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Rent a Cat heavy construction equipment from B&R Equipment

Renting heavy construction equipment has never been as simple as it is in today’s time. Earlier when there was no internet and when people had to hunt for machines on rent, they were largely dependent on newspaper advertisements or classifieds that gets published in some magazines that is based on construction equipment or equipment salesman. Another mean to know if someone is renting a machine is through a person from their circle. Other than this, they were hardly any means to know if anybody is renting heavy construction equipment. Things have however changed for better now and with the advent of internet we are get what we want at a faster rate and we can also expect to get something better through internet. Nowadays, brand matters a lot and someone who is letting out branded items are invariably everyone’s choice.

We have B&R Equipment Company that is in the business of renting branded heavy equipment and one can indeed vouch for what they have to offer to the construction companies. They are in the business of heavy equipment for the last 20 years which makes them one of the most experienced in the lot. Experience does matter and when it matters it matters a lot. So a company with over 20 years of experience will suggest you machines based on your needs. If needed they will do an overview study of your project and try to understand what kind of heavy equipment will best suit your project. This will help them to give you better suggestions and this is what they have been doing since long.

You can vouch on them on any kind of heavy construction equipment. Right from a dozer to an excavator to scraper or a grader, all you have to do is name the equipment you are looking for to take on rent and you will get that at a better price; a price that you will not get at many places. So here you can get some real good branded machine at an affordable price. All you have to do is check their website and see the machines. In case, you need to speak to someone to get a better picture about the services you get from them, then you can get the number of the person and call them up to get all your questions answered.  817-379-1340

B&R equipment offers 200 hours of operation on every rental month which is far more than its competitors who are offering just 160 hours of operation per month. So in case, you have already taken the machine on rent, you can give it back and latch on to B&R Equipment Company for more hours of operation. B&R Equipment Company rental plan is of 30 days unlike other companies plan which ceases on the 28th day of the month which means you have to renew it on the 29th day. Going as per this calculation, other companies charges you 13 times in 12 months whereas B&R charges you only for 12 months. So if you want to rent a CAT heavy construction equipment it makes more sense to get it from B&R Equipment Company.

Know the detail of dump trucks and other construction equipment

Well, construction companies are raising high in all over the world. Due to its amazing work friendly accessibility and great profit it has made a strong position in people’s mind. The beginners want to focus on this field and try their luck into it. To handle a construction company is not an easy task. You have to give your 100% to this business. Well, one of the most important things that are highly needed in construction sites is the equipment. Without some efficient construction equipment, you cannot run a construction site. Thereby, it is very important to know the information regarding such equipment. You have to learn the detail of different equipment. If you are going to operate it in your worksite or jobsite then it is essential to learn its uses and detail of its other parts.

One of the most useful heavy equipment is dump trucks. It is also popular as production trucks. It is used in construction sites to transport some materials like dirt, gravel and sand from your site. This dump truck is designed with hydraulically operated open box that is connected with the rear. It helps the truck to deliver the dirt on the right spot. You can get dump truck in many different configurations and each of the one is made to deal with different works. You will get dump truck in different categories that can serve you specific tasks.

There are standard dump truck, transfer dump truck and semi trailer end dump truck. Each of them is different and can deal different types of works. The standard dump truck has a long chassis. It is connected with bulkhead. It has major two parts that are truck cab and dump body. T has front axle and a real axle that help it to work properly. Transfer dump trucks are the most useful equipment. It helps to transport different types of extra material. Many construction companies purchase this equipment in order to serve their work properly.

Other important construction equipment is front loader that is also popular as front end loader, scoop loader, shovel and bucket loader. It is a different type of tractor and people use it with a square bucket in order to move or transport the essential material. There will be the loader assembly that is attached with the vehicle. Sometimes, for your work you can replace the bucket with some other things such as tools, forks or even with a hydraulically operated bucket.

You will get different types of front end loader. The caterpillar 950G is one of the best. It is used to deliver material into the truck, clear the rubber and sometimes, it also helps in digging.

There are other construction equipment such as bulldozer, excavator and many more. All these equipment helps to maintain different works in a construction site. You can purchase them from local dealer and maintain your work properly.

How To Construct Pipelines using Heavy Equipment?

Almost all the projects of pipeline construction occurs mainly in rural areas and this construction work can be carried out in all climatic conditions. The receiving of effective and timely supply of logistics can appear as a major challenge because of the inferior infrastructure which is a very common case while carrying out the operations of pipeline construction. Moreover, heavy equipment plays a vital role in constructing the pipelines. You should have a proper knowledge of the heavy equipment before you take on the job of pipeline project.

Heavy Equipment for Pipeline Construction

  • Dozers: – Dozer is used to clear the land where the pipeline is going to be installed. The land is levelled using the dozers to enable the workers to construct the pipeline there. Here, they are mainly used for cutting and grading. Dozers which are generally used in pipeline jobs differ in sizes according to the job requirement.
  • Shovels: – Though shovel is not a heavy equipment, still it plays an important part in the construction of pipeline. They are used to dig, lift and shift huge objects required for pipeline jobs. They are one type of excavator and power shovels which are big in size is used during the work.
  • Backhoe:- The employees use backhoe to excavate the trench of pipeline. The land which has been excavated while carrying out the work of ditching is temporarily piled on the inactive side of the trench that means where no work is being done. The depth of the excavated ditch depends on the diameter and width of the pipe to be installed.
  • Pipe bending machine: – Each joints of the pipe to be installed are suspended along the right side which is adjacent to the unearthed ditch, and arranged in such a manner that it become gettable to the personnel employed in the pipeline job. The pipe-bending machine bends every joints of the pipe to the prescribed angle at places where there is a notable underground curvature and where it is needed to change the path of the pipeline. The pipe-bending machine includes Motor Grader, Motor Crane, Air Compressor, Pumps, Skid Truck and many more.
  • Side Boom Tractors:- The collections of the pipes are lowered into the trenches through the use of side boom tractors. The trench then is filled again with the help of bladed equipment like shovel, tractor and others.
  • Dump Truck: – Dump Truck is heavy equipment used in pipeline installation. It is used to carry loose materials like dirt, gravel and sand which can be purposeful for the pipeline job. It comes in a lot of types and the contractor should choose the right one to complete the work perfectly within the said time limit.


After the backfilling ad testing work of the pipeline completed, the disrupted ground is restored once again to its initial look. Construction of pipeline is not an easy job and it calls for some maintenance too after the work has been done. The inspectors of the project have been assigned with the job of monitoring and supervising the constructional work which they have to perform with great care.

Choosing The Right Piece Of Heavy Equipment To Do The Job

Though construction industry is one of the industry that has the capability to generate good returns within a couple of years from the inception of the business and in order to ensure a successful business, one needs to know the in and out of the business and the equipments attached to it. It would be rather unwise of an individual to directly jump off into it without knowing the intricacies of the trade and then end up burning his fingers. Construction business is not rocket science and one doesn’t have to slog his entire day learning the tricks of the business. He only needs to make sure that he is learning everything that he gets to know on a daily basis. Apart from the knowledge in successfully running the business, one thing which also plays a crucial role in shaping up his business and responsible for its continuous growth is kind of knowledge he has on heavy equipment.

It is important to understand that not all heavy equipment can be used to perform every kind of activity. Though some machines are made to multitask, however this is not a thumb rule and it is not mandatory for every machine. Some equipment is good doing the core thing for which they are produced and are better not used for anything else. Therefore it becomes very critical to understand the role of the equipment and use them for purposes they are exclusively made for.

How can one choose the right piece of heavy equipment?

This one stands to be a very valid question as one may confuse himself in mid of several options available in the market. In such a situation, it becomes prudent for the individual to either do an extensive course on heavy equipment where he will be given a basic understanding on heavy equipments and can also know the specific role of the machine before buying it.

This option may not sound prolific to a person who has a set business and can afford a technician who will guide him on the equipment. For such businessmen, it is recommended that they hire a professional who will do a thorough study of his business and the type of projects that are progressing under his banner. Only after understanding his projects, he may recommend the heavy equipment he needs to buy. The other benefit in hiring such a professional is that they can guide you from which heavy equipment manufacturing company you should be buying your equipments. It has been witnessed that the most difficult decision to make is to select the best brand. The suggestion of a professional would be quite handy for you to take a decision.

One can also make use of internet to know what heavy equipment he should be using for his project. However, this may not be as effective as hiring someone to help you take a decision. In a nutshell, things will be in better control if you’ve the right equipment to get the job done.

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment- A Name to Be Trusted

Heavy equipment form an integral part of the construction industry. If you are someone who belongs to the construction industry, then dealing with heavy construction equipment must come as second nature to you. And for being successful in the field it is important that you select the best quality heavy equipment for your construction purposes. And the range of heavy equipment from Caterpillar no doubt serves the purpose to the best possible extent.

The Caterpillar Corporation

Born out of the fusion of Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L Best Tractor Company, the Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Company has gone on to become a name that is widely relied upon as far as heavy construction equipment are concerned. Having its base in California, it has been providing the construction industry of America with some of the best quality construction machinery for quite some time now. Today the company is a global manufacturer of all kinds of heavy equipment, right from Articulated Dump Trucks, Dozer, and Tractors to Compactors, Drag Lines, Excavators and the like.

The Caterpillar Range of Heavy Equipment

The Caterpillar Corporation has a number of heavy construction equipments to its credit that has been a great help to quite a number of construction companies.

The Caterpillar Articulated Dump Truck is perhaps one of the most popular and ever in demand heavy construction equipment to exist. There are a number of models from which the companies can pick, depending on their requirement. Each Articulated Dump Truck from Caterpillar has been designed in a manner such that it is easy to operate, simple and comfortable, with more productivity and less maintenance hassles.

The next equipment on the block is the Caterpillar Asphalt Pavers, used for paving asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots and the like. It includes which three major variants, viz, the Wheel Asphalt Pavers, the Track Asphalt Pavers and the Screeds. The Caterpillar Excavator is equally important heavy equipment in the construction arena. The four variants of the Caterpillar 300 Excavator family offers four variants, from which the construction companies are free to choose a make and model of their choice- the small, mini, medium and large Excavators. Like the Excavator, the Dozer family also comes in three variants, viz the small, medium and large Dozers.

The Caterpillar Draglines, available in three variants, viz, 8200, 8750 and 8000 are also supposed to be quite an important tool in the mining and construction industry. It does not really need a genius to figure out the importance of drilling equipment in the construction arena and the Caterpillar Corporation offers two variants of drilling equipment for construction purposes, viz, Rotary Drills and Track Drills.

The Caterpillar compactors have also been designed in a manner so as to cater to the variety of purposes for which it may be required. The Soil Compactors, the Landfill Compactors, the Vibratory Soil Compactors are all designed by the company in such a manner so as to fit the demand of the construction companies.

The Caterpillar Heavy Equipment manufacturing company, therefore, always strives in supplying the construction and mining industry with high end heavy machinery that caters to their particular requirements.


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Shield Your Heavy Equipment From The Deadly Winter

Winter is welcomed in many parts of our country but in some parts, it is indeed a pain as one has to go through a good deal of trouble to protect themselves from the ferocious weather. It is just not for us that this season comes with pain but also for the construction segment as a whole. Imagine in cities where it snows for most of the time in the year, winters are just deadly. Folks from the construction domain are more worried about their heavy equipment as this season not only dampens their business but also the working capability of their machines. It just takes away the power from the equipment leading to enough complication once the weather changes. This leaves them with a damp business and few rotten machines. Though, the equipment can be fixed, it takes time to get them back on their toes.

What should one do to winterize their equipment?

The owner of the construction equipment needs to follow some very basic principles. The first would be to lubricate the machine before the start of the season. It would be practically impossible to do the lubrication thing once it starts snowing. No one can dare to deal with the machines in such a rough weather. Therefore, it would be prudent to do away with the oiling and maintenance stuff at the very beginning and before you start feeling the cold breeze swaying your cheeks.

Winterizing your equipment begins with checking each point of your machine that you feel should be lubricated. It would be wise if you prepare checkpoints before you begin working with it. The checkpoints will help you identify the various points in the machines that you need to work on. As you keep completing the work, keep ticking the checkpoints. This will ensure that you leave nothing behind and have taken care of everything mentioned on the list.

Get a good mechanic to get this job done

One of the most important steps towards shielding your construction equipment from winter is to get the overall machine checked by a good mechanic. It may not cost you much to hire an experienced mechanic who knows the in and out of the equipment and knows what needs to be done to protect them from winter. If he finds any part of the machine to be faulty, that should be replaced immediately. There are instances where the equipment owner gave the job of winterizing the equipment to the operator and they with their limited knowledge tried doing everything possible to prevent the machine but eventually, it took its toll. The machine weren’t working with the beginning of the next season and the owners were left puzzled. Had they given the work to an expertise, things would have been favourable to them.

Once you are done with the repair job, the next thing is to store the equipment in a cool and dry environment. It should not be exposed to outside climate or else it might develop complications.

Following these steps will ensure a safe winter for your heavy equipment.


Save Your Heavy Equipment from Potential Theft- Install the GPS

Thieving has and will always be an issue of concern for individuals and organizations of all fields. What if your heavy equipment meets the same fate? Surely you wouldn’t want to lose your functioning heavy equipment to thieves and incur loses? So, what can you do to save your machinery from potential theft? Installing a GPS System in such a situation seems to be a good way out.


What Is GPS?


Among the many benefits that individuals and organizations have derived out of technological advancements is the GPS navigation system. The GPS or Global Positioning System is a “satellite navigation” system, which monitors and tracks the location of a certain device anywhere on the planet. Originally meant for military purposes, this navigational system is now open to use for all civilians. Install the GPS system in your equipment and always remain updated on its current location.


GPS Tracking System for Heavy Equipment


For starters, one needs to understand that the GPS system is a long term investment, the setup of which is going to cost you hefty but the gain that one incurs from the installation more than makes up for it. Setting up the device is a piece of cake. It is a hassle free procedure; all the users have to do is connect the device physically and then your equipment will be under surveillance 24 x 7 and you will receive an alert if there is something unusual. Now let us look into the pairing of the device. The GPS system needs to be linked with a trustworthy “fleet management software”. There are a number of alternatives available on this score and your choice should be governed by the need of your equipment. When picking up the “fleet management software”, you need to keep certain aspects of the same in mind- organization, price, “fleet size”.


Benefits of Using the GPS System for Your Heavy Equipment


Installation of the GPS device comes with a number of benefits for your equipment.


For one, round the clock monitoring of the equipment enables you to safeguard the same from potential theft. The setup is perfect for this purpose as even with a defunct battery, the system manages to send signals with regard to out of the order activities.

With the GPS navigation system, you can also monitor the schedule of your equipment. This helps you in taking decisions as to how and when to plan the next schedule of the equipment in order to meet the deadline.


Technological advances of the 21st century have made it possible for individuals and organizations to approach issues in a way they have never before done. And the GPS device is one such boom of technology that will help you to ward off potential thieving threats to your equipment and also help you monitor the equipment in order to serve other purposes. So, without further ado, set up the GPS System in your heavy equipment and keep track of your equipment.

A mechanic with skill is what you need to keep your machine moving

The modern era is dependent majorly on the construction and infrastructures that is the backbone of this world. Without these mighty constructions, life would have been as primitive as ever. However, to build these constructions, people are dependent on one major factor that is the heavy construction equipment. Whether you are constructing a multi-storeyed building or a road or a bridge or a flyover, can you imagine all of these without the construction equipments? Absolutely not! These are the helping hands for making these mighty constructions possible. Whether it is the construction of a home or a highway, these construction equipments make the labor halved.

How do these machines help us?

There are many construction equipment manufacturing companies that build these equipments suitable for various purposes. However, not all of them do this very efficiently. But there are some companies that manufacture excellent quality equipments and they never compromise with their quality. Not only selling these products, but these companies also supply their customers with an efficient after sales service that helps them to maintain the reliability of the customers upon them.

What are the heavy construction equipments?

The heavy construction equipments are those that help the workers of any construction company to have a machine work for them, like excavating an area to construct a building or a road, for levelling, filling and grading different construction works. These heavy duty construction machines are very popular in the construction industry and the better construction equipment you use; the better will be the result of your construction. There are many machines that are very widely used in the construction industry; however, the common and popular ones are the excavators, the hydraulic excavators, articulated trucks, graders, bulldozers, tractors, backhoe loaders, trenchers, dozers, pavers and many more. For every purpose that is related to construction, there is something for you.

How to use the heavy construction equipment?

With every passing day, there are new construction equipment being discovered for the convenience of the users and workers at the construction site. The more innovative and efficient your equipments are, the better will it produce a work. This construction equipment tends to face severe damages as they have to perform on harsh conditions.  As these machines have to work on different critical situations and are damaged quite frequently, so they need to have a good mechanic for treating the damages. Only a good and skilled mechanic, who is authorized, can serve these machines knowing the exact damages. Therefore, if this servicing is done by the skilled and authorized mechanic, then only can you keep these machines work for long. If the heavy construction equipment is not serviced by skilled mechanic, then the longevity of the equipment deteriorates. A skilled mechanic keeps the equipment working for long. It will definitely increase your production.

Different types heavy equipment in landfills

There are different types of heavy equipment which are used at landfills but which particular type of heavy equipment will be useful for you, depend on the landfill’s operational needs. Its needs normally based on the conditions of the soil, landfill’s size and also the amount or the type of the waste material. Actually all the operational tasks need the use of heavy equipment. If you want to complete your task then you have to take help from the heavy equipment as an example every landfill requires such equipment in order to take waste material from one place to another place.  There are different kinds of heavy equipment which serve some of the important works in landfills. Check it out.


Different kind of trucks like Dump trucks or the truck loaders help to transport all the waste materials into the landfill compound or to the landfill. These trucks are specially used for transportation of the materials so it consists of a huge bay at the back in order to carry such materials. In the fixed ‘dump’ place of the landfill, the trucks gather all the waste materials. Cover materials are also transported by such trucks to such places and those things are used in the waste covering process.

For movement:

Bulldozers are also very useful for such works; they also help to move the waste material to the right place. Big, huge amount of materials can be transported through such vehicles which are designed with heavy attachments and provide such facilities.

For compaction:

In order to decrease the total area, compaction helps to crush the material. Compactors and bulldozers can perform such works due to their heavy weight. They make a track and move around the track in order to break up their heavy weight on the waste material. In order to compressed the waste in the dump area one has to drive such heavy vehicles over it.

For covering:

Bulldozers, loaders, trucks, backhoes, scrapers and compactors everything helps to cover the material. Soil and other such materials work as the covering material and help to cover the waste material. Backhoes help to uncover the covering material and the heavy trucks take it to the right site. The bulldozers move the covering material and the compactors compact the material over the waste.

Different types of equipments:


Excavator: The other name of the excavator is a track hoe. It basically is a large type of machine which has a ‘pivoting base with a cab on top’. There is an articulated arm which actually helps to operate the bucket and the bucket is used to gather huge amounts of rock, soil or waste. Generally people used this excavator for different types of works such as river dredging, hole digging and mining.

Backhoes loaders: It has been used in many kinds of purposes like landscaping, hole digging and demolition.
Such heavy equipments are used in many kinds of operational tasks that require the transportation of heavy material like gravel or dirt.