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Practical experience is highly important when it comes to becoming an operator

No wonder a formal education is an important aspect of everyone’s life but is that enough for us to learn everything that we want to or does that help us to become what we wanted to. Let’s say you want to become a doctor and nothing less than a heart specialist, will the bookish knowledge that you go through during the years of your study will make you a good heart specialist. The answer for this is most definitely a big NO. Though the subjects that you study in school or colleges always helps you in becoming what you want to but there is something more that needs to be done in order to achieve the goal of your life.

In order to become an able heart specialist, he need to do quite a lot of practical surgeries, of course under the guidance of senior doctors and then only he can see himself as a good heart surgeon in some day of his life. In the same way, if you aspire to become a heavy equipment operator gaining practical knowledge is very important to get a better understanding of the subject and to eventually shape up your career in becoming a competent heavy equipment operator.

Join a reputed training center/institution:-

First thing first, get yourself enrolled with a reputed training center that holds a good status of teaching students the “Everything” of heavy equipment. Well, if you want to become an operator, you may not need to learn everything but can select your zone. Once you have selected the area of your interest that is becoming an operator, you start taking lessons on it. It is important to check the admission criteria of the training center as they have set up different guidelines and you got to see if you fall fit in those guidelines. May be they might conduct a test checking if you have the competency to become an operator.

Co-relate the study materials with videos on internet:-

It has found that going through learning videos on internet can help you learn things quickly. All you have to do is study from the book and search for videos pertaining to what you have read in the book. In this way, you co-relate it with the teachings from the book which will help you to learn things quickly and in the most effective manner.

Make optimum use of site visits:-

The training centers/institutions do take their students on site visits where they can see people working on heavy equipment. This is the time when you can learn the most by asking direct questions to the operators working in site. If possible, you can also sit beside them and see how they are operating the machine. Be a keen observer at that point in time and feel free to ask any sort of question. Remember, no question is a dump question and you ask it because you do not know it. Therefore, keep on shooting questions and get your facts clear. If you are allowed also try your hand on the machine but under the strict guidance of the operator in charge.

Hiring unskilled operators can cost your business dearly

It takes a long time for a person to establish a business and when it is a construction business, it may even take his entire life to take his business where he wanted to. One can’t afford to lose all that he has created over the span of years in just few days by hiring incompetent heavy equipment operators. It will really cost him a big deal if he ever intends to employ operators who are not skilled because they will end up doing so many mistakes that you will find it difficult to continue with them.

You may get unskilled operators at a very nominal price but you also got to check how good they will be to your company and if at all they can’t be any good to you then what is the point in hiring them. When you are running a construction business, saving money should not be the only thing that should run in your mind. You definitely do not get quality at a cheaper price. You got to pay good to get able and competent employees who knows how to complete a given task and overcome difficult situations.

This does not mean that you will not hire any inexperienced operator. However, you got to play cleverly out there. You should always make it a point that no matter what, you have a bunch of experienced and very experienced people working with you. Even if you have to pay them more, you should not mind keeping them with you. Simultaneously, you start hiring guys who want to become operators but have little or no experience at all.

You can go to institutions that teach students on becoming heavy equipment operators. There you will get ample of such young guys who may not have any practical knowledge. Since they lack experience, you can hire them for a meager salary and get them trained under the experienced ones. In  this way, you are countering the threat of the experienced guys leaving your company as you will have the young guns working for you and also save a good deal of money by paying them a lower package.

It is equally important that you increase their salary on a timely basis or else once they learn the work, they might leave your company and join somewhere else with a higher package. You just do not want to leave those resources. So you ensure that you keep them happy by increasing their salary at a descent level.

Hiring of inexperienced operators only comes into picture if you have a big business with multiple projects running at the same time and you are in dire need of operators. However, if you do not have that big business then it is advisable that you stick to the ones you already have rather than getting more from outside. You will unnecessarily shoot up your business expenses and that will really not be a healthy decision. Take your moves slowly and after having given enough thoughts on the subject or else things may backfire pretty soon.

Starting a career as a heavy equipment operator

Construction industry is one of the booming industries with a lot of growth opportunities for people who are working in this industry. Right from mechanics to heavy equipment operators, all can expect a good share of fortune for themselves. Something that is more exciting is to work as heavy equipment operator. Here you do not have to be ultra-qualified like an engineer and still you can manage to earn decent figure at the end of every month. All you need to have is the skill to drive the machine well and also to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies that makes its avenue in the construction business.

We would be discussing few key points that is necessary to start a career as a heavy equipment operator.

Become an operator if you like that kind of job:-

The work of an operator is not glamorous and people after doing it for a while may feel like leaving it and doing something else. At times, people may give it up as they may find the work to be monotonous and want to do something different. A heavy equipment operator has to follow strenuous schedule which not everybody is able to cope up with. Therefore, one needs to be sure that they want to pursue this job for the next many years and are not going to give it up anytime sooner.

Join an institute that can impart the best of knowledge:-

Once you have decided to become an operator, the next thing you got to do is start hunting an institute that specializes and has goodwill in producing able and competent heavy equipment operators. You will get to learn many things about heavy equipment. A year of theoretical lessons and then you’ll be moved into practical. Passing the theory is very important as it will create the much needed base for you and only if your base in strong you are able to move to the next level.

Have a good mentor who can guide you throughout:-

It is very important to have a mentor who will not only teach you the technical part of the machines but will also guide you whenever you need his expert guidance. An institute of renowned nature will always have people who could be good mentors.

Spend time doing some research on internet:-

Whatever you learn from the institute may not be sufficient as they follow a particular curriculum. In order to learn more about things, the best way is to browse the internet and check for new terminologies. This will only sharpen your knowledge and will shape your future in the best possible way.

Discuss any new learning with your friend:-

If you have learnt something new, please share it with your classmates. Sharing will only help you know more about that particular thing. You may come across some guys who may know more about that stuff and can give you a piece of his mind. Sharing of knowledge will always help you to hone your skills and make you a better heavy equipment operator.

How can one become heavy equipment operator

Not everyone can run a business successfully and therefore many people have to seek to do a job and live their livelihood. The important question is what sort of job can make a person with average education qualification rich and permit him/her to lead a descent lifestyle. If one ponder on this question, he/she may come up with several options right from working from home or selling stuffs in the mall or becoming a sales person but in order to achieve success in this segment, one needs to possess certain specific skill set and in absence of those skill set, it may be very difficult for him/her to sustain in the environment for long. Similarly, a person who knows a little about heavy equipment can’t find a place for himself/herself in the sales or marketing for that matter in the finance stream. They have to settle themselves in doing something that they can do best that is to be in the heavy equipment segment.

For people who like to be in the heavy equipment stream, the avenues they have is to study about machines and become a mechanical engineer or if he/she feels that he/she has a knack for sales too, then he/she can try his luck in the marketing segment of heavy equipment. However, if he/she feels that he/she would like to enjoy driving the machine to his/her tunes, he/she also has a place to suit himself. For such people, becoming a heavy equipment operator is the best option. The question now is how one can become an operator and what skill sets he needs to have to become an operator.

Knowledge about the machine:-

When we talk about working as a heavy equipment operator, it doesn’t mean that the person should only know to drive the machine and get the work done. A construction company or for that matter any company that uses heavy equipment and require services of operators want more than just driving the machine. They want the operator to know more about the machine. For instance, to know a bit about the engine of the machine, the oil/grease it uses to lubricate, have a brief knowledge about the hydraulic brakes and things thereon. The operator should know about these little things because it may come to his/her use at any given point of time. There may be instances when there will be no mechanic around and the machine has stopped working due to some technical difficulties. In such cases, if the operator knows how to get the problem fixed, he/she will not wait for help to come and will start working to resolve the problem.

Join a reputed institute:-

It is imperative that one joins a good institute which is competent in imparting knowledge pertaining to heavy equipment. Before one joins any institute, a research of the institute is a must. The reputation of the institute plays a very important role in the making of operators. Simultaneously, if you know someone who works as an operator, you can certainly take some guidance from such people.

Getting good training can help you become an able heavy equipment operator

The economists are finding the US economy coming out of the stagnant mode and are hoping that the situation which was for so long grim will soon to change. There will be employment in various sectors and one of the sector that will act as cream on the cake will be the construction sector. When the economy goes up, more and more industry comes in, which means there will be ample requirement to build industries, offices, residences etc. In a nutshell, what many major construction companies can foresee is that it is now their time. In other words, they also would need good number of manpower and not just any manpower but fully competent and able manpower. This demand gives way to ample of opportunities for people who want to make a career in construction industry, be it sales and marketing of heavy equipment, or just becoming a heavy equipment operator.

When we talk about an able heavy equipment operator, there are few things that one needs to understand before they see a career in it. We would be discussing in length about those points.

Knowing a bit about heavy equipment:-

When we talk about becoming a heavy equipment operator, it is definitely not a cake walk that anybody can easily become one. People who have absolutely no interest in heavy equipment or do not have any knowledge may find it difficult to become an operator. A heavy equipment operator’s duties are not only limited to keep the machine function during working hours but they also have to ensure that they know a little about the intricacies of the machine which may come handy if the machine breaks out in the middle of nowhere. A person with no interest may not do anything extra to know about the equipment and will wait for the mechanic to come and fix the problem. This will only result in loss of work till the time the machine does not get fixed.

Getting admitted in a reputed institution:-

Passing out from a reputed institution will help the individual to hone his skill and acquire a job in a big construction company. The applicant will have the opportunity to learn from teachers/professors who have seen the in and out of the heavy equipment industry and know which machine is required for what purpose. Getting training under such proficient teachers will in turn make them more competent operators. Moreover, such institutions have the facility to conduct job interviews in their campuses. Interviewers from construction or mining companies come to such institutions to pick the right candidate. It is thus the candidates will get early exposure in this profession which will help them a long way in establishing a promising career.

Coming in touch with veteran heavy equipment operators:-

A person gets to learn a lot from veteran heavy equipment operators. They are quite experienced when it comes to operating machines and it will be always better for a newbie to get trained under an experienced hand.

One can aspire to become heavy equipment operator

Usually many people have this notion that working as a heavy equipment operator is best suited to people who are not much qualified and hence can’t seek a reputable job anywhere to support their family. However, this is completely incorrect and there are many construction companies who have employed youths coming out from good educational institutions. The fact of the matter is in today’s time, when jobs are not easily available and many people remain unemployed, this particular job is helping many in smoothly running their family expenses. This does not mean that a person having studied finance or sales and marketing can find their place in becoming a heavy equipment operator. The person who is applying for this kind of job predominantly need to have some basic knowledge about machines and the way it works.

We would be talking about the facts that one need to consider before they decide to become a heavy equipment operator.

Keen interest in machines:-

A person need not be good driver. It certainly doesn’t qualify him/her to become a heavy equipment operator. All he/she needs to have some level of interest in heavy equipment. Some may find the entire concept of heavy equipment to be very boring and they should realize that it is not their cup of tea. They should be looking for something else to shape up their career. For people who love to deal with machines, they may find their place in this industry. It has been seen that children who love to sit in the driver’s cabin while their uncle or father takes them on a ride on the heavy equipment end up loving this profession. Nevertheless, this is not mandatory as there are instances where people have ended up becoming a heavy equipment operator without having any of his family members or relatives in this profession.

Get enrolled with a good institution:-

For people who seriously want to be a part of this industry, it is very important for them to hunt for a reputed institution that gives training to its students on various subjects pertaining to heavy equipments. Such institutions also have a section where they train individuals to become able heavy equipment operator. Please note that there are many institutions across US who promises to get the student enrolled with big construction companies. This may not always be true and a proper verification regarding their authenticity would be required. Please don’t get carried away with classy advertisements. They may be a trap to invite applicants from joining the institute and the applicants may end up learning par below their competitors.


After selecting the correct institute, you may want to select the kind of heavy equipment to work on. You may become the operator of an excavator, bulldozer or a backhoe loader, forklift etc. Now one you have decided the machine in which you want to specialize, you then have to learn the features of all the models available. This will only help you to become an able operator and will shape your profile in the most positive way.

Know the Educational Requirements to become a Proficient Heavy Equipment Operator

A heavy equipment operator needs to operate complex Heavy Equipment for various construction and mining projects in the building site. They need to undertake comprehensive and in-depth formal training in order to be skilful and dexterous in this field. Read this article carefully to learn if you are a heavy equipment operator.

Apprentice programs

Generally the heavy equipment operators start their career as apprentice or trainee. The apprenticeship training is given at various technical colleges and trade unions. Also post secondary institutions as well as professional associations are available. The technical and community colleges offer programs that are accredited by National Joint Apprentice and Training Committee and approved by state labour departments. The eligibility of the students enrolling for this course has to be 18 years of age and must have a driving license. The driving licence is required since sometimes the heavy equipment needs to be operated on roads. The duration of the courses span up to 4 years. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the students undertaking the apprenticeship programs have better chances of landing jobs, as they are well equipped and have comprehensive knowledge about varieties of heavy equipments than the college goers.

Classroom Job Training

In the classroom job training students wanting to become heavy equipment operators are given education on safety processes and policies. The safety procedures include operation of safety equipments as well as pre functioning process. The courses thoroughly comply with guidelines laid by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. The courses also give emphasis on eliminating hazardous wastes.

Among other popular courses heavy equipment protection and repairing them. Operators are given training on greasing machine parts or joining machine parts by soldering or welding.

Practical Training

Like other professional courses practical training is very important for the heavy equipment operators to hold them in good stead and prepare them for a bright career ahead. Here they are given training on the application of the heavy equipment such as landscaping and grading a site using tractors or bulldozers.



Extra Requirements:

Operator’s need to have a  commercial driver’s  licence(CDL) since they sometimes will have to transport the equipments from one place to another in the construction sites.

Career Prospects:

Graduates can find lucrative careers as operators in pipeline operations, CPR and waste operations. They can also peruse their career as trouble-shooters or equipment repairer.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has divulged that the average salary per annum for operating engineers is high and lucrative. Some years ago the highest -paying business organisations asked these heavy equipment workers to perform support activities for road shipping, scientific investigation services, health and surgical infirmaries, and generation of electricity. Each of these workers or operators was remunerated a per annum average salary of $58,500 or in excess of that.

The BLS predicts that employment prospects for construction heavy equipment operators will be enhanced by 19% between the year of 2012 and 2022. Operators accessible to work in urban areas with technical know-how are expected to be the most benefitted ones with bright employment prospects. The operator who knows to operate more than one heavy equipment is also believed to have optimistic career.

So if you are planning to become a heavy equipment operator undergo some practical training. It will prepare you for a bright and lucrative career ahead. With increase in construction projects it has already become a popular career option among many and in future it is likely to grow as well.