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Be careful while dealing with contractors that you have not worked with

Trust is an important factor in any form of business. You got to trust the person before you start working with him and if you are not able to generate the trust and comfort then it makes no point in working along with them. At some point or the other you will get stressed up and you will have to do away with the other guy. When you are entering into a partnership with a person you do not know much about, you got to be very cautious. Ideally, it is recommended that you do not get into any partnership with an unknown person but in case if you have to then you are needed to remain ultra-careful and monitor his business activities. You should not trust the person by not knowing him in complete or else it might lead you to serious issues.

There is a popular saying in the construction world. “Do not trust an unknown person. He carries with him the potential to back-bite you”. This is very much a possibility in an industry where there is cut throat competition all over the place and people are ready to negotiate with their ethics without giving a second thought. Since the construction business has been considered such a rewarding business many people are turning into it to make it their career. They will often consider toppling anybody that they see as a potential competitor and therefore if you think of getting into partnership with one such person you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Contractors in specific can cause you more harm than others. They are the ones who do most of the work in a project for you and are paid as per the contract. Now if you get engaged with a contractor that you do not know much about and he does not intend to do his work properly and is associated with you to make some easy money by doing shabby work, it can lead you to serious problems. It is therefore important to know the credentials of a contractor before you give him the contract.

You need to know if he has worked previously in any such project and try to get his conduct from that company. Such information can be availed with ease. Construction companies do mind giving out conduct report about a specific contractor as they understand that the contractor is not bound to work with just one construction company. They can work with multiple companies at the same time. So if the contractor is worth getting some work, you will be informed about it or else they will give you a negative report.

If you have been working with a contractor for a long time and you know his quality of work is splendid that generates a certain degree of trust in you and you can focus on other stuffs by submitting the entire assignment to him but this can’t be done in case of an unknown contractor with whom you have been working for the first or perhaps the second time.

Small contractors should pay more attention to the quality of work than their profitability


Profitability plays a very important role in the survival of any form of business. If there are no profits, people would not be into business. It is not just the sheer will that drives people to form a company or do any small or big time business but the main component or for that matter the primary reason behind forming a business is the capability to earn more money than what one can presumably make in a salaried job. Now, not everybody has the potential to start a business even they have the best of the minds to run one. They have to simply stick to a job. However, if somebody manages to start a business, for the initial few years, he has to work in a no profit no-loss environment. It is only after the break even period that he will be able to witness some profits from his business. However, till that time he got to manage to stick to his business and be determined that no matter what, he will not give it up.

It has primarily been seen with small contractors that during their initial phase they start looking for profits in their business and in this process they take up multiple work and are forced to compromise on the quality. They are able to make profits for the time being but the days are numbered. They belong to the lot of people who are not able to take their business for long. Earning profits should not mean that you have to compromise on the quality. Your client will never want you to do so. It is understood that as long you do not have a brand name, people will be reluctant to pay good sum of money but you create your brand with the good work that you do.

Quality is something that you just can’t afford to compromise upon. If you do so, then you are only creating trouble for yourself. No sooner than you realize that things are going out of your hand and eventually you get to know that you are finding hard to get clients as they are moving to guys who can give them quality work. So the thumb rule should be that while you have set up your construction business, try to get some client and generate trust in their minds by doing good work. It will take time and will not happen in a day. Reach out to as many people as you can.

Creating contacts is the most important thing while you are running a construction company. People do not know you. You don’t have a brand name that will help you to get work. You got to build that. So rather than looking to make profits you should be looking for excellence. Give some time to your company to grow. Don’t be in haste as you will get nothing if you hurry. Things take time to happen and it will happen if you have it enough time. So follow the rule of not running behind profits and paying more attention to give excellent work.