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Renting a motor grader has now become simpler

Construction of roads has now become a healthy business and many small contractors are lining up to get a piece of the cake. They want the road construction projects to be given to them so that they can make good money once the work is done. The overall cost of the project is understandably much lower than the actual contract price which is why contractors find it to be a comfortable one to get into. Now in the road construction project, motor grader plays quite an instrumental role. The primary function of the motor grader is to grade a piece of land and level it so that while you go to construct the road, there is no unevenness found on the surface. This process is normally done before placing asphalt on the surface of the road. In a nutshell, without the application of a motor grader, you will not be able to construct good wide roads.

Though these graders are not so expensive to buy but still contractors prefer to take them on rent. The reason is these machines are not used through the road construction process. It is only used wherever some sort of grading work is required. Alternatively, if someone owns a motor grader, he may not use it always. The need of a grader is quite specific and once the need is fulfilled the machine is left idle for most of the time. Therefore it makes absolutely no sense to buy a machine that has a lot of importance while building roads but has a very specific purpose attached to it and can’t be used for multipurpose work. The best option is to take it on rent for few months and once the work is done and you no longer need the machine, you can give it back to its owner.

This limited need of the machine gives rise to another form of business and that is renting of motor grader. There are some companies who buy graders in bulk and then they let it out to the ones who need them for road building. These companies work in close nexus with contractors who are primarily engaged in road construction work so that if ever anybody requires a grader, they can make it available for them. The rental amounts they charge from these contractors are a bit lesser than the rentals charged normally.

Now for individuals who have bought a grader and do not need it for some time can rent it on websites or can simply approach these companies who in turn will route the machine to someone who needs it. They may charge a certain amount of fee for their services. An individual can first try it out on a website and check if he gets some response and in case if things do not work out for him there, then he has these guys who can get it done for him. Overall, a grader is such a machine that has pretty decent demand in the construction arena and will never find it idle if someone wants to rent it out.

Renting a Scraper

Companies which are ideally into earth moving business find Scraper as quite crucial heavy equipment. They may use other heavy equipment as well but a large portion of their business is covered with the help of a scraper. They can’t depend on an excavator or for that matter a grader which is also highly used for landscape or site development work. They need to get the dirt out of the site and for that reason they need nothing less than a scraper. A newbie should rather invest his money into buying machinery that matters the most for his business; for instance, hiring human resources. As far as heavy equipment are concerned they can also be picked up on rent. This brings us to the topic of how big is the rental business when it comes to heavy equipment.

A person who has just set his foot in the construction domain and is finding it hard to come up with the expenses to meet his business requirements, it makes no further sense for him to spend anything on scraper, especially when he has the option to get a Scraper on rent. So is searching an owner who wants to rent his scraper a difficult task. Well, it is not at all a difficult one. All you need to do is go through the right channel to get the scraper you want. You basically have 2 options. The first one is by contacting an rental house who provides different kinds of heavy equipment. So going to him will be useful as you can speak about your needs and you will be suggested accordingly.

Taking help of a rental house also serves another purpose. They may guide you with the best available option which is not possible in any other mode. Just in case you are not sure which model of scraper you should be going with, the guidance of the rental house proves to be fruitful. If the rental equipment company is into this business for a long time, he may have well established contacts with the owners of heavy equipment which mean that you do not have to wait for long to get the scraper and start your work. It also protects the interests of both the parties. So if there is any sort of issue that crops up after the deal, you know whom to catch hold of.

The second option through which you can get a scraper on rent is by becoming a member of an online website that deals with renting heavy equipment. In this case, you need to know the kind of stuff you want for your business as you will have none to advice you. So do your research well and then hunt for the scraper. The online companies tend to protect the interest of both the parties but may not be as effective as the first option. So you need to be sure of what you are doing.

Rent a Track Loader and earn decent rental income

In a construction job, there are various types of heavy equipment used and many heavy equipment are more or less similar as far as their work is concerned. This means that one type of heavy equipment is compatible to do work of other heavy machineries as well. Though they have certain limitations but can certainly be used in the absence of the primary machine. One such heavy equipment is a Track Loader which is competent in excavating land and loading the debris automatically on the truck.

Though people prefer using an excavator for digging deep in the ground but something that does not require digging that deep can be done with a track loader. At the same time, since excavators are more in demand, they are also highly priced machines. You can find a track loader to be anytime cheaper as compared to an excavator. However, a track loader is more often rented than any other machine. The reason could be that it is available within the budget of a mid-sized construction company.

By renting a track loader, you can earn good rental income. So in case you have a loader that is not in use and you have decided to sell it, you should perhaps give it a second thought. Selling the machine will give you a good chunk of money but that will be the end of the story but if you let it out for months or year or so, you continue to get the rental income and also by regular servicing of the machine, you can lengthen its life and therefore keep its selling price intact.

Getting a taker for the loader is also quite simple. With the help of internet, you can post the machine on an online portal and write in details about its description. Try to post as many pictures as you can so that people by getting a look of the machine can assume it to be a good one. Quite truly, the machine has to look good to catch one’s attention. Therefore, if the loader is dirty and looks filthy, get it washed and painted. If there are any dents, get that removed and replace any parts that have ceased to work. All this needs to be done before you put the pictures on the listing. A detailed description is important for people to know what they are getting into. Normally, takers wish to contact the owner of the machine before striking the deal. So you can write all that is true and wait for the takers to call you.

While you list the Track Loader, please specify the rental amount in clear terms. There should not be any sort of confusion pertaining to that. If you are ready for negotiation, you can entertain the taker or else strictly mention that you are not willing to negotiate the price. Ideally, you should keep a window for negotiation and not be so rigid with the price.

How to rent off-road articulated trucks

Heavy equipment always has a pretty decent sales value attached to it. This is why people do not mind paying more for equipment that will last for long and at the same time will fetch them a good price while selling it off. But selling the machine will be the end of the story and he can’t expect anything more once it’s sold. Therefore, there is something that can be done rather than simply selling the equipment. The machine can be put on rent if it is not required for the time being and once the tenure is over, it will be returned to the owner. It in fact makes more sense to let out your heavy equipment as you keep getting regular income and at the end of the tenure, you can let it out again at an increased price. Not just heavy equipment that are used for construction works but also trucks are widely let out across US.

A person can earn anywhere around $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the type of truck he has. It is simple to let out your articulated truck on internet. You only need to ensure that you have an account with an online portal that deals with letting you rent out of heavy equipment. There are some portals who only deal with selling heavy equipment and some deals with both selling as well as letting rent out. So you need to list it in the right place.

Articulated trucks are quite high in demand. It is because of their ability to carry loads of dirt at a go. It can also move on bouncy routes with the load on it. You seldom get a proper road on a construction site. More often, you have to carry the load on bouncy uneven paths. Using a normal can be a big pain for the driver but articulated trucks offer a bit ease to them while driving in such horrendous paths. Now if you have an articulated truck and you know the website where you can list the item, become a member and post the truck out there.

Few things that need to be remembered to catch the attention of the taker is how well you put down the information on the site. Just giving complete information is not much helpful. Putting it in the right way so that people find it easy to read must be your priority. Other than that, putting sufficient pictures of the truck is important. The look of the truck will form an impression in the minds of the takers and they might find your truck to be suitable over others. You can mention the rental value on the listing or can just state “Call for price”. This means that you will discuss the rental value over the phone or only when the taker likes the stuff. It also leaves both the parties with the option of negotiation.

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Heavy equipment should be checked well before taking it on rent

We normally have the tendency to check the in and out of the stuff before buying it. We do this to ensure that we buy a worthy stuff and not a waste. Now when we are buying something for our business we need to be double sure that it is of good quality and will last for years. But do we have to check the quality of a product that we will be taking on rent. There should be no question that whatever we take related to our business should be of ultimate quality irrespective of us buying it or taking it on rent.

In the construction industry, companies often take heavy equipment on rent. Taking machines on rent is not a practice that is followed by the small construction companies or small time contractors but even big companies on many occasions have rented different types of equipment. They do it for a very simple reason. Construction companies deal with different types of projects for which they require different types of heavy equipment and it does not make any sense to any matured construction company to spend their money in buying heavy equipment when they have the option to get them on rent.

One of the fundamentals that one should follow before taking construction machines on rent is to check the machine well. If only the machine is in good standing that the company should be going ahead with the deal.

Locate the heavy equipment:-

Primarily you have to locate the heavy equipment that you need for your business. You can check with people in your business circle if they know anybody who is renting heavy construction machines. You can also try to get a review of the person so that you know the quality of machines he gives on rent. You can then call up the person and check if he/she has the machine that you need and if he/she has what you have been looking for then ask him to give you a time to inspect the machine. Do not give any commitment before you have seen or examined the machinery.

Check the working condition of the machine:-

The heavy equipment the person is showing you may look good from outside but you do not know its worth as long as you have not worked on it. Therefore, if you are a person who know to work on heavy machines should take a trial and check if it is working smoothly. Just in case, you do not have the technical know-how of heavy equipment it is advisable that you go along with a mechanic and an operator who will examine the machine and will give you precise suggestions. You should also check with the owner of the machine if they have recently changed any of its parts and has there been any issue with the machine that has been fixed by any mechanic. It should not happen that after you have taken it on rent and some problems resurface and you got to face the music.

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Rent a Cat heavy construction equipment from B&R Equipment

Renting heavy construction equipment has never been as simple as it is in today’s time. Earlier when there was no internet and when people had to hunt for machines on rent, they were largely dependent on newspaper advertisements or classifieds that gets published in some magazines that is based on construction equipment or equipment salesman. Another mean to know if someone is renting a machine is through a person from their circle. Other than this, they were hardly any means to know if anybody is renting heavy construction equipment. Things have however changed for better now and with the advent of internet we are get what we want at a faster rate and we can also expect to get something better through internet. Nowadays, brand matters a lot and someone who is letting out branded items are invariably everyone’s choice.

We have B&R Equipment Company that is in the business of renting branded heavy equipment and one can indeed vouch for what they have to offer to the construction companies. They are in the business of heavy equipment for the last 20 years which makes them one of the most experienced in the lot. Experience does matter and when it matters it matters a lot. So a company with over 20 years of experience will suggest you machines based on your needs. If needed they will do an overview study of your project and try to understand what kind of heavy equipment will best suit your project. This will help them to give you better suggestions and this is what they have been doing since long.

You can vouch on them on any kind of heavy construction equipment. Right from a dozer to an excavator to scraper or a grader, all you have to do is name the equipment you are looking for to take on rent and you will get that at a better price; a price that you will not get at many places. So here you can get some real good branded machine at an affordable price. All you have to do is check their website and see the machines. In case, you need to speak to someone to get a better picture about the services you get from them, then you can get the number of the person and call them up to get all your questions answered.  817-379-1340

B&R equipment offers 200 hours of operation on every rental month which is far more than its competitors who are offering just 160 hours of operation per month. So in case, you have already taken the machine on rent, you can give it back and latch on to B&R Equipment Company for more hours of operation. B&R Equipment Company rental plan is of 30 days unlike other companies plan which ceases on the 28th day of the month which means you have to renew it on the 29th day. Going as per this calculation, other companies charges you 13 times in 12 months whereas B&R charges you only for 12 months. So if you want to rent a CAT heavy construction equipment it makes more sense to get it from B&R Equipment Company.

Renting a track loader

Renting business has gained a lot of momentum in the last few years and this has led to many people taking advantage of this opportunity and letting out their heavy equipment to people who need them for their business. So if you have any heavy equipment that is being unused and you want to get rid of it, rather than doing it away completely, the better option is to rent it out. By renting it to a person, you not only earn recurring rental income but can also sell the equipment at a better price in the future. All you got to do is refurbish the machine and put it on sale. Heavy equipment that can be quickly rented are basically multifunctional. For instance, a track loader is one such heavy equipment that is viable to do every kind of construction activity which is out of its genre. It may not be the perfect tool and one would prefer to use a machine that is especially designed for a particular work but to buy different equipment for every other work is definitely not practical and also not monetarily feasible for any big construction company.

So a track loader can be called the blue eyed candy and the most preferred amongst all heavy equipment. So renting a track loader will never be an issue. You will for sure get many people who will be willing to use the machine by paying you the amount you demand. Just make sure that you do not keep the price so high that people will find it difficult to take. Since it will not produce better results than heavy equipment that is specifically designed to for a particular genre of work, you should quote an amount that people will become ready to pay.

You can advertise your wish to let out the machine on an online portal or can check with few of your pals who are connected with this industry if at all they know anybody who is looking for a track loader. It may not be a one day process as it takes time to get the right person for the machine. You got to be sure that the person will use the machine with care and there will not be any major wear and tear on it. This is perhaps the most critical part in the entire process of renting heavy equipment. Finding the right guy for your heavy equipment is important.

The other important aspect is if the taker will be ready to pay the rental price of the loader. You may quote an amount but it is very likely that the prospective taker will negotiate on it and will try to bring the price down. So you should be ready for negotiations as well and therefore should always quote the price on the higher side. Presently owners of heavy equipment are finding online portals as the most convenient tool to list their machines. You should supposedly not have any issues in renting a track loader on any online portal.

Construction rental equipment

Buying heavy equipment are not everybody’s cup of tea. They are very expensive piece of metal with state of the art gadgets fitted on it. Though it is the requirement of every construction company big or small, not everybody can afford to buy it. It is therefore taking one on rent considered to be the most viable option. It is pretty obvious that you got to run your business and for that you need good machines. In case, you are not able to afford to buy them does not mean you should quit the work. You should search for alternatives and in this case the best would be to rent it from someone who does not need the machine.

There are many people who are willing to rent their machines. They do it because either their machines have gone old and they have already bought an updated version or they simply do not need them any longer for their existing projects. It is also better to not invest good chunk of money in buying heavy earth moving machines and rather utilize the money for completion of other useful tasks.

Construction rental equipment can be found in websites that deals with renting heavy equipment. You just have to become a member of one such website and check out the machine you want in your project. If you find everything perfect, you have to contact the giver, negotiate the price with him and finalize the deal. These websites have made things very easy and comfortable. One only needs to be careful while he is looking for the machine. He needs to very carefully go through the description and that is it? It helps in knowing if the machine he is looking for meets his requirements or else there won’t be much use for him to go through this.

The giver on the other hand also needs to ensure few things. Firstly he need to make sure that the machine he listing to let out should not have issues that will become a hurdle for the end user. In case, if there are any complications on the equipment, he needs to get it checked by a mechanic and make it all ok for the user. Since the heavy equipment has to go through a lot on the jobsite on a daily basis, there are high chances of it getting torn from inside. The giver can’t let out the machine in that condition and therefore the need of a mechanic arise. In case if there are any dents on the machine that also needs to be rectified.

Before listing the machine on rent, you should take some pictures of the equipment from all angles and put it on the listing. This will allow the viewers to understand if the machine is in good order. Rest should be mentioned in the description. Also, mention the rental amount and if you are willing to negotiate with the price. Leave your contact details on the listing for people to reach out to you.

Rental equipment for sale

Quite often when you feel that the heavy equipment you were putting on rent is no longer liked by people and they are not accepting that machine on their jobsite, it is better that you sell it off after making few repairs on it. There is a possibility that technology installed on the heavy equipment has become outdated and people are looking for more up to date equipment that has its relevance in the construction industry. No one would like to pay any amount of money on something that has very less relevance to his work. He would rather want to go for updated items something that can help him to complete his work in less time and is also low on fuel consumption. In a situation like this, it will be wise to just sell the heavy equipment that you have been renting for a long time.

There are few important aspects that one needs to take into consideration before you put the machine on sale.

Give a new look by painting the machine:-

When you are up for selling an item, you can only sell it if it sounds appealing to the buyer. The buyer may not be able to know the intricacies of the machine just by having a look. But the impression he may take could be either positive or negative. Now if you clean up your machine, get it painted and repair the dents, the chances of it getting sold become high. The first impression that they will have is that you have taken good care of your machine and it will most likely not give them any issues after buying it from you. This positive impression will go a great deal and even if he feels that the equipment does not have a couple of features which other machines are giving, he may still go for your equipment/machinery. So the entire point in getting the machine painted is that you set such an impression on the buyer from where he should not have much reason to refuse the purchase.

Repair the internal parts and replace faulty parts:-

Selling heavy equipment that was once put on rent can be bit difficult. It is a no brainer that people who have the machine on rent must have used it the way they wanted and the overall health of the machine may not be in good order. Therefore, it is crucial that you first take help of an expert technician and repair the internal parts of the machine. If the technician finds any faulty part that needs to replaced, then do that immediately. No one likes to buy equipment that will not work for a long time no matter how cheap you sell it to him. They will always expect something better to come out of used equipment.

Ensure that you do not overprice the equipment:-

Selling the heavy equipment at its right price should be your focus. You should think about making lot of money but anything decent enough should be your motto. Hence, keep the price that you feel is considerable and is not overpricing it.