the company. The HR of the company does understand the seriousness of the business and this is the reason why they take utter precaution while hiring for important positions. They conduct levels of interview with the same person in order to judge the kind of person he/she is. The different levels of interviews are held by different people and then their view on the interviewee is collated and a decision is finally taken if they all agree to hire him or not.

Hiring an operator becomes more challenging because here the person interviewing the candidate should have little technical knowledge about heavy equipment and how it works. So firstly, the ground level HR can interview him by checking his credentials and qualifications. If the HR finds him to be apt then he goes to the next round where he is interviewed by guys with sound technical knowledge.

Asking the right question is important:-

When you are hiring an operator, you can’t ask him questions that are relevant to a mechanic. You should be checking with him the different types of heavy equipment that he/she has worked on and the models. On the basis of his answer, you should be putting forth your next question. He may not be able to answer a question that does not fall within his domain and therefore asking the right question is important.

Check his skills on the machine:-

When you are hiring heavy equipment operator, you should make it a point to check his skills on the machine. You can provide him with construction equipment and give him a task to complete. The task should not be a complex one as you are only checking his skill and not trying to get a part of the work done. You need to see how well he can maneuver and how smooth he is on the machine. If the operator is really good on it, you can hire him.

Heavy Equipment Guys

Job opportunities for heavy equipment operator

Construction sector is quite a widely spread industry which has lot of requirement of human resources. Right from the laborers to heavy equipment operators, all play a crucial role in this segment of business. It is somewhat simple to get construction workers but getting experienced operators is way too difficult and is one of the biggest challenges with the major construction houses. They are unable to work in full strength due to shortage of heavy equipment operators which is why a good chunk of machines are lying idle at the jobsite. It is not that heavy equipment operators have paid meagerly which is why they are less in numbers. It is simply the scarcity and hence the demand is huge.

This is the situation in most of the cities in US and as a matter of fact, the operators also have good demand in the overseas market which actually lures them to go out for few years and come back earning decent money. The job opportunities for heavy equipment operator starts right from the day they graduate from their institution. There are interviews held at the campuses of different institutions and the young guns are picked up from there. Since they are without any experience, they are nurtured and molded into fine operators and are allowed to work on machine under the guidance of an experienced operator. The experienced guy monitors their work and gives his report to the higher management. This is probably how the newbie are rated and they perhaps receive their hike on the basis of this report.

Well, once they spend a couple of years operating different kinds of heavy equipment and have a hands-on knowledge, most of them begin switching companies. They move to the next construction company probably a bigger one with the hope of a better package and gain more experience. The brand of the construction company that they will be joining also matters as it will decide what they can expect from the new company. Once they are 5-8 years old in this line of business they have set up a position in the industry. It means that they will not be turned down by any construction company as long as their conduct is good and are not engaged into any sort of unethical activity.

Other than working for a construction company, they can also work on contracts which mean that they are not employed by the company. However, they are paid more than what an operator who is employed with the company earns. Well, people who work on contracts are ideally very experienced people to whom the company can’t afford to keep throughout. Therefore, these people are hired and once the work is done they are paid their dues and they move on to the next company. They may use their own machines or can operate the ones provided by the company. Some are also hired to just teach the newbie and monitor their performance. Give them the feedback and nurture them into competent operators.

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Heavy equipment companies offering gifts to operators during Christmas

The month of December is here and it reminds us of nothing but only Christmas. We tend to forget our worries, our hardships and just want to flow with the good time around. We see everyone happy and that definitely has an impact on us and the way we take things. Though it snows in most part of the country, we still find it pleasurable and do not get annoyed of the cold weather. We struggle to move out in the snow but we still do that to bring gifts for our near and dear ones and this joy can’t be compared with any other joy that we get each and every year. We believe that the construction industry is never at rest but probably this is the only time when they do not care a lot about their business. Though work is carried on as usual if it is a very important project which has strict deadlines but other than that, people tend to take leaves and have a good time with their families.

This is also particularly the period when the employees of a construction company receive lot of gifts from all corners and one such entity that showers good number of gifts to the operators is the heavy equipment manufacturing companies. Right from the month of December, they pull out a list of construction companies that have purchased heavy equipment from them and set a margin on the kind of gifts they would be giving. It ideally goes this way. The company that have bought more number of machines will get sort of expensive gifts and the ones who have just given a minor push to their sales figure will be given quality gifts but may not be classy ones.

The heavy equipment manufacturing companies usually grade the operators a lot. They believe that the feedback of the operators does matter a lot and therefore they should be rewarded for their unbiased feedback. This is why they buy gifts particularly for the operators and for the people who are in the upper management. It seems that they are only entitled to offer gifts in kind and not in cash to the operators or else it may also result in bribing and therefore they ensure that they do not get into any sort of problem.

Many heavy equipment companies offer some gift vouchers which can be redeemed at only those restaurants that is defined in the gift voucher. This means that they can’t make use of it in any restaurant in the city and have to selectively go to only those places that are mentioned in the voucher. Some operators are also given vouchers that they use only for shopping. Hence, if they want to use it to eat in a restaurant, they can’t use them. They have to necessarily go and buy some accessories or stuffs that they like from a particular shopping center only. However, it is still worthy to get a gift during Christmas as one can certainly make good use of it.

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How to recruit competent operators

Day in and day out we are witnessing a lot of changes in the way heavy equipment are being operated. It is primarily because of the ever increasing want of the consumer to make operating heavy equipment simpler and also because they want their work to be completed in comparatively lesser time so that they can concentrate on new projects. This has certainly given rise to the want of advanced heavy equipment and also simultaneously has given rise to the requirement of competent operators. Good operators have become a very rare commodity and are not easily found.

If you own a big construction house, you will not more than 6-7 operators who are highly experienced and know their job well. The other lot will always be a factor of worry for you. It has therefore become a skill to recruit competent operators for your company and we will discuss what exactly should be done to recognize their talent and make them a part of your organization.

Check how much they know about their work:-

It is important to check how knowledgeable the operator is as far as his work is concerned and how much he knows about heavy equipment. Check which all machines has he operated in the last 2 years and if there are any cases of accidents reported against him. Competencies do come with experience but that is certainly not the only criteria to become a competent operator. Therefore, you can also look for guys who do not have much experience but are still good with machines. You can ask them several questions pertaining to the equipment they have operated and check how correct they are while answering them. This will give you a hint on what kind of operator you are hiring.

Trial check is necessary to check their competency:-

In order to know how good they are in operating the heavy equipment, you can ask them to operate a machine and tell them what they need to do. Your instructions should be crystal clear so that they can perform the task without any confusion. Now if they complete the task without any error, you have the right guy for the job. This method of checking the competency of the operator is performed by many construction companies who are able to recruit ace operators.


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Be generous to pay operators with talent

Companies normally pay more for talent. So a person who has acquired talent through years of experience and hard work should be definitely rewarded and he rightfully deserve every bit that he is paid. The construction industry is also known as a paymaster for people who knows the in and out of the industry and also termed as an asset to the company.

Through their experience they will be able to steer the future as well as the fortune of the company. They have seen different phases of the business and may know what to do under a given circumstances. When we look at the different levels in the construction industry we may find many people across genres who can be termed as efficient and people with immense talent. Right from a labor to an engineer every person has a role to pay and their talent is displayed by their work.

The talent and experience of an operator is nevertheless of immense significance to the construction company. The operator handles one of the most important parts of the business. He works on earth moving equipment and at the same time also takes care of it. He is the one who reports about any issues with the machine which is then rectified by a mechanic. He is also taken to task when a machine just stops working. His manager will want him to answer why he did not raise a flag when there was an issue with the machine. This means that he is suppose to take onus if anything goes wrong with it. So the operator who takes care of such vital things deserves to be paid more. The company should think about this seriously in case if they are of the opinion to save money on them.

Demand for talented operators does not perish:-

Since operators handle such an important department, the demand for their talent does not perish. Construction companies are always in the hunt talent with some years of experience in hand. They also check for candidates who have the will to learn more about his work. Someone who just does not want to stop learning is probably the man they want to have in their organization. Such men will always be in demand for what they owe and how they can shape up the future of the company.

There are few operators who take charge of the entire fleet of heavy equipment and ensure that nothing goes wrong on any given day. So if you ignore their hard work and pays them less than what they deserve, they may soon switch to a company that acknowledges them for their talent and hard work.

Companies who pay well have performed better:-

It has been noticed that companies who pay well to the deserving operators perform better than others. Their growth structure is on the upwards scale. If your operators are content with their salary, they may go out of their way and may give suggestions that will prove to be highly beneficial to the company.

Gifts that can be given to heavy equipment operator during Christmas

The month of December has arrived and so is the month of Christmas. The start of this month brings a lot of joy and ecstasy. The entire environment is filled with happiness and almost everybody is the mood to enjoy the festival. The construction industry which remains completely involved in work during the entire year may see some respite in this particular month. They probably can ask for some leave from work as most of the construction sites remain closed. Many go out for vacation as they all plan their vacation almost a month in advance. So if everybody is on leave, you better keep the busy business close for few days and let all enjoy and get absorbed in the sweet mystic fervor of Christmas.

When it is Christmas time, it is the heavy equipment operator that enjoys a lot. They can expect a lot of gift from the construction company as well as from the heavy equipment manufacturing company. Having said that, it does not that the other people who are associated with the construction industry do not get anything, it is just that the operators benefit a lot amongst the rest. The gifts that they get ranges from t-shirt, jackets that can protect them from cold weather, sunglasses and also at times they are gifted with a bonus check.

Ideally, most of the big construction companies do provide their employees with bonuses during this period. This is a taken as a goodwill gesture and also appreciated a lot by the employees. Everybody needs a bit of extra cash during this festival and what better time to get it other than during Christmas. Heavy equipment operators are given hooded sweatshirt that they can wear as a casual dress at any point in time. They can wear it while they are at work or at home.

People love to wear trendy clothes and they like to look good. So when they get such trendy stuffs from the company they are working with, they just can’t ask for more. They feel very delighted by this gesture and at times it even works to retain an employee who has every plan to quit the job. Off-late, it has been used as an extremely useful tool to hold back employees who for some reason are not happy with the company or the way things are going in his department. Though measures need to be taken to fix the issues, however giving gift to an employee really makes him feel special and he gets the message that the company needs him. He starts feeling wanted and that enthusiasm is more than enough to stop him from quitting the company.

Water bottles can also be given to heavy equipment operators as they need it the most after working endlessly in the scorching heat. Winters may be a bit different for them and summers do take a toll on them as they often feel dehydrated. They can’t manage to get down every now and then to drink water and therefore gifting those water bottles also make sense.

Heavy Equipment Operator jobs overseas

The job of a heavy equipment operator is a highly paid one across United States but if someone likes to seek for opportunities outside US, they have a much brighter prospect. Job opportunities for heavy equipment operator in the overseas markets are huge and they are always in search of highly skilled men who have ample of experience working in the same profile. Years of experience in this domain will only make you more and more better with machines. You not only know how to operate heavy equipment in different work conditions but also learn how to fix machines when they go bad. It is not always possible to have a mechanic handy who can come at their beck and call. In situation like these, it is the operator who puts his foot ahead and takes up the responsibility to resolve the problem.

People outside United States have not received such kind of training that is given to people here in this country and this is why operators from US are in great demand in countries in the Mideast and the Gulf. The job opportunities of a heavy equipment operator is not only limited to these countries but their work are highly appreciated in many other developing countries that engages hugely in construction and mining works. Heavy equipment operators have huge scope in these countries.

The most convenient way to know if there are any opportunities for heavy equipment operator jobs overseas is through advertisements in newspapers. If you are looking for any such opportunities, then you should keep an eye on the newspaper on a daily basis. Just go through the paper once in the overseas assignment section and check if you have anything for you. It is advisable that you do not involve any kind of agent in between. Try to do things on your own and establish contact with the employer via emails. Check if you are eligible for their requirements and then send your resume to them. If they find you eligible, they will respond to you via email. You can then further establish contact and check the procedure on how you can get the visa and work permit. Also check the package they are ready to offer. You should have a clear communication on these things as it may turn into a big problem once you land up in a foreign country.

The other better option is to search for overseas heavy equipment operator jobs online. Checking newspaper advertisement is terms to be primitive and more people are latching on to internet for the smallest of things. Here you can get ample of options and also select the country you want to work. If you want to work in an English speaking country, then you can even opt for countries like Australia, New Zealand etc. They have immense opportunities for heavy equipment operators. However, they want you to give your best to them. Working as a heavy equipment operator overseas will turn out to be a rewarding career for you and you will end up making good chunk of money after having worked for few years in a foreign land.

Hire operators rather than operating the machine on your own

We can’t do everything on our own. Even the geniuses of our time and also in the past were not able to find success in all the things. They have to give away.  A few things to others who could do it better than them. Similarly, not everybody can operate heavy equipment. It is not child’s play that they can just sit in the cab and start working things inside. There are lots of stuff inside the cab which are very critical and if something is pressed incorrectly, it can lead to unwanted accidents, injuries or maybe even loss of life. You may also end up damaging your machine. Heavy equipment are highly expensive items and any damage to the machine can cost you dearly. Therefore, having the right person for the job is what every wise person will want to do.

We will talk about few a points stressing why we should hire an operator rather than operating the machine on our own.

Lack of expertise:-

We may be an expert in drawing strategy which is required for the growth of the business but if you now think of operating the machine knowing that it is not your strength, you may end up inviting trouble for yourself. Heavy equipment is quite a complex subject and not everyone can learn it well. It also requires good deal of practice to master the art of driving the machine. You just can’t wake up one day and start working inside the cab. If you don’t know much about operating machinery, the cab is just not the place for you. A qualified operator with years of experience can steer the equipment with much more ease than you can think of doing. So, it is better that you hand over the work to the expert and you do what you are good at.

Operators may know when the machine needs what:-

Many a times, heavy equipment give problems that could not be recognized clearly by a layman. It is not that the machine will stop working, but will give signs of ailment. A newbie may not realize the issue but an experienced operator will understand that there is something wrong with the machine and it needs to be checked. Alternatively, the operator knows when to service the machine, when to change the engine oil and when to replace an obsolete part with a fresh one. These are things that we may easily skip but an operator will take due care and ensure that the machine is always in order.

Saves cost of the mechanic:-

An operator has wide knowledge of the machine and therefore if anything goes wrong with the equipment, he can be in a position to fix it. Calling a mechanic can be avoided if you have an experienced hand on the machine. This will also ensure that your project does not take a beating just because the machine has a small glitch in it. Any small glitch can be taken care of by the operator.

Choose Best Online Heavy Construction Equipment Training Institute and Become a Proficient Operator

Nowadays, heavy construction equipment training courses are popular among the teenagers due to the rapid development of construction and mining industries. Weighty paraphernalia training courses provide wide variety of opportunities to the trainees. Often, it can be seen that graduate pupils are browsing on the web to find the best online heavy construction equipment training school so that after the completion of the course, they get the job in top rated construction companies.

If you want to become a heavy equipment operator, you should gain knowledge of operating varied bulky apparatus such as backhoe, bulldozers, excavators, motor graders and so on. The heavy construction paraphernalia operation programme teaches the trainees the procedure of running the equipment in safe manner. Majority of these courses are provided in amalgam system because the main subject is related to the several bulky paraphernalia operating rules and regulations. To get admission on any online heavy equipment training institute, the learner should be bodily capable of controlling a heavy construction apparatus. Though, nowadays, apprentices get the scope to learn the theory papers at their home due to the introduction of online education system but it is essential for them to attend construction site to gain practical knowledge of operating heavy equipment. As you scan every word of this web page, you will realised that practical knowledge is also a vital part of online heavy equipment operating course.

Catalogue of Well-accepted Heavy Equipment Training Courses

If you want to pursue your career as a proficient heavy equipment operator, you are required to do the heavy equipment operating program. Due to the beneficial factors of online educational institute, many of the virtual institutes are now offering bulky paraphernalia training programmes that help the apprentices to learn the technical rules related to the different heavy apparatus properly. Choose your suitable programme from the below mentioned list of heavy equipment training courses:

  • Heavy Equipment Safety programme educates trainees about the safety rules and regulations ascribed by the weighty paraphernalia manufacturing industry. In this course, the students get to learn the particular hand signals and communication process, operators use while running the equipment.
  • In Heavy Equipment Operation course, the faculties teach various techniques of operating heavy equipment to the apprentices. Some of the common heavy equipments whose operating techniques are included in this curriculum are loaders, excavators, earth movers etc.
  • There are scores of online equipment training institutes which provide Heavy Equipment Maintenance programme to the trainees. Basically, this course focuses on the effect of equipment on natural factors such as soil condition and temperature, climate on the job construction site and so on.
  • In the Heavy Construction Project Management course, the apprentices get to know about the procedure of securing the big construction assignment by construing documents and contracts.
  • If the trainees accomplish the Heavy Construction Infrastructure program, they become proficient in scheduling and scrutinizing varied infrastructure like utility and marine system.

As this page ends, surely you will realise that if you completed one of the aforementioned heavy equipment training course, there is none to create obstacle in getting a prestigious job in well-renowned construction companies.

Practical experience is highly important when it comes to becoming an operator

No wonder a formal education is an important aspect of everyone’s life but is that enough for us to learn everything that we want to or does that help us to become what we wanted to. Let’s say you want to become a doctor and nothing less than a heart specialist, will the bookish knowledge that you go through during the years of your study will make you a good heart specialist. The answer for this is most definitely a big NO. Though the subjects that you study in school or colleges always helps you in becoming what you want to but there is something more that needs to be done in order to achieve the goal of your life.

In order to become an able heart specialist, he need to do quite a lot of practical surgeries, of course under the guidance of senior doctors and then only he can see himself as a good heart surgeon in some day of his life. In the same way, if you aspire to become a heavy equipment operator gaining practical knowledge is very important to get a better understanding of the subject and to eventually shape up your career in becoming a competent heavy equipment operator.

Join a reputed training center/institution:-

First thing first, get yourself enrolled with a reputed training center that holds a good status of teaching students the “Everything” of heavy equipment. Well, if you want to become an operator, you may not need to learn everything but can select your zone. Once you have selected the area of your interest that is becoming an operator, you start taking lessons on it. It is important to check the admission criteria of the training center as they have set up different guidelines and you got to see if you fall fit in those guidelines. May be they might conduct a test checking if you have the competency to become an operator.

Co-relate the study materials with videos on internet:-

It has found that going through learning videos on internet can help you learn things quickly. All you have to do is study from the book and search for videos pertaining to what you have read in the book. In this way, you co-relate it with the teachings from the book which will help you to learn things quickly and in the most effective manner.

Make optimum use of site visits:-

The training centers/institutions do take their students on site visits where they can see people working on heavy equipment. This is the time when you can learn the most by asking direct questions to the operators working in site. If possible, you can also sit beside them and see how they are operating the machine. Be a keen observer at that point in time and feel free to ask any sort of question. Remember, no question is a dump question and you ask it because you do not know it. Therefore, keep on shooting questions and get your facts clear. If you are allowed also try your hand on the machine but under the strict guidance of the operator in charge.