CAT D8T Dozer – Know Its Features and Utilities before Buying It

If you manage to look inside a construction site, you will find the roads to be messed up with stones all over the place, mud all around the place which makes it quite uneven for a person to walk on it. It leads to problems for the workers as they find it very hard to walk on the ground especially if they are required to carry some stuff with them. Therefore, it becomes imperative to first level the land, bring the road in a position so that people can walk on it. In order to get this done, the company should possess dozers of excellent quality which can work all day and can level the ground for people to strut.

It is argued that Caterpillar was the first company who had invented a dozer but if we talk about the patent, it seems to be in the position of a British company. Nevertheless, if we try to analyse or carry a survey checking out which company has maximum hold on most of the consumers using a dozer, we will find none other than Caterpillar. Probably they are the leading dozer manufacturing company in the globe and unarguably claim to produce the finest dozers.

Talking about the CAT D8T dozer, it is a multifunctional dozer wherein the front blades can be replaced as per the requirement of the project. This means that it’s not only used to level the land but can be used for many other constructive purposes. There are some 4 combinations of blades that can be installed in this dozer.

The first type is the straight blade which is short in nature with no lateral curves and also has no wings on its sides. This type of blade is mostly used for fine grading. Then we have the angle blade which is held by a “U” shape frame. This frame has 3 holes on each of its sides which allow it to hold the blade it in right, left and center positions. The third type of blade is the universal blade. This particular blade is designed to carry more material as it is tall and very curved with large wings on its sides. The 4th combination is a shorter blade which is not much curved and also has smaller side wings. These are the basic 4 combination of blades apart from which there are few more which are used for specific kind of work.

Cat has used one of the best engines compatible for this machine. The engine has a capacity of 229KW which means the net power of the engine is around 310hp and the overall weight of the dozer is around 37250 kgs. One of the unique features of the dozer is that it can give you a good resale value unlike dozers of other companies. Alternatively, the engine consumes less fuel which increases the productivity. The fuel capacity is 170 gallon and the engine oil capacity is 10 gallon. The engineers have done their best to make this model a huge success amongst the consumers and it has gained all the accolades from various business magazines and magazines related to heavy equipments.