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A flat land surface is crucial for people to walk around. For instance, a construction site needs to have flat land as that will enable the workers to walk easily. At the same time it will also allow the heavy equipment to move without many hurdles. It has witnessed that an uneven land often cause enormous problems to people moving over it. It also becomes the reason of many accidents happening in that spot. The logic is pretty simple. If you are not able to move easily, you tend to fall down quite often and being in a construction site you can’t afford to fall every now and then due to uneven surface. That is just not acceptable and which is why the need of rollers to flatten the land is pretty much needed. A construction company can’t afford too many accidents or injuries happening on his site just for a lame reason like uneven roads/paths.

It is quite interesting to know that there are different types of heavy equipment used to roll the roads to make it smooth. At the same time such equipment are not as expensive as other construction machines are. However, if you consider equipment that are used for major road construction projects the requirement of such machines may differ and the need to execute more advanced ones may arise.

There are different types of rollers used to roll the land. Not the quality of every road is the same and therefore it needs different types of rollers on it. Equipment like Rammers are used where the compact on the soil is less and it can be operated by hand or by machine. Rammers are small equipment and therefore need not be fitted in machines. Many people do it using their hand and avoid fitting it in some machine. There are few Rammers which are large in size and may weigh in tons. It is basically those Rammers that are fitted in machines to operate.

Speaking about smooth wheeled rollers, they are ideally of 2 types. The first one is static and the second is vibrating smooth wheeled rollers. These rollers are used in soil which has high proportion of sand, asphalt, gravel or crushed rock. They are worked on soil that does not need more compaction and are used for giving a finishing layer to the upper surface of the land. Its performance is widely dependent on the kind of drum that is attached to it. Heavier the drum the more impact it has on the soil. This roller has one drum at the front and 2 tires at the rear. The weight of the drums can be increased or decreased as per the requirement.

These kinds of machines are also low on maintenance but may have high fuel consumption. It all depends upon the kind of activity it is conducting. The vibrating wheeled rollers have wheels that vibrate when it begins to roll. These rollers are used where the compaction required is more and can reach to greater depths. The performance of this roller is far more than that of the conventional ones.

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Renting a compaction roller

Gone are the days when the construction company had to work hard to save every penny that they can to buy heavy equipment. It is not that heavy equipment have become any cheaper but is just that there are alternatives available with people and they are utilizing it to the fullest extent. Some of the alternative available are buying a second hand heavy equipment that will cost much lesser than the new one. Other is to buy repossessed heavy equipment. But in all the examples you end up buying the heavy equipment. There is one more option which may sound to be more appropriate than the rest and it is to rent the heavy equipment. Pay a nominal rental amount every month and once you are done with it, you simply return it to the rental company in the same working condition apart from some minor wear and tear. This sounds to be the perfect solution for people who are new to the construction industry and does not have enough capital to go for the earlier two options.


Now within the construction industry, there are few segments where one can maintain their focus and procure only those machines that are required for that genre of work. The road construction job is one such work where you do not require lot of heavy machineries and can still make decent money. One of the heavy equipment that is most required when we talk about road construction is the compact roller. Compact rollers are ideally heavy equipment that are predominantly used to compact soil, concrete, gravel, asphalt and other things that are required for road construction. So once you lay those stuffs on the ground, you have to roll the compact roller for better results. Using any other form of roller may not do the trick or may take more time to get the same result but doing it with a compact roller will make things quicker.


The compaction roller since they are better than the conventional ones and more in demand are expensive and may not fir the budget of a newbie. So he may have to plan out an alternative and the best option for him will be to rent a compact roller. All he needs to ensure is to pay the rental amount on time without any default. There are plenty of online portals that deal with renting heavy equipment. He needs to visit the site and check the model that he wishes to take on rent. Finding someone from the same city is advisable or else the shipping cost will increase and that is mostly borne by the taker.


Once you have identified the compact roller, get into the talking mode with the Rental Company and check if they will be ready for any negotiations. You can try to bring down the rental amount but do not try to be pushy. Also do a round of inspection by operating the roller and check if it is completely in place. Once you see everything to be satisfactory, make an agreement and make arrangements to ship the machine to your place.

Road construction – Utility of compact rollers can give it altogether new shape

Smooth roads are generally the bi-product of good rollers and other raw materials that are needed for constructing roads. We all understand the importance of good roads to the overall development of the country and at the same time how convenient it can make our lives. We all have experienced bumpy rides at some or the other point of time in our lives and the jerks that we get weakens the spine and eventually can cause lot of health related issues. Other than health, it makes the entire journey so very time consuming and uncomfortable that we may think twice to wander again in that zone. Since we all understand the importance of good roads, we should also give equal importance to the equipment and materials that are required to make good roads. Good quality heavy equipment is nothing but the kind of technology you put to construct quality roads.

So when we speak about quality roads, there is heavy equipment whose mention in the journey of the entire construction of roads is of utmost importance and it is none other than a road roller. Now road rollers are of several types and the utility of any types depends mostly on the kind of soil on which it has to work on. So it is not necessary that the one you see on big roads are also to be used on the lane that you have your house on. You may use a different kind of a roller to construct or repair the nearby lane.

For constructing big roads, smooth wheeled rollers are ideally used. Now these smooth wheeled rollers are of two types. The first one is a static smooth wheeled roller and the other is the vibrating smooth wheeled roller. These rollers are basically used in road construction where the soil is rough and it needs to be crushed. Soil like gravel, crushed rock, asphalt etc. need smooth wheeled rollers. Being rough, these soil do not require great pressure for compaction and the rollers are needed to give a finishing touch to the outer surface of the road. The most important component in the smooth wheeled roller is the drum that is attached to the front of the machine. The performance of the smooth wheeled roller depends upon the load per cm width which gets transferred to the soil and also the diameter of the drum.

For improving the performance of the roller, one can simply increase it weight by changing the drum from a lighter to a heavier one. Many operators do not change the drum to increase its weight but they fill in wet sand or water in the existing drum and make it heavier. They ultimately get what they need and therefore do not have to keep on changing the drum in order to make it heavier. While you are rolling the roller on the road, you should be immensely careful with the speed of the machine as it should not be more than 4-6 km per hour or else you will not get the desired result. Keeping it slow sounds to be the best way out.

Rent a Cat heavy construction equipment from B&R Equipment

Renting heavy construction equipment has never been as simple as it is in today’s time. Earlier when there was no internet and when people had to hunt for machines on rent, they were largely dependent on newspaper advertisements or classifieds that gets published in some magazines that is based on construction equipment or equipment salesman. Another mean to know if someone is renting a machine is through a person from their circle. Other than this, they were hardly any means to know if anybody is renting heavy construction equipment. Things have however changed for better now and with the advent of internet we are get what we want at a faster rate and we can also expect to get something better through internet. Nowadays, brand matters a lot and someone who is letting out branded items are invariably everyone’s choice.

We have B&R Equipment Company that is in the business of renting branded heavy equipment and one can indeed vouch for what they have to offer to the construction companies. They are in the business of heavy equipment for the last 20 years which makes them one of the most experienced in the lot. Experience does matter and when it matters it matters a lot. So a company with over 20 years of experience will suggest you machines based on your needs. If needed they will do an overview study of your project and try to understand what kind of heavy equipment will best suit your project. This will help them to give you better suggestions and this is what they have been doing since long.

You can vouch on them on any kind of heavy construction equipment. Right from a dozer to an excavator to scraper or a grader, all you have to do is name the equipment you are looking for to take on rent and you will get that at a better price; a price that you will not get at many places. So here you can get some real good branded machine at an affordable price. All you have to do is check their website and see the machines. In case, you need to speak to someone to get a better picture about the services you get from them, then you can get the number of the person and call them up to get all your questions answered.  817-379-1340

B&R equipment offers 200 hours of operation on every rental month which is far more than its competitors who are offering just 160 hours of operation per month. So in case, you have already taken the machine on rent, you can give it back and latch on to B&R Equipment Company for more hours of operation. B&R Equipment Company rental plan is of 30 days unlike other companies plan which ceases on the 28th day of the month which means you have to renew it on the 29th day. Going as per this calculation, other companies charges you 13 times in 12 months whereas B&R charges you only for 12 months. So if you want to rent a CAT heavy construction equipment it makes more sense to get it from B&R Equipment Company.