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Best heavy equipment salesman knows customer’s needs

Salesmen are generally of two types. The first is the one who sells his/her products without even knowing if the customer really needs them. The do not bother much to know how essential the commodity is for them. They just try to create a need of product in the lives of the customers and sell the stuff. The other type of salesman believes in doing a bit of extra work and tries to know what the customer really wants. He/she spends more time with their client and asks him/her questions that are relevant for their sale. This type of salesman often try to get his act right by trying to know as much as possible about the business of the customer and the effectiveness of the product to him in his life and he then pitches the product accordingly. For him the features of the product are secondary. He/she first tries to analyze the reason why the customer would buy the product in the first place.

Giving big sales talk can often help you achieve your sales targets but that can’t go for long. At one point your sales talk will not help and eventually you will be forced to do one of the two things. You either have to give up your profession or start working like the type 2 salesmen. When it comes to selling heavy equipment to construction companies or to contractors, it is quite difficult task to do so by merely using sales talk. As long as you do not understand the business of the construction company, it will always be a problem to meet your sales target.

Every other construction company may have different requirements of heavy equipment and it quite essential to know these requirements first before you pitch the products to them. It may be possible that they do not need another machine but are looking for some kind of ancillary. In this situation no amount of sales talk will convince the customer from buying an additional machine. You have to sell them what they need and in this case they need an ancillary.

Most of the time, it has been observed that construction companies are confused with what they need. To put it in simple words, they are confused about upgrading their existing fleet of heavy equipment. Some people in the company may be of the opinion to upgrade the old machines by buying new ones while others may feel that doing such an activity will cost the company dearly. This is where the role of the salesman comes into picture. The salesman should conduct a thorough study of the customer’s business needs and check if he really needs to uplift his existing fleet. Here, the salesman has to know what kind of heavy equipment are needed by the company to carry on with its activities. He/she should guide them in the right way and not think about augmenting his sales figure just because he/she has an opportunity to do so. His/her efforts will be appreciated by the company and may be referred to others as well. This in turn will eventually turn him into the best salesman.

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Selling technique is what matters while selling heavy equipment

Any successful salesman who is into selling heavy equipment will speak about his own unique selling technique. His technique might be different from others and perhaps that is the reason why it is called as unique. So the technique which one salesman uses to sell his products may not go well with the other salesman. He may try to adopt his selling technique but it may backfire and he will eventually end up losing confidence of selling the product. Therefore it is a must to produce your own technique rather than adopting others. More importantly, you should make a note of the selling technique of different salesman and try a combination of it. You should not just copy it entirely but use your innovative skills and prepare a technique that goes well with your persona and your way of communicating with others.

People who are into selling heavy equipment will often share with you their unique technique to sell heavy equipment and may also add a disclaimer that will speak about how difficult it is to sell construction machines to companies and contractors. But at the end of the day, they all manage to do their part well and end up making a sale for their company. This is what matter to them and they do this with the help of the selling technique they have developed over the years. This also suggests that selling technique is not a one-time activity and one has to keep on using some or the other permutation and combination that goes well with the buyer and he buys the product. So you got to keep on trying things and check which sounds to be the perfect one for you.

Never stick to one particular selling technique:-

As no two individuals are the same, so is the selling technique. You can’t restrict your selling ability to one particular technique and have to keep on bringing new techniques that are innovative and can impress an individual to buy the equipment. It is not always the features of the heavy equipment that makes the sale, but it is the way the salesman put it across that plays the trick. So as long as you do not use different methods, you may not taste much success. You may be able to sell your stuff to few people but when you move to a bigger crowd, you may experience hurdles.

Be innovative with your approach:-

Any activity that does not have any kind of changes in it can soon become monotonous and then gradually you will feel like moving into something else. It will not be fun any longer for you. Similarly when you do not change your selling style, you will find it to be boring and will have trouble pitching products. Moreover, heavy equipment at times becomes a boring subject for many so as long as you do not bring any innovation in your selling approach, you may cease to like what you have been doing and that will also reflect on your sales figure.

Selling becomes easy with branded heavy equipment

You be the one of the best seller with superb convincing skills, you will always find it difficult to sell a product that not many people have heard about. People normally like to purchase things that have a brand name attached to it or else they would be skeptic to go for it. For instance, if you check the stuff that you have in your house, there may not be a single item that does not have a brand name. You must have bought all the branded items however big or small the name of the brand must be. The same thought is applicable with people when they go for buying heavy equipment. As a matter of fact, there may not be single heavy equipment that gets sold without a known brand name attached to it. Construction companies irrespective of their size will always go for machines that at least have a reputation. They will not buy stuff whose manufacturers name has been unheard on not known to many.

Heavy equipment that is followed by a famous brand name sells like hot cake. Many sales men earn huge commission by selling machines that are known to many. However, they can earn more commission if they successfully sell brands which are not so famous amongst people. It is because the not so famous brands want to establish their presence in the domestic market for which they are ready to shell out more percentage of commission to the salesman who are able to sell their products. Salesman in turn gets lured with the high percentage of commission and they try to give it a shot.

After trying to sell heavy equipment of brands that are not so famous, it has been known that they faced serious hurdles and at times were also on the verge of losing a customer with whom they were doing business for long. It is not that the new brand is not a good enough stuff but it is just that the buyers do not have the confidence to go for it. It makes the work of the salesman tougher to sell new brands. Buyers will ask them to come up with products that they have been buying and may not show much interest to even know what the new brand is all about.

There are few salesmen who took this as a challenge and started promoting the product first and then went to sell it. It is important to first market the heavy equipment well so that people gets aware of the brand and gets known to the values of the company. After this, they can fix an appointment and straight away go for a demonstration. Only when the buyer checks out the demo that he may get convinced to buy the machine. In this entire scenario, the salesman need to play smart and try to co-relate the wants of the buyer with the features of the machine and then it will sound just perfect to the ears of the buyer.

Sell your old heavy equipment before it becomes unsellable

It is hard to sell an asset that has been with us for many years. We get attached to it and when we think about selling it, it does pain a bit. While we use the equipment, we may not recognize the importance of it and the attachment that is getting developed with every passing day but we think about it the most on the day it is to go to the next buyer. Keeping aside your emotions, it nevertheless important to get rid of it. You can’t go along with a dead piece for long as it will after a certain point of time affect your activity. The same logic is applied in case of heavy equipment. If you have heavy equipment that is way too old and you are not able to function with it any longer, it makes no sense to drag it any further. You have to at some day or the other do away with it. But you should not take long to sell the old machine as you will not find any buyer if it gets completely redundant. You may then have to sell it as scrap and therefore might not even get a good value.

You have numerous options to sell your old heavy equipment. You can speak with people in your business circle and check if there is anybody who is looking for second hand heavy equipment. You will have a lot of buyers for second hand heavy equipment as long as it is in good condition. Nobody would like to buy a machine with defects and therefore you need to ensure that before you speak to people about selling your heavy equipment get it repaired and painted. You can then ask for a good price. Other than that, the person who is referring your machine to the next person also has certain degree of faith on you. You should keep up to his/her trust and give him/her the machine in working order.

Keeping the machine can make it unsellable:-

There are construction companies who after finding the heavy equipment outdated leave it to rot. They must be really busy with work to not get the time to sell it but if you do not sell it on time, there is a chance that it will then become an unsellable liability. You will no longer find any buyer for the machine and this is when you perhaps have to sell it as scrap. This will pinch you as you at least have not wanted that to happen. If you are neck deep busy with work, you can allot a person and give him the responsibility to get it sold. You can just appear on the final day to sign on the sale agreement and take the money.

No one works on outdated heavy equipment:-

As long as your machine is up to date, you will find buyers for it but as soon as it becomes completely outdated, getting buyers will be a challenge. You need to get rid of it before it gets too late.

Selling used heavy equipment is a thriving business in US

In the construction sector, you are always in need of heavy equipment. When the construction is at full swing you just can’t afford to go short of machines. You have to be prepared with heavy equipment that are needed for the project and can’t go to buy one at the eleventh hour. It is not that you will not get the machine you want at the eleventh hour but it is just that it will be too expensive for you to afford and you have no option left other than to buy it. It is crucial that you keep on analyzing the ground situation and ask your men to prepare report on regular basis. On the basis of the report and the analysis that you have made yourself, you should come up with a decision to buy machines. This fact particularly shows that there are enormous buyers for heavy equipment. It is just that they are all waiting for a good deal to come their way and once they get a deal that they consider being worthy they simply go for it.

It gives ample of opportunity for sellers who want to get rid of their used heavy equipment. They may want to sell their machines for various reasons. One could be that they have bought a new one and do not see any need to keep the second one sitting idle. The second reason is that they do not want to continue to be a part of this industry which is why they want to do away with their machines. So for sellers of heavy equipment, they can hear a very clear message going to them and that is there is a big customer base who wants to buy second hand heavy equipment. It is just that they should know how to reach them.

Leave an ad on your blog:-

If you are a person who has his blog and is quite active on it, you will certainly have a lot of fan following. You will have readers who read your blog and know you by that. So if you want to sell your used machine, you can write about that on your blog and ask those who are interested to buy it to call you on your number. This is perhaps one of the most efficient and affordable methods to sell your second hand heavy equipment. People who read your blogs and articles will also try to spread the word to other people who are connected to the construction industry. In this way you will never be short of prospective buyers.

Reach out to people on your own:-

You may know a lot of people belonging to the construction industry. Your friends, business partners etc can become potential buyers. Your part of job is to reach out to them and spell out your intention to sell your old machine. If they see a need to buy it, it will revert to you. You generally get someone from your business circle who becomes ready to buy the machine.

Pitch heavy equipment that go by customer’s needs

People who are into selling often complain of targets that they find to be unachievable. Many find it hard to even go close to the target assigned to them and there are hardly few who are able to make it for the month. In the race to achieve given targets, salesman often commits the mistake of miss-selling items to the buyer. They just not bothered about the needs of the client. What they are more interested is to achieve the targets and get good commission out of it. In this process they are losing one big thing and it is the old customers and probably the chance of getting new ones too. Customers are smart enough to understand that you have not sold them the right product. They may not realize it at the point when you are selling it to them but will definitely get to know after some days. This is when you lose him.

In the construction industry, customer’s needs are very specific. You can’t try to fiddle with them because if you try to do so, you can get caught the next moment. Remember the guys to whom you have approached are there in the industry for the last many years and they have been dealing with different kinds of heavy equipment which you must have never heard about. So there is absolutely no point in talking something that does not make any sense to them or giving them with fake assurances. You got to be quite clear with your approach. If you have the item you say yes or else pitch some kind of an alternative that will go well with the equipment they require. But do not try to pitch a product that does not have any relevance to the requirement of the client. This will just not go well with him.

Do some research on the client’s business:-

Your client will appreciate your effort if you take some time out and try to understand his business. Every construction business is different from the other and so are their requirements. You got to first realize what they are dealing with and for that what kind of heavy equipment shall they need. Now this take some time and you do not get any money to do this research but remember that this very research will get you rich dividends as you may get all the orders of heavy equipment. The client will know you for the time you have given to understand the business and also have the confidence that you will not try to miss sell any heavy equipment.

Pitch the product that the client is looking for:-

Many a times, construction companies are not sure what heavy equipment should be used for a specific kind of work. They may have a number of options in their mind but could not figure out the correct one. This is where your expertise comes into play. After knowing his business needs, pitch a product that is very close to what he needs. That will generate the trust in the mind of the person and you can then expect to get many more orders from him.

Commission for heavy equipment salesman

Have you ever thought what the most profitable business is, in the current era and business market? Given the constantly growing population, it has to be the construction business. The growing population is constantly in need for properties to live in or own or even commercial properties to work at. In the near future, there is hardly any possibility that the construction business will face a downfall.

Hence, this is also an industry that is receiving more interest of the available workers, labours and employees. More people are being drawn towards this industry for its promising future. There was a time, when the construction industry was considered to be unsuitable for everyone, due to the heavy workload. But, nowadays, new heavy duty vehicles, machinery, tools and equipment are being introduced to the construction industry. This has made the lives of a construction worker easier.

Various job opportunities:

Just as the construction industry has gained a momentum, so has the job opportunities in this field and the associated fields as well. There are so many work options available that skilled workers and experienced experts can find.

  • Working as labours:


This is the most commonly available job opportunity in the construction industry. Regardless of the use of machineries and tools, there is always a requirement of skilled workers, who can conduct the task skilfully. Those, who can acquire more knowledge and develop skills that are needed for particular constructions, can always seek better job opportunities.

  • Using heavy construction equipment:


With the increasing growth of the construction industry, there is also an increasing demand of the construction heavy equipment. The heavy equipment or machineries are tools and vehicles that can make the tasks of excavations, filling the fields, making the field suitable for further constructions, lifting heavy construction materials and many such other works, easy. Operating these heavy equipment and tools is something that not everyone can do. This requires training and knowledge. Hence, if you have the skill of operating these equipment and tools, you will always get a good job.

  • Salesmen for heavy construction equipment:


Not just using the heavy construction equipment, but also selling these heavy construction vehicles and equipment is a great job opportunity. Every single construction business will require these equipment and tools or vehicles. Hence, selling them to the potential buyers is a great job for those, who have excellent sales skills.

Getting commission for sales jobs of construction equipment:

Amongst the different job opportunities associated with the construction industry, working as a salesman of these equipment is a great one. It always comes with huge commissions. The best construction equipment selling companies always offer great sales commissions. Since the price of the equipment is huge, the commissions are always great. This is an added benefit that the salesmen will get along with a monthly salary. This is a great source of added income that is not present in many other jobs. If you are looking for such a sales job in this field, it is a must that you know about the equipment and their properties well. Knowledge and skills for selling are two essentials for excelling in this career.

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Market your products well. It helps to sell them sooner

The toughest job to do in any business is to sell the produces. If you are new to a business, it is quite evident that you may not have enough people who know about the existence of your company and in such a scenario selling your products to the mass at large can be quite a challenging task for the sales guy. He may find it extremely difficult to sell the products if people have never heard the name of the brand. He will just end up frustrating himself and may eventually take up something else. So if you are new company the first part of your job will be to let people know about your existence and the products that you manufacture. Tell the mass about how your products will benefit them and why should people go for your stuff rather than taking it from your competitors. This phenomenon of putting your products for all to see is known as marketing.

Here you are letting people know what you are what you deal with. If you are someone who is into selling heavy equipment, then marketing the machines you have becomes all the more important. Construction or mining companies do not tend to purchase machines in bulk. They buy it only when they need it. So whenever they are in a need to buy heavy equipment they will undoubtedly go for the best and you got to tell them that what you are selling is the best and you can do this only via marketing your heavy equipment. There are universities that have courses in business marketing, marketing management and many other subjects that talks about the importance of marketing and how one can learn to market his products well in the market.

How to market/endorse heavy equipment and your company at the same time is a matter of skill and application of constructive strategy. One simple way is to hire professionals who can make the work simple for you. They will give you marketing tips that can be used to broaden your network and allow people to know more about you. First and foremost you need to have a website of your own and should be pretty operational. You should keep on updating your website twice or thrice in every week. Try to add things that people belonging to the construction sector would like to know. The more people visit your website, the more they will get to know about you.

Take help of web designers to make the appearance of the website look attractive. Try to come on news if possible. That will give you bigger exposure. You can simply take some videos of your company showing the way you guys work and post it on YouTube or on your website. This is a good tactic to promote your company. You can also make use of social media websites to market your company and heavy equipment. These avenues will help you a great deal to encourage others to visit your place and buy heavy equipment from you.

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Things that a heavy equipment salesman should stringently follow

Every profession has certain dos and don’ts which people in that profession should stringently follow. Similarly, a salesman selling heavy equipment also has to follow few codes of the profession to sustain and maintain a good conduct. He should simply never quit few those things from doing. There are no certain rules of selling heavy equipment but it definitely has some principles and ethics and a salesman is expected to follow them.

Never pitch the wrong product:-

You may think that heavy equipment is a complex subject and a person running a construction business will have no idea about the right product. Well, it is actually on the contrary. They may not know the technicalities of heavy equipment but they know for sure the type of construction machines needed in the business and they will never pick the wrong product. This is why it is important that you do not pitch in the wrong product to them or else you will unnecessarily taint yours and well as the reputation of the heavy equipment company. Do not take them for granted. You can try to find their requirements. Once you know that, you got to check the brand they have been using. In case if the person uses just one brand which unfortunately is not yours then you got to do a lot of work to persuade him to try a change. If he/she is not a brand conscious person it means he/she is looking for best and you got to display your machine as the best?

Provide him the best financial solution:-

The salesman in many occasions has associations with bank who lend money to construction companies and contractors to buy heavy equipment. They get a percentage as commission from the lenders for bringing every client to them. Now, the salesman in no way should pitch a financial solution that is not healthy for its client. He/she should understand the financial standing of his client and pitch him a lender who does not charge more towards closing costs and other miscellaneous expenses. The salesman does not stop selling heavy equipment after that sale and therefore he/she should remember that if he/she gives the client the right financial solution, he may get quite a number of references in return.

Do not try to be pushy:-

The salesman should try to establish a healthy relation with his/her clients. He/she does have targets to meet and he/she survives on commissions but they should not make him/her push his clients to buy heavy equipment. It could be possible that his/her client is interested in buying a machine but may want to wait for some time. In such a situation, the salesman should try to find the reason for him/her to wait and if he/she finds it reasonable then he/she should let it go. In no terms can he be pushy with his client. That will in fact drag him/her away and he/she may lose the client forever.