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Green (Environmental Friendly) Heavy Equipment

Human progress is nothing if it is not competent enough to save its own race and what is ideally happening in today’s time is we are making living more complicated that what it was few decades ago. Our standard of living and our health has gone for a complete toss and people are suffering from all sorts of health related issues. One of the major reasons why we have to live an unhealthy life is air pollution.

If we feel that eating wrong is causing number of health related issues, we are not wrong in considering that as a big threat. However, that is still manageable as it is entirely in our control. We can change our lifestyle just in case we feel that it is getting out of hand and will result in losing our life but there is not much we can do about the air we breathe. We have to get out of our homes and we have to breathe constantly. We are inhaling poisonous air and making ourselves sick. Heavy equipment have a major role to play when it comes to polluting the environment. They emit huge proportion of toxics in the air causing numerous health related complications. People are becoming prone to diseases like asthma, heart strokes, lung cancer and so on and so forth.

Diesel run heavy equipment are the major source of emitting poisonous gas and make living next to impossible for people living close to a construction site. In such a situation, it becomes very important for heavy equipment manufacturing companies to introduce machines that are eco-friendly. The term eco-friendly denotes to things that does not cause or comparatively cause less harm to the environment. Governments of the developed countries are also taking initiatives by introducing subsidies to land to the construction companies who are using eco-friendly heavy equipment.

Eco-friendly heavy equipment are available in the market. It is just that they are expensive as compared to the conservative form of machines and perhaps has few performance related issues. Well, the equipment manufacturing companies are working hard to fill this gap and manufacture more machines that do not let down their clients one grounds of performance. They understand how important performance is for companies working in the construction domain. The government is also setting up various environmental standards that speaks about the standard of engine equipment manufacturing companies should be producing. They are kind of setting up a regulation and all the equipment producing companies should stringently stick on to those parameters. The sad part of the story is that the regulation is applicable only for the newly built machines and not for the existing ones which are the major contributor of air pollution.

This means that it will take another couple of decades for the non-environmental friendly machines to go obsolete, subsequently causing more harm to the people and claiming more lives. In order to curb this menace, government is urging construction companies to ensure that they conduct regular maintenance of their machines and apply mechanisms to reduce the emission of intoxicants.



Vision and determination are facets important to achieve success in the construction domain

If you think that having all the heavy equipment in the world can help you achieve success in the construction domain, then you perhaps need to rethink because there is something more important than a machine that is required to sustain in the construction domain and to defeat your competitors from taking away your business. You need to have a vision in your career and the determination to pursue it. If you fail to have either of them, then you and your business might come into big trouble someday or the other.

We often consider that having a sound financial backing is the most important thing after having the right set of heavy equipment but that is not the case. A person who does not know where he wants to take his business is walking in the dark and he may soon begin to face hurdles in his life and may also experience severe financial crunches which may even lead to the closure of the business. There are numerous examples where entrepreneurs who lacked focus were not able to sustain and were forced to shut their shops. Therefore, being focus should be our first priority. We often get help from institutions if we lack sound financial backing but no one can help a person who lacks vision in his career. A person with no goal can lead his business to dangerous paths and will eventually result in the demise of the business. Construction sector in particular is one of the most difficult sectors for people who lack vision.

Stay focused and always have a strategy in mind:-

Remaining focused to your job does not imply that you do not stop thinking about work but it means that you know where your business is heading. You keep a close watch on the ground realities and make sure that things go as per the plan chalked out by you. In case, if there is any deviation then that needs to be brought under control by chalking out a separate strategy that works more on the ground to keep things in your control. A business without a proper strategy is like sailing in a wrecked ship which has all the possibilities of getting drowned.

Know your project well before drawing a plan:-

You may have more than one project in hand and the requirements of both the projects may be different. You need to make sure that you know which project of yours require what. For this you need to do a thorough study of your projects and then draw a road map that takes to the completion of it.

Be determined of your success:-

Life in the construction domain is not a bed of roses and you do not get things that easily. You will come upon lot of hindrances from various corners that you may not even expect. In this situation, it is just your determination that will help you taste success. If you are determined in achieving something then there is no stopping you.

Work with your team rather than putting pressure for non-performance

We have often encountered a situation wherein we are reprimanded for the non-performance of the entire team. Especially if you are the person who is in charge of the team and if your team is not able to perform as per the expectation of the company, you get to hear the nasty stuff from your boss. Well, we do not like to fall in such a situation but things always do not work as we want it to. Now let’s take this situation as an instance. You have a boss who is not at all grumpy and always loves to stay in a pleasant mood. He gets to know that your team is not doing well and therefore summons you. To your surprise you see him not yelling at you but trying to know what could be the possible reason for the team’s non-performance. He tries to set up an environment where you feel like discussing things with him and finally coming to a conclusion on how to deal with things.

Well this is how things should be when you are the owner of a mighty construction company. In order to get things done, you should keep your mind calm and try to see things from an angle that others do not. You will get to know the cause of the problem only when you sit for a discussion with the person who heads the department. When you see all the departments doing well other than one, it suggests that there is inevitable some problem associated with that team and you got to get to the bottom of the issue. Unless you unearth the problem, you may find things not going well in that department and soon you may see issues pervading to other departments as well.

Understand their grievances before you react:-

We normally have the tendency of over-reacting before we know what has led to a problem. The moment we see things have not worked as we want them to, the first thing we do is over-react on the situation and then once we calm down, we hear the problem. Well, what we should be doing is the opposite. Listening is an art and when you are running a big construction company, you should be master this art first. Listen to the problem first before you react to it. Understand the position of your fellow workers and try to make things simple for them. Do not exert pressure to get any work done from them. That will be a temporary solution but issues will brew up soon and then it may be out of your control.

Change in plan of action may work:-

One of the most suitable methods to deal with the issue of nonperformance is to change the action plan. Do things a bit differently and it may work for you. Not everything happens the way you want them to but changing your way to get the work done might help.

Construction sector is not an industry for everyone to sustain

There is a notion amongst a good number of people that if you are a part of the construction industry or if you own a construction company then you do not have to worry for the rest of your life as you are associated with a business that will always take care of all your financial needs. However, the fact is absolutely contrary to the notion and people who are linked with this kind of job indeed have a hard time to sustain and they got to thrive hard for any small project that they can manage to get.

As far as the big construction houses are concerned, they may not be worried about getting small projects but they have their own problems which may be more difficult to surpass. Since they have big projects they are involved with big clients that they can’t afford to lose and they have to complete their work come what may within the given deadline. In case, they fail to do so, it simply tarnishes their reputation as a reliable construction company. A big construction company can afford to lose anything other than their goodwill.

Should be sharp and ready to deliver at all levels:-

In order to make it big in the construction domain, you need to be very sharp and quick in taking decisions that might not give you more time. If you take time thinking, you may just lose the deal as there are many who are waiting to take projects. Therefore whenever you see an opportunity on your way try to grab it with both hands after considering if you will be able to complete it in the destines timeframe without compromising the quality of the work.

Keeping too many projects can be risky:-

Chew what you can swallow. Taking too many projects can be very dangerous to the prospect of your company and has high potential to stain the reputation of your company. You should take a moment to think if you would be able to handle more than one job at a time and if you have those competent workers who can manage to take care of multiple projects at a time. Alternatively, you should have a detailed knowledge of the existing projects which will help you to take better decisions and therefore not jeopardizing the prospect of your company.

Having a sound financial backing is important:-

While you are in the process of completing a project, you should also keep in mind that you will be requiring lot of money to take the job towards completion. If you do not have money then you may find yourself in deep trouble. Therefore while you are on with your work, also keep a note on your finances. Do not empty your treasure box as it may take time for the client to pay you back.

People who can make proper strategies and can follow it religiously are the ones who are able to sustain in this industry.

Heavy Equipment Guys

Want to hop in the construction arena – read the essentials

Having a business of own is every man’s dream and if one gets to set his foot in the construction industry then there is no looking back for him. But the truth is that firstly it is not so simple to get into the construction industry if you do not know much about it and secondly if at all you make your way in the sector, you may find it pretty hard to sustain. People with good financial backing find it extremely difficult to survive in the construction arena. The reasons are plenty. Right from severe competition to ever changing mood of the industry, a businessman has to battle it all in order to keep his place secure. But it has been seen that many are unable to strive the tide and they get drown. Therefore, once needs to be mentally prepared for the tough life and also with the harsh realities that they may encounter after they have made their way inside the industry.

We would be speaking in depth about the essentials that a person should have before they decide to start a construction business.

Technical know-how is a must:-

For people who do not relate to the construction industry nor knows anyone who belongs to this domain should take few lessons on how to run the business and then decide if they want to make their way in. Not knowing the technical know-how can cost him dearly and he may become the part of the larger lot who has left the business. Technical know-how does not mean that you should be well versed with all the jargons or should know how to drive or repair heavy equipment; but it certainly means that should know a bit of everything. For instance, if the heavy equipment develops a problem, you should know where to get it fixed rather than being clueless what to do next. Similarly, if you experience a strange problem in your business and are unable to know the way out, you should at least know of somebody who can get this fixed.

Know your finances well:-

People ideally become very eager with the idea of starting a new business forgetting the fact that the business need investments and if they are unable to arrange the finances then things can go awry and they may fall flat on their face. Therefore when they are struck with the idea of opening a new business, they should first check their finances. See if they have any opportunity to get any loans and estimate the time by when they can repay it off. They also need to decide if they have to buy heavy equipment or take it on rent and whether they have sufficient funds in doing either of the two options.

Hunting for projects:-

Getting work is the primary goal after you have set up the business. You should work hard to form a sales and marketing team and check who is good in selling. If you have the skill to sell, you become the head of the sales department and lead the team. However, at the end of the day, you should have few projects in hand.

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Go to esteemed institutions to hire operators

A construction company spends good amount of money for buying heavy equipments and then needs to spend a lot to simply keep the equipments well maintained. Servicing and maintenance of heavy equipments is a necessity that one can just not ignore and if they got to spend some dollars to keep the stuffs in order, it is perfectly a fair deal. In order to lengthen the life of the machines, the owner should also hire able and competent operators who possess in depth knowledge about them and work without causing any unwanted damage to the machine. Experienced and highly skilled operators are rare to find. You will just not find them idle and are usually hired by construction houses at a price which most of the small construction companies will find difficult to pay. Just in case if you get to find someone of this stature looking for a change of company, you got to be sure that you can shell that amount of money to hire him.

Simultaneously, if you have such kind of experienced operators in your company, ensure that you keep them happy and well paid because if they are unhappy about their package there are many other companies ready to pick them up. Quitting of experienced operators is always a threat and you should be ready to counter such threats if you want to stick to the industry. Well, there is one smart move that you can take to minimize this threat if not eliminate it completely. You can hire young operators who may not have much work experience and are ready to work for you at a lower price. In this way, you are not exploiting their talent and can also mitigate the threat of experienced operators moving to some other company.

Hire people from esteemed institutions:-

You need to first make a list of institutions and their rankings. Once you know the names of some good institutions, reach them out to hire operators. You can arrange a campus interviews and hire guys with good scores in their academics, people with real good knowledge of this domain and guys who are looking to make this profession as their career. Out of the many that you will hire, you will definitely get few who will stay long with the company and in this process can eventually prove to be a valuable asset to the company.

Knowledge on machines is vast:-

Going to esteemed institutions gives you the benefit of hiring guys who have good knowledge about the latest breed of machines. Young kids and ideally smarter than their earlier generation. It is just that they are not experienced in dealing with things and once they get some hands-on knowledge, they can really excel in their domain. These kids may need some guidance and will be able to pick things up very quickly.

Once you get them trained in the right fashion, things will start moving smoothly for you and you will diminish the threat of the old chaps leaving the company as you have the newer guys to take care of their businesses.

B&R Equipment

Get the best land clearing equipment to get optimum results

Clearing huge stocks of debris can be a big pain for a construction company who has taken the project to build something in a place. First you got to invest good deal of time to break down the existing stuff that is standing and then once it is fallen, you got to invest another good number of days to clear the land and just in case if you do not have a state of the art heavy equipment, you find yourself into deeper problem. In this age where we seek all our work to be done in the click of a button, we can’t expect to give days to clear a stock of pile. We definitely need something that is quick and can get the work done in a day or two and should not take long. Therefore, one should always depend on the heavy equipment that can get optimum results when it comes to clearing debris from the land.

There are many heavy equipment manufacturing companies that are coming up with machines that can play wonders when put to use. But such machines are quite expensive and can cause a big hole in your pocket. Right from Caterpillar to Tigercat, they all are into producing equipment that can clear land in a day or two which would otherwise have taken a week if not less than that. Tigercat is a company that specializes in producing equipment used to clear lands in the forest areas. Land in the forest areas is very rigid and it is very arduous to clear them off. Tigercat has earned the goodwill to complete this kind of work in comparatively lesser days than any other equipment had taken. The sad part of the story is that you won’t find Tigercat throughout US. They have kept themselves small but have plans to expand and are probably on their way to enlarge their business. But for the time being if anyone wants to buy their machines, they can’t get it from a showroom in their city and have to book the stuff on the net.

Tigercat may not have all the parts of the machine indigenously built in their workshops but they rather assemble the parts from other companies and make the best equipment. The M760 mulcher is a 425 hp machine and has a CAT C-12 engine in it. While they have used CAT’s engine, they also installed their own cooling system. Thus they gave the land clearing equipment the most desirable thing that it always wants: tons of horsepower and in order to cool off the engine, a dependable cooling system. Other than that, it has all the features that are required in any land clearing equipment thus making the work of the operator simpler. The operator will not feel that the machine is new functions and finds hard to understand them. On the contrary, he will feel like he is working on a machine that’s quite familiar to him and that will make him work in comfort.

Having a good sales team can have a major impact on your construction business


Sales constitute a major role towards the making of any company. If you have a good sales team that believes in the product you make, then your company may probably not see many bad days irrespective of any phase of the market. Sales play a dominant role in any sector as you got to sell things that you have produced and you got to do it real quick. Products staying with you for long is a not a good sign of development. You need to sell it fast in a market where others are able to sell things at a steady pace. Having a sales team that is experienced enough to sell apartments (if you are into construction of apartments) is a huge plus point. No doubt that you have to pay them handsomely but you should be pleased to do so if you have a team that delivers.

Many construction companies find it immensely difficult to sell apartments in a sluggish market condition. However, there are few companies that are clearing their stock despite of the poor market condition. Industry experts reckon that the sales team you have has a major role to play in getting the stocks cleared. It is also very important to set up some standard for the sales team to follow. A salesman can go to any level to sell a product. He may even misguide his customer leading to several complications in future. It is therefore very crucial that you set up some standards for the sales team and ensure that they all carry out their responsibilities within the framework.

The sales team should believe in your product:-

Be it selling heavy equipments or residential apartments, the sales team should believe that the stuff they are selling is one of the best in the industry. That does not mean that they should start believing that whatever they are selling does not have any drawbacks. If a customer highlights a drawback, they should be in a position to take the feedback positively and if possible can counter it with logical reasoning. If he does not have anything to say then just take the feedback and move that up to the higher level.

A good salesman will never have unwanted debates:-

Having any kind of debate with the customer can lead to a no-sell. On top of that, it may even irk the customer and he may pass it on to others. This will only make things more difficult. Construction business runs mostly on goodwill and if that is tarnished it is rather very difficult to regain what you have lost. Customers may usually have issues with the amenities provided in an apartment. A sales guy can handle the situation by having a word with his supervisor if anything can be done with the amenities part and convey the same to the customer. The customer will be content with the fact that you have at least tried to work things out for him.

B&R Equipment

A sound business strategy is the need of the day in the construction business

We all get so fascinated by hearing stories of people who have successfully carved a career out of their business and dream to follow them, to become someone like them. There is definitely no problem to think like that but it is important to think what they did so different than others that they are so successful in life and what price did they pay and are we willing to pay the price if we too take up the challenge. If someone is dreaming to make a career in the construction industry, then he needs to prepare himself right from the day he has begun to dream and start making plans to achieve his dreams.

Having a sound business strategy is considered to be one of the most important component for becoming a successful businessman. Now, a business strategy is required in any sort of business regardless how big or small it is. However, if one is chalking out plans pertaining to his construction business, he got to be make sure he comes out with a real good plan. Following are few pointers that will stress on how one can set up a sound business strategy.

Strategize your plans based on the business requirement:-

Strategies are often made keeping into consideration your business requirements. For instance, you are planning to buy some heavy equipments. Here you will consider the price of the machines, the utility factor, the features it possess and most importantly does the project really require any enhancements as far as the equipments are concerned. If you find positive answers for it, you should go ahead with your strategy or else it is better that you continue with the existing heavy equipments.

Take opinions of experienced people:-

If you are running a small business, you should far importantly take opinions of experienced people before you start planning up something. If possible share your plan with someone whom you can trust. People who are experienced in the construction segment will give you suggestions that will help you a long way.

A good strategy is the result of good team work:-

In case, you have a big business where you are required to big decision that will have a lasting effect, you should involve people who hold the top positions of various departments. You put to them your vision and ask them to come out with some plans. Ask them to think about the opportunities and threats involved. Once they give you a detailed report, you can absorb them all in your plan. You have the big picture in front of you. You only need to give it a proper shape. Once you come up with a final plan, place it in front of the senior most people in the company and see how good it sounds to them.

Keep your strategy flexible:-

The strategy you have adopted should be flexible and not stringent. When things may not go the way you have estimated them to, you may have to change them. Your strategy should allow you the space to make changes.

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“Make hay while the sun shines” goes well with the construction industry

Not every industry has its golden era forever. There are times when they see ups and also times when they also have to see the downs. You name any industry and you will see people related to it cheering during the good times and struggling when things are not so good. So as a business owner it is crucial that you make the most when things are positive in your sector and stay low when things are not doing well. This may not be the only mantra but is certainly an important one when it comes to finding success in any industry. We have often heard the saying “Make hay while the sun shines”. It makes a lot of sense in an industry that is dynamic and has lot of competitors all wanting to make the most. Construction industry is one such sector where people are vying for almost anything and everything.

Construction business owners know one thing for sure that it is pointless to struggle to get business when the overall industry is not performing well. For some it may sound weird when they get to hear that the construction industry is not doing well. They may have the belief that it is most rewarding industry in today’s time and for some reason can never see any downslide. Well as a matter of fact, every industry has a phase when it has to see the bottom and so it is with the construction sector as well.

Companies should have patience:-

Many new companies wind up their business when they do not see work coming. They probably get into the sector when it is trending downwards and since they do not have work in hand, they can’t take care of the operating costs and are compelled to give it up. Well for such enterprises, the only advice would be drastically cut down on the operational costs even if it means running the business from your house. If you have to do that, you should do so. Having an office and paying rent for it can become too strenuous for you to handle especially when things are bad. Therefore working from home becomes the most viable option and also cut down on the workforce. Stick to any small project that you get and learn to work on heavy equipments so that you can operate the machine on your own. This saves the cost of employing an operator.

Be aggressive when the sector is doing well:-

As understood by many, construction sector rewards you well when it is at its peak. You can take the risk and work aggressively to make the most. While you making profits, you got to remember to save resources for times when the business may take a downturn and you have to keep it afloat using those resources. This is why try and be aggressive when others are minting because you also will make lot of money then.