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Caterpillar 815 Compaction Roller

While you are working on a project, you need to ensure that the path on which the construction workers will walk and heavy equipment will move is smooth as butter because if it is not smooth then it will cause enormous problems for the workers to move on it and it may also lead to an unprecedented incident in the site. Government of any state gives a lot of stress on having real good roads. They understand the need as well as the importance of transportation for the economic progress of the country and therefore it is very crucial that the roads are well maintained with no potholes after every couple of meters away. In order to keep the roads smooth, compaction rollers play a mightier role and when we talk about compaction rollers, we can’t trust any other brands other than CAT. Caterpillar is known for producing hi-end heavy equipment for its huge customer base all across US and compaction rollers is one such make from them.

We will be discussing about CAT 815 compaction roller in particular and the specifications of the machine.

The gross and net power of CAT 815 compaction roller is 253 hp and 240 hp respectively. It has a displacement of 628.5 cu in. The operational weight of the machine is 20755 kg and its fuel capacity is 446 liters. It has been fitted with hydraulic system fluid capacity which is around 88 liters and the engine oil capacity is 34 liters. The cooling system fluid capacity and transmission fluid capacity is 55 liters and 50 liters respectively. The operating voltage of the machine is 24 V with the alternator supplied amperage is around 70 amps.

If we talk about its gears, then it has 3 forward gears and 3 backward gears and the maximum speed that it can take is around 18 km per hour. The width of the front wheels drum is 39 in and the drum diameter is 40.5 in. The width and diameter of the rear wheels are also the same as it is of the front wheels. The height and width of the blade of the compaction roller is 34 in and 12 ft in respectively. If we talk about the dimension of the machine the length with its blade on the ground is 6845 mm and the width over wheels is 3243 mm. The height of the machine from the bottom to the top of the cab is 11 ft in and the ground clearance is 1.3 ft in.

Buyers ideally do not experience issues buying this model and there are great reviews all over the internet from buyers all over the globe. If you are in US, you can order this machine by calling the company’s sales number or an authorized dealer who will help you with the sales proceeds. You can pay them all in check if you have sufficient money in your bank or can take a loan at minimal rate of interest to buy the machine.

Keep Away from Compact Heavy Equipment Interval with Industrious Precautionary Sustenance

As a construction business possessor, you know it very well that during the situation of downtime, the income generation graph suddenly stops rising. The poor performance of the heavy equipment makes you frustrated and at time if there is no technician to repair the heavy construction equipment, the matter becomes the worst. To curb out the construction firm owners from this crisis situation, application of defensive maintenance plan is considered to be the best method.

The ability to protect the bulky construction paraphernalia and its durability completely counts on the effective preventive sustenance plan. This maintenance scheme comprises of three chief factors that are increasing the awareness of sustenance trends, ensuing the suggested downtimes and foreseeing wear and evaluate the business requirements appropriately with equipment competences. If the heavy equipment owners give their entire focus on these above-mentioned three elements, then their equipment will never have to face the problem of troubleshooting. Read the following discussion thoroughly and get to know the importance of industrious precautionary maintenance plan for your heavy construction equipment.

Consider Aptitudes

The heavy construction equipment industry connoisseurs consider that the initial step to enhance the proactive introduction to sustenance is examining how you will utilize the loader or compact excavator and scrutinising particular ability ranges. For instance, if you want to use an excavator for digging the ground, first it is important for you to determine the depth of the dig and have to understand the quality of the ground. On the other hand, when you want to accomplish your construction job with loader, you are required to know the weight of the lifting material. When the equipment is owed to task, the operators sometimes have to face an underperforming mechanism which may require recurrent repair.

Predict Wear

It is sensible for the operators to be acquainted with the sustenance section of the equipment’s function and maintenance instruction booklet. If any machinist has no manual with him/her, she/he gets the chance to read the digital format of that guidebook by ordering it online. This e-instruction booklet informs the drivers of the heavy equipment about the sustenance intervals. In majority of the instruction booklets, the operators can see that the maximum time duration is 8 to 10 hours. This routine maintenance plan helps the operators to keep the features of the equipment in proper conditions like filters, lubricants and fluids. Usually, wear happens on field-engaging pieces and the technician should change it with the new ones when productivity begins to decrease.

Improve Knowledge

The owners of the heavy construction equipment should attain knowledge about emission policies and the allied maintenance needs. Nowadays, most of the bulky construction apparatuses are equipped with varied echelons of emission acquiescent machines. Therefore, it is very much significant for the equipment possessors and operators to know about the provisional Tier 4 and Tier4 tools. The need of lubricant in the modern heavy equipment is different from the old versions. The other components that vary from the outdated heavy construction equipment are diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts, high pressure common rail fuel injection method etc.

Finally, it can be said that prevention is better than cure. The more effort the heavy construction equipment owners give for evaluating the capability of the apparatuses, pursuing suggested sustenance downtimes, foreseeing wear charges and grabbing modern trends directly, the more business productivity they will experience.

Compact loader is the best heavy equipment for utility jobsite

If you want to buy heavy equipment for your jobsite, don’t get worried because you will get a wide range of heavy equipment on the market. If you want skid steers, track loaders or backhoes you just have to take a name and the market is always ready to provide you that machine and fulfil all your requirements. But before buying anything one has to know that which one of the heavy equipment is suitable for his jobsite.

People always try to select or choose proper heavy equipment for their jobsite. As it will help them to complete their work properly so they become very selective in such cases.  They just want the best thing for their jobsite as they are investing lot of money for it. They are ready to purchase expensive machines so they always decide their priorities and compare things before purchasing heavy equipment.
Among the many other heavy equipment compact loaders are one of the most useful machineries available in the market. This equipment has many facilities and can perform several types of works in your jobsite so you can blindly rely on it.   People just love to use it in their jobsite only because of its good performance. If you have this equipment which is actually versatile then you will not face any damage on your jobsite.

Compact loader also has perfect size and it actually fits in any kind of jobsite. So the contractors always choose this heavy machine for their utility jobsite.  It is able to carry the load of many heavy things like gravel, raw material, dirt, asphalt and many more things and it also can go to the smallest area because of its small size.

This machine has many attachments also and all these attachments can be replaced as well. So if you want to replace it with any other things like augers, hammers, mowers or other things you are allowed to do so. In history the compact track loaders can perform very little tasks but now with the passing of time the machine is able to perform many important works. So now with compact loader you can perform any task you want to do.

It is true that you are planning to perform your important work in your jobsite through this heavy equipment so you always have to be careful about the safety and protection of this machine. In case of compact track loader you will be free from such worries or tension because the compact track loaders do not bring harm or any kind of damage to your utility jobsite.  All the parts of this machine and also of its attachments are very strong and also able to carry heavy workload. It will not break down if the workload is extremely high.


Hydraulic excavator is the name of the other such equipment which can perform any task in the utility jobsite. Through this hydraulic excavator you will be able to tackle the sensitive digging jobs easily.

The main advantages of using compactors

We all know that necessity gives rise to inventions. The necessity to work swiftly and smoothly in the construction site have given birth too many types of heavy equipment like tractors, articulated haulers, bulldozers, backhoe loaders and compactors. All these pieces of equipment serve their own purpose.

Every occupation should try to increase the productivity and earn maximum money without harming the environment. The compactors are the machines which are becoming more popular in the construction industry leaving their footprints in the utility rooms, areas of kitchen and other user-friendly locations. One should not waste his precious time in handling the trash and hopping to the trash can, the compactors compact the trashes to streamline the routines of the trash. People may not be interested in managing the debris, but everybody would definitely like to save their cash. Here, the compactors play their roles. To know the other areas where one can use the compactor, the reader has to read the following article very carefully.

Other merits of using a compactor

  • Requirements of extra dragging of the loose rubble as compared to dense rubble indicate the use of a compactor to eliminate huge emissions. One can also save tax by taking major steps towards the consumption of lower energy. Those who are realizing the need to save their money by opting to the use of lower energy levels are also doing a big thing to save the environment from pollution. The more the people catch on to the ‘green’ option types, the speeder the world could step towards the reduction of global warming.
  • The compactors not only minimizes the money and time which one will spend in looking after the waste, but also is important to fill the lands. As the use of compactors manages the waste with great ease, it indirectly leads to better utilization of the landfills and elongates the lie-span. In other words, when the compactor is compacting the waste, everyone who is lying along the chain of waste management is benefitted through it.
  • As the quantity of the reduction ratio of the equipment ranges from 5-1 making it maximum to 15-1, it points to the fact that the pulls or tips for trashes are greatly scaled down. It will definitely result into a big maintenance of the parking lot causing very minimum wear and tear. Apart from this, heavy dumpsters can be diminished. It will also help to minimize the number and size of the dumpsters which clutters around the parking lot.The above-mentioned three advantages of using a compactor clearly define why it is so important in construction businesses. This kind of equipment is of great importance to any kind of business where there are many novices who do not even know its proper usage to carry out the main operations of the business. All the people who want to use a compactor will undoubtedly save his money from 15-50% on the annual cost of waste hauling along with the productivity and labour benefits.

Operating a Compaction Roller- Knowing the Basics

Thinking of joining the construction arena? Or are you already a part of it? Then, you must be aware of the fact that the use of heavy equipment in the construction industry is an integral part of the whole affair. And among the many kinds of heavy equipment that are put to use in the construction site, the compaction roller definitely holds a significant importance.


What Is A Compaction Roller?


The first and the foremost thing that needs to be mentioned in this regard is that the compaction roller, specifically, is part of the road construction industry. You must have noticed those big machines with large wheels riding to and from on a particular stretch of road in an attempt to level and make the soil ready to build a road on it. Yes, you got it right. That is the compaction roller. The compaction roller is of great significance in the arena of road construction as the quality of the compaction of soil will ultimately decide the quality of the road that is being built. Hence, there can be no doubt about the fact that the compaction roller forms an important part of the entire business of road construction.


Compaction Roller- How Does It Work?


Now that we know what a compaction roller is, it would also do good to know about the basic mode of its operation. Let us look at things from the very beginning. The initial process of compaction involves the use of “pad foot drum rollers”. The pads, in this case, ensure that a smaller amount of surface area of the substrate is covered by the roller, thereby, making the compaction attain a greater density. “Pad foot drum rollers” look after the flat portion of the soil for you. But what about the parts that has bumps and hurdles? How are they dealt with? Enter “single smooth drum compactors” which are perfectly suited to cater to the needs of those stretches that have bumps on them, compressing and flattening them to provide a smooth finish to the compaction process. The entire thing is done in association with a motor grader so as to ensure the complete leveling of the surface. It is often seen that a pneumatic tire roller is also employed so as to knead the surface of the road and attain a better finishing touch.


The final stage in the entire compaction affair is the compaction of the road base, which is finished off with the help of a “smooth single drum roller” or the “smooth tandem roller” coupled together with a motor grader. The last but not the least is the putting the layers of asphalt on the compacted stretch to build a durable road. And this is a feat that is achieved by the help of pavers. The asphalt, after the entire procedure, is then compacted further with the help of a “tandem smooth drum” or a /’pneumatic tire roller”. And lo! A road becomes ready for the use of pedestrians and vehicles.

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