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Heavy Equipment refurbishing

Construction equipment has to go through a lot of tussle while it is working on the jobsite and which is why we can see enormous amount of wear and tear on the face of the machine. This should probably remind us that it is time that we refurbish the heavy equipment or else be ready to sell it in scrap in the next few months or at the most may be a year. It is very important for a heavy equipment owner to keep checking periodically the health of the machine and this is why it is recommended to service the machine every month. Apart from washing the equipment which should be done every couple of days or at least once in a week the oiling and greasing part should be taken care of once in a month. Now if the heavy equipment has gone really old though you have taken good care of it all throughout the life of the machine, it is probably the time to refurbish it.

When we talk about refurbishing heavy equipment, it is not getting the machine painted and taking care of the dents that it has all around its body. It is more of replacing the old vital parts of the equipment with newer ones so that it gets a new life and can work with the same force and vitality. Other than that you can always upgrade the equipment with new technology provided it should be compatible and support the new features. Not many old machines can support the software and therefore it has to go through a lot of changes. Many owners find it convenient to change the machine rather than making so many changes in a machine. It is completely upon the owner of the heavy equipment but it always stays as a possibility.

Increase the longevity of the heavy equipment:-

By refurbishing the heavy equipment you are indeed increasing the longevity of the machine. However, this refurbishing should be more usual. You can’t expect the machine to perform like before just with one session of refurbishing. It should be followed by series of servicing without being skipped. Apparently the new heavy equipment is quite expensive and it will burn a hole in your pocket if you intend to buy one. On the contrary you can simple refurbish the machine whenever you see the need and get it back on track.

Helps you in the rental business:-

If you are a person who owns lot of heavy equipment and are in the business of letting them out, you should know that it becomes a must for you to refurbish the machine after every contract. The reason is that your machine goes through a lot of wear and tear when it is used by a person who is not its owner. They use the machine as per the business needs and not give a thought if the machine can actually take the extra load. Also before you intend to sell the heavy equipment, refurbishing of the heavy equipment is recommended as the new owner should get the best for the amount he pays you.

How to Refurbish Earth Moving Heavy Equipment

Just like your car, sometimes heavy equipment suffer from severe damage. At that time, a professional repairing technician is needed. Snafued and broken glass can put the heavy equipment operators at danger and sluggish down their performance. Correct and quick mending of heavy construction equipment help the machinist to get back in work. The owner of the heavy equipment should always give top priority to the safety of the driver and the cargo.

The refurbishment techniques of the earth moving equipment comprises of simple maintenance to major tows. It’s a fact that repairing earth moving mechanisms is a challenging and hazardous task for the technicians therefore in every manual; they are suggested to take safety measures. Some of the leading earth moving apparatuses in today’s souk are crawler loaders, wheel loaders, mining excavator, articulated dump trucks, duty cycle crawler cranes etc. All these equipment have definite functions. It is not possible for any mining or construction company to use a particular earth moving equipment for all types of soil. The selection of the mechanism entirely depends upon the purpose of the purchaser. When the window mirror of the earth moving apparatus gets damage, the expert heavy equipment repairing machinists change the glass appropriately.

Strides to Repair Earth Moving Equipment

  • The heavy equipment refurbishing technicians should first detect the problem. Then they must go through the operating procedure page of the instruction booklet. If the problem still continues, the machinists must examine the maintenance report of the equipment.
  • Many a time, the technicians have experienced that the lube joint is loose. In that case tighten the joint by the suitable screw driver. They should also check the condition of the oil in the engine and the spark plugs are removed, cleaned and replaced or not.
  • If the technicians observe that the problem still remains, they should read the troubleshooting instructions mentioned in the manual.
  • At this circumstance, if you are a novice mending technician and are unable to detect the actual problem, it is advisable to call a senior experienced mechanic. The experience of the skilled technician works here because he/she knows the next step to identify the problem.
  • The instruction guideline of overhauling earth moving mechanism is so lengthy that it is impossible for the beginner to read it completely at a time. Hence, it is sensible to always call an experienced technician if the damage is severe.
  • The hefty apparatus operators can easily locate the address of the technicians from the equipment dealers, rental firms and the manufacturers.
  • The earth moving equipment refurbishing mechanics should always carry their tool kit with them. Their gizmo kit comprises of power jacks, lathes, pneumatic wrenches etc.
  • The mechanics should acquire profound knowledge about disassembling and assembling of the machine parts.

The heavy equipment repair mechanics must do the training course of heavy equipment operation from a certified diesel mechanical engineering institution. This training program gives them an in-depth knowledge about the heavy equipment parts. The voluntary certificate of the weighty paraphernalia operation helps the mechanics to get a prosperous job.