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Renting a compaction roller

Gone are the days when the construction company had to work hard to save every penny that they can to buy heavy equipment. It is not that heavy equipment have become any cheaper but is just that there are alternatives available with people and they are utilizing it to the fullest extent. Some of the alternative available are buying a second hand heavy equipment that will cost much lesser than the new one. Other is to buy repossessed heavy equipment. But in all the examples you end up buying the heavy equipment. There is one more option which may sound to be more appropriate than the rest and it is to rent the heavy equipment. Pay a nominal rental amount every month and once you are done with it, you simply return it to the rental company in the same working condition apart from some minor wear and tear. This sounds to be the perfect solution for people who are new to the construction industry and does not have enough capital to go for the earlier two options.


Now within the construction industry, there are few segments where one can maintain their focus and procure only those machines that are required for that genre of work. The road construction job is one such work where you do not require lot of heavy machineries and can still make decent money. One of the heavy equipment that is most required when we talk about road construction is the compact roller. Compact rollers are ideally heavy equipment that are predominantly used to compact soil, concrete, gravel, asphalt and other things that are required for road construction. So once you lay those stuffs on the ground, you have to roll the compact roller for better results. Using any other form of roller may not do the trick or may take more time to get the same result but doing it with a compact roller will make things quicker.


The compaction roller since they are better than the conventional ones and more in demand are expensive and may not fir the budget of a newbie. So he may have to plan out an alternative and the best option for him will be to rent a compact roller. All he needs to ensure is to pay the rental amount on time without any default. There are plenty of online portals that deal with renting heavy equipment. He needs to visit the site and check the model that he wishes to take on rent. Finding someone from the same city is advisable or else the shipping cost will increase and that is mostly borne by the taker.


Once you have identified the compact roller, get into the talking mode with the Rental Company and check if they will be ready for any negotiations. You can try to bring down the rental amount but do not try to be pushy. Also do a round of inspection by operating the roller and check if it is completely in place. Once you see everything to be satisfactory, make an agreement and make arrangements to ship the machine to your place.

Caterpillar 815 Compaction Roller

While you are working on a project, you need to ensure that the path on which the construction workers will walk and heavy equipment will move is smooth as butter because if it is not smooth then it will cause enormous problems for the workers to move on it and it may also lead to an unprecedented incident in the site. Government of any state gives a lot of stress on having real good roads. They understand the need as well as the importance of transportation for the economic progress of the country and therefore it is very crucial that the roads are well maintained with no potholes after every couple of meters away. In order to keep the roads smooth, compaction rollers play a mightier role and when we talk about compaction rollers, we can’t trust any other brands other than CAT. Caterpillar is known for producing hi-end heavy equipment for its huge customer base all across US and compaction rollers is one such make from them.

We will be discussing about CAT 815 compaction roller in particular and the specifications of the machine.

The gross and net power of CAT 815 compaction roller is 253 hp and 240 hp respectively. It has a displacement of 628.5 cu in. The operational weight of the machine is 20755 kg and its fuel capacity is 446 liters. It has been fitted with hydraulic system fluid capacity which is around 88 liters and the engine oil capacity is 34 liters. The cooling system fluid capacity and transmission fluid capacity is 55 liters and 50 liters respectively. The operating voltage of the machine is 24 V with the alternator supplied amperage is around 70 amps.

If we talk about its gears, then it has 3 forward gears and 3 backward gears and the maximum speed that it can take is around 18 km per hour. The width of the front wheels drum is 39 in and the drum diameter is 40.5 in. The width and diameter of the rear wheels are also the same as it is of the front wheels. The height and width of the blade of the compaction roller is 34 in and 12 ft in respectively. If we talk about the dimension of the machine the length with its blade on the ground is 6845 mm and the width over wheels is 3243 mm. The height of the machine from the bottom to the top of the cab is 11 ft in and the ground clearance is 1.3 ft in.

Buyers ideally do not experience issues buying this model and there are great reviews all over the internet from buyers all over the globe. If you are in US, you can order this machine by calling the company’s sales number or an authorized dealer who will help you with the sales proceeds. You can pay them all in check if you have sufficient money in your bank or can take a loan at minimal rate of interest to buy the machine.

Growth in the world of heavy equipment

The technology of heavy equipment is growing rapidly nowadays. No one can deny the fact that this development of science extremely useful in detecting any kinds of damages in the equipment regularly. By using the technology of global positioning satellite, one can check the condition of the constructional heavy equipment even if it is placed at a great distant from the observer. Picking out the right equipment for the construction site is becoming a great challenge with so much new models coming out in the market every year. The sellers are offering lots of options and interesting features which ultimately make this troublesome task quite interesting.

Equipment used in construction sites

Among the many heavy equipment available in the market, backhoe loaders are gaining a strong hold in the constructional site as they are used in small tasks of demolitions, breaking down of the asphalt, digging or excavating the holes, to power the building equipment, little transportation of material building and paving of the roads. To smash up rocks and huge chunks of concrete, many people use breaker tools in place of backhoe bucket. To get rid of the loads efficiently and quickly, some of the loader buckets contain a retractable bottom. This retractable bottom of the loader buckets are useful in scratching and grading off the sand. The front side of the bucket has some devices which is either permanently seated or can be removed whenever needed. Most of the times, other constructional tools replace the bucket. The backhoe loader must have a tool coupler to get various types of fastening to the loader.

Bulldozers are large sized heavy equipment and they can easily go over a course terrain because of the mobility and a strong hold of the ground provided by the big trucks. Bulldozers have swamp tracks which are only extra-broadened tracks.

Compressed hydraulic excavators have three unique collections of undercarriage, workgroup and house. The arm and the boom along with breaker and buckets comprise the workgroup of the hydraulic compact excavator. All of them are attached to front portion of the structure of the house of the excavator through an oscillating frame which will allow the workgroup to be pivoted hydraulically right or left to do balance digging needed for trenching.

Today, the harvesters do all the tasks related with commercial felling in Finland and Sweden. They clear their ways by cutting down the forests and can work more easily on smooth terrain. To thinning out the debris, small harvesters are used particularly in the Nordic countries.

Pile drivers also do a lot of work with two rods of metal containing a cylinder between them. This design makes it move freely with the up and down sliding. To remove the cylinders, workers make use of a pulley system. It also involves the use of hydraulics or steam. To lift the cylinders, small explosions are also sometimes made in the chamber.

All of these heavy equipment have their own applications. So, one has to choose the equipment carefully deciding what kind of job he is going to do.

Advantages of renting heavy equipment

The constructional and industrial companies should decide very carefully whether to buy or rent heavy equipment. Sometimes, renting the equipment can be more beneficial to buying the equipment. If you too planning for getting equipment, first consider for what purpose you are going to use it. This consideration will help you to decide whether you should buy or lease the equipment. Undoubtedly renting the equipment has some major advantages. Some of those advantages are given below.

Advantages of renting heavy equipment

The growing sectors of industries are becoming busy with heavy constructional works. They don’t want to spend much money on getting the equipment while at the same time not ready to compromise with the quality. Here comes the idea of renting the equipment.

  • If you are leasing a heavy equipment, you will not be burdened with the job of maintaining it regularly. Though there are some heavy equipment which require a bit maintenance through routine testing. But, in case of renting, it is the renting company which is going to do this task for you. This will enable you to schedule your work properly without investing any time and money in maintenance of the equipment.
  • One important aspect of the machine ownership which most of the companies don’t consider before purchasing is the storage facility. They left the equipment in open spaces which ultimately lead to the damage of the equipment. When the person is opting for renting the equipment, he doesn’t need have to spend much money in creating a storage building or renting it. It is the duty of the renting company to manage a space for storing the equipment properly.
  • Another great advantage of leasing the equipment is the transportation facility. Suppose, your working place is far away from your equipment storing room, then transporting the equipment to the worksite can be time consuming, expensive and tiresome. In such a case, most of the people hire a third –party company to transport the equipment. Too much complicated, right? If you opt for renting, the company will provide you with transportation of the equipment without any extra charges to the worksite.
  • The most common thread which unites all the operational advantages to leasing is the reduction in labour costs and time. The hidden costs of purchasing the equipment often make it very difficult. If you are deciding to rent the equipment, go on because it is economic too. No additional costs are required to upkeep the machine in case of leasing it. Sometimes, the companies have to set up complete divisions only for proper handling of the logistics and support their equipment.

If you have low budget and cannot afford to buy the equipment, you should kick on for leasing it. Look for the company which will offer you a well-stocked and maintained fleet of heavy constructional equipment. The company should also provide you with top-notch quality service. So, go ahead and get your equipment type on leasing and start the construction business.


The main advantages of using compactors

We all know that necessity gives rise to inventions. The necessity to work swiftly and smoothly in the construction site have given birth too many types of heavy equipment like tractors, articulated haulers, bulldozers, backhoe loaders and compactors. All these pieces of equipment serve their own purpose.

Every occupation should try to increase the productivity and earn maximum money without harming the environment. The compactors are the machines which are becoming more popular in the construction industry leaving their footprints in the utility rooms, areas of kitchen and other user-friendly locations. One should not waste his precious time in handling the trash and hopping to the trash can, the compactors compact the trashes to streamline the routines of the trash. People may not be interested in managing the debris, but everybody would definitely like to save their cash. Here, the compactors play their roles. To know the other areas where one can use the compactor, the reader has to read the following article very carefully.

Other merits of using a compactor

  • Requirements of extra dragging of the loose rubble as compared to dense rubble indicate the use of a compactor to eliminate huge emissions. One can also save tax by taking major steps towards the consumption of lower energy. Those who are realizing the need to save their money by opting to the use of lower energy levels are also doing a big thing to save the environment from pollution. The more the people catch on to the ‘green’ option types, the speeder the world could step towards the reduction of global warming.
  • The compactors not only minimizes the money and time which one will spend in looking after the waste, but also is important to fill the lands. As the use of compactors manages the waste with great ease, it indirectly leads to better utilization of the landfills and elongates the lie-span. In other words, when the compactor is compacting the waste, everyone who is lying along the chain of waste management is benefitted through it.
  • As the quantity of the reduction ratio of the equipment ranges from 5-1 making it maximum to 15-1, it points to the fact that the pulls or tips for trashes are greatly scaled down. It will definitely result into a big maintenance of the parking lot causing very minimum wear and tear. Apart from this, heavy dumpsters can be diminished. It will also help to minimize the number and size of the dumpsters which clutters around the parking lot.The above-mentioned three advantages of using a compactor clearly define why it is so important in construction businesses. This kind of equipment is of great importance to any kind of business where there are many novices who do not even know its proper usage to carry out the main operations of the business. All the people who want to use a compactor will undoubtedly save his money from 15-50% on the annual cost of waste hauling along with the productivity and labour benefits.

Choosing The Right Piece Of Heavy Equipment To Do The Job

Though construction industry is one of the industry that has the capability to generate good returns within a couple of years from the inception of the business and in order to ensure a successful business, one needs to know the in and out of the business and the equipments attached to it. It would be rather unwise of an individual to directly jump off into it without knowing the intricacies of the trade and then end up burning his fingers. Construction business is not rocket science and one doesn’t have to slog his entire day learning the tricks of the business. He only needs to make sure that he is learning everything that he gets to know on a daily basis. Apart from the knowledge in successfully running the business, one thing which also plays a crucial role in shaping up his business and responsible for its continuous growth is kind of knowledge he has on heavy equipment.

It is important to understand that not all heavy equipment can be used to perform every kind of activity. Though some machines are made to multitask, however this is not a thumb rule and it is not mandatory for every machine. Some equipment is good doing the core thing for which they are produced and are better not used for anything else. Therefore it becomes very critical to understand the role of the equipment and use them for purposes they are exclusively made for.

How can one choose the right piece of heavy equipment?

This one stands to be a very valid question as one may confuse himself in mid of several options available in the market. In such a situation, it becomes prudent for the individual to either do an extensive course on heavy equipment where he will be given a basic understanding on heavy equipments and can also know the specific role of the machine before buying it.

This option may not sound prolific to a person who has a set business and can afford a technician who will guide him on the equipment. For such businessmen, it is recommended that they hire a professional who will do a thorough study of his business and the type of projects that are progressing under his banner. Only after understanding his projects, he may recommend the heavy equipment he needs to buy. The other benefit in hiring such a professional is that they can guide you from which heavy equipment manufacturing company you should be buying your equipments. It has been witnessed that the most difficult decision to make is to select the best brand. The suggestion of a professional would be quite handy for you to take a decision.

One can also make use of internet to know what heavy equipment he should be using for his project. However, this may not be as effective as hiring someone to help you take a decision. In a nutshell, things will be in better control if you’ve the right equipment to get the job done.

Into The Road Construction Industry? Use the Pneumatic Roller for Better Results

If you have ever been to a construction site, you must have noticed that along with the debris, brick and mortar, the site is always filled with a variety of machines loading and unloading stuff, moving things here and there and the like. Well, this machine, known as heavy construction equipment forms one of the most important part of the entire construction business. And pneumatic rollers are one of those equipments that form an indispensible part when it comes to the road construction arena.

What Is Pneumatic Tyre Roller?

Pneumatic tyre rollers are important for the construction industry. But what exactly is the pneumatic tire roller? Well, pneumatic tire rollers are a kind of heavy equipment that is specifically used in the road construction industry. It is used for the purpose of paving asphalt on the roads for achieving a smooth finishing touch.

The next area that needs to be looked at is exactly what purpose does the pneumatic roller serve in the construction of roads. The pneumatic roller serves as an important tool for the compaction of paved asphalt in the construction of roads. The other variations of the road rollers such as the steel drum rollers also prove to be quite handy in the initial phase, but the problem lies in the fact that they also bridge some of the spaces of the asphalt mat that is being laid. The pneumatic rollers on the other hand, blend the “hot mix asphalt”, by operating all of the nine oscillating tires in the asphalt mat. Along with achieving a greater compaction density, it also ensures that the bigger aggregate of the mix down settles at the bottom and the finer aggregate come at the top. This ensures that the asphalt is sealed properly, thereby, removing voids and preventing the intrusion of water. And this in turn ensures that the road that is being paved lasts longer.

Pneumatic rollers are used to accomplish every paving job. Their use in the road construction industry for the purpose of attaining a greater compaction density and ensuring the longevity of the constructed road is undeniably important. Hence, in order to attain a surface that is smooth and durable, it is necessary to make use of the pneumatic roller.


Purchasing a Pneumatic Roller

Constructing a road? Then, there can be no doubt about the fact that pneumatic road rollers will function as an important tool in the entire affair. Before settling on a deal with regard to rubber tire rollers, you have to keep certain things in mind. For one, the asphalt mix that is to be used contributes significantly to the kind of pneumatic roller that you are about to purchase. Also the kind of project that you are handling along with the equipment that you are using also governs the choice of your pneumatic rollers.

It is a widely acknowledged fact that the pneumatic roller has become an indispensible part of the road construction industry. There can be no doubt about the fact that this kind of roller does have an upper hand than the others in the road construction industry.

Compaction Rollers- An Important Tool in the Road Construction Industry

One of the many off-shoots of the construction industry is the road construction industry. Roads- one of the most important instruments of connectivity to be discovered till date. Roads have occupied a pride of place from times immemorial and the presence of good roads has become an integral part of every little regular activity of our lives. And the road construction industry, without a doubt plays a pivotal role in the whole affair.


Compaction Rollers- What Are They? How Is It Used?


Compaction can be said to be one of the most crucial aspect in the entire affair of road construction- the quality of the road that is being constructed depends on how well it has been compacted. Hence, without a doubt, compaction rollers forms an important part of the whole compaction thing.


Before anything else, let us consider the purpose of compaction rollers. As is evident from its christening, compaction rollers are used for the purpose of giving the soil a compact form during the road construction. The compaction roller basically consists of a bulky drum like unit which makes for majority of the compression force, a “propulsion engine” and wheels to set the whole thing in motion.


Now the question that needs addressing is how does the entire procedure work? First of all, the “pad foot drum rollers” are used for the compaction of the substrate initially. Next in line comes the “single smooth drum compactor”, which is used for leveling out the bumps and mounds on the soil, thereby, compacting the soil. And finally, the asphalt is laid on the road, with the help of pavers.


Ensure Your Safety


Compaction rollers are an important part of the road construction- granted. But it has to be kept in mind that like all other construction equipments, it is not hazard free. There are certain precautions that one needs to take before handling the compaction roller.


  • For starters, it is important to assess how much      space you have. It often so happens that during the construction of a      road, there isn’t much space to allow vehicles to pass through. In such      cases, rollers may become the reason of a mishap. Diverting the traffic of      the area is the best alternative that you can come up with at this time.


  • Like all other heavy construction equipment, it is      mandatory to have proper maintenance facilities for compaction rollers.      The roller must be tended to periodically for its smooth operation. It is      often seen that the rollers release exhaust fumes as a result of poor maintenance,      thus posing potential hazard to the environment, the workers and other      people. One could easily avoid this by providing proper maintenance      facilities to the roller.


  • Apart from vehicle drivers, pedestrians also need to      be cautious of the possible hazards arising out of compaction rollers. If      possible, they should be advised against going down that road by diverting      them to another safer route.


Compaction rollers, no doubt form an important part of the road construction arena, provided they are used with a certain amount of precaution.


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Looking To Rent Your Equipments In Texas – It’s A Must To Read This

There are times when we all go through a sluggish period and do not have much work in hand. At this juncture, we not only have to manage the recurring costs to keep the company going but also have to ensure that the heavy equipments that are lying idle are well maintained. We can’t just let them rust for doing nothing. Therefore, the maintenance adds up to the cost making things all the more difficult. Under this situation, it is wise to simply rent the equipments to someone who is in need of them and can also afford to pay the rent that you want.


Renting heavy equipment may sound complex but in reality it is pretty simple to do so. You only need to find the right guy for your machine. We may be a bit apprehensive with the thought that the person using it may not care for it and that might lead to the machine getting wear off in less time than it should have. Well, these are just apprehensions and things can always be worked to set them in the right place. For instance, you can rent the machine to someone you know or if at all you’re giving it to a stranger, you can make an agreement where you can state that you may do an inspection of the equipment after every quarter and if you find that they are misusing the machine, you have every right to cancel the agreement and take your machine back.

One of the simplest forms of renting the heavy equipment is by posting it on internet. For the ones living in Texas, there are several sites which can connect them with the prospects. These websites work as an intermediary between the giver and the taker. In order to post your stuff on their websites, you have to first register with them. There may be an annual subscription fees that they may charge you for your services or may bill you for only listing the item on their website. The fees may differ depending upon the price of the equipment. Higher the price of the item more would be their fees. You have to update your credit card information on their website and then are post the equipment. It also gives you the privilege to monitor the number of prospects who have visited your item and if needed you can also communicate the prospect or vice-versa.


If you find a party who is interested in your equipment, ask them to pay a visit at your place and if they want, they can check the equipment to ensure that it’s working. Once they are content with the stuff, you can draft an agreement and can ask them to credit the money in your bank account.

You can also opt to advertise in a local newspaper that is widely circulated all over Texas. You may find some success in that as well. However in this modern age, it is recommended to post things on website as that may give you more and better responses.


Save Your Heavy Equipment from Potential Theft- Install the GPS

Thieving has and will always be an issue of concern for individuals and organizations of all fields. What if your heavy equipment meets the same fate? Surely you wouldn’t want to lose your functioning heavy equipment to thieves and incur loses? So, what can you do to save your machinery from potential theft? Installing a GPS System in such a situation seems to be a good way out.


What Is GPS?


Among the many benefits that individuals and organizations have derived out of technological advancements is the GPS navigation system. The GPS or Global Positioning System is a “satellite navigation” system, which monitors and tracks the location of a certain device anywhere on the planet. Originally meant for military purposes, this navigational system is now open to use for all civilians. Install the GPS system in your equipment and always remain updated on its current location.


GPS Tracking System for Heavy Equipment


For starters, one needs to understand that the GPS system is a long term investment, the setup of which is going to cost you hefty but the gain that one incurs from the installation more than makes up for it. Setting up the device is a piece of cake. It is a hassle free procedure; all the users have to do is connect the device physically and then your equipment will be under surveillance 24 x 7 and you will receive an alert if there is something unusual. Now let us look into the pairing of the device. The GPS system needs to be linked with a trustworthy “fleet management software”. There are a number of alternatives available on this score and your choice should be governed by the need of your equipment. When picking up the “fleet management software”, you need to keep certain aspects of the same in mind- organization, price, “fleet size”.


Benefits of Using the GPS System for Your Heavy Equipment


Installation of the GPS device comes with a number of benefits for your equipment.


For one, round the clock monitoring of the equipment enables you to safeguard the same from potential theft. The setup is perfect for this purpose as even with a defunct battery, the system manages to send signals with regard to out of the order activities.

With the GPS navigation system, you can also monitor the schedule of your equipment. This helps you in taking decisions as to how and when to plan the next schedule of the equipment in order to meet the deadline.


Technological advances of the 21st century have made it possible for individuals and organizations to approach issues in a way they have never before done. And the GPS device is one such boom of technology that will help you to ward off potential thieving threats to your equipment and also help you monitor the equipment in order to serve other purposes. So, without further ado, set up the GPS System in your heavy equipment and keep track of your equipment.