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Make this Christmas rewarding for your construction laborers

Christmas has always been a special time for us Americans. We long for this month to come so that we can have a small vacation with our family, meet our near and dear ones, have some quality time with our family and of course have lot of fun. Business tends to remain slow during this month. Not just because it is Christmas but also for the winter which slows down almost everything around you. During this month we all expect to get some sort of bonus or freebies from our company and there are many such companies who offer free coupons to buy stuffs or to spend on things that you have longed to have. As far as the construction sector is concerned, construction companies distribute a lot of freebies to its employees. Not just the might big ones engage in distributing gifts but even the small sized companies take the effort to earn the loyalty of its employees.

Gift coupons can be given:-

It has been mostly observed that construction companies get a lot of coupons from their heavy equipment companies and companies that sell them raw materials and stuff. The construction company can on the other hand distribute those coupons amongst the laborers. In this way nothing goes out of the pocket of the company and your employee gets the gift they have expected. The coupons have an expiry date and should be used before a particular date. So inform your workers to use it before it expires and not keep it for the next Christmas.

Give them bonuses:-

What can be more beneficial than getting money on the month of Christmas? The employer should declare bonuses to be given to all the employees. You can vary the bonus amounts against each class of employees but while giving them bonus please do not undermine their tenure in the company. Try to be more generous to workers who have been loyal to your company and have been a part of it for many years. This does not mean that you will simply forego the ones who have just joined. But take a wise call while declaring bonuses and also inform the HR to work on this and come out with a meaningful plan.

Most deserving laborer can have free dinner with his family:-

While we all accept that innovation is the key to any successful business. It also works well when it comes to appreciating the hard work of your employees and rewarding them. You should pick the one whom you consider has been exceptional towards his work in the entire year. Pull out the track record of your employees and the names of those guys who have been phenomenal in different genre of work. You can fund them for dinner with their entire family. For a construction laborer it will be big thing and also his family will get the opportunity to have dinner at a place that they have always heard or dreamt of. That employee will be with you for the next many years and will work harder than ever.