Looking to Buy an Excavator at a Reasonable Price – Go For CAT 320

If you are in the construction business, you need to have the best machines working for you. You can’t simply compromise on the quality of heavy equipments and before you consider the company from whom you decide to buy heavy equipments, be sure that you have done enough research on their products. If your research work convinces you to go ahead for the purchase, you might make a deal. It’s advisable that one should buy construction equipments from a company who has been in the respective domain for years which makes them more reliable and trustworthy when it comes to manufacturing and selling those equipments.

Here are many companies that produce quality equipments for their customers and have also built a reputation in the market. Nevertheless, we would be speaking about one of the finest companies which have for many years managed to secure its position as one of the best heavy equipment manufacturing company. We would be talking about Caterpillar’s Excavator 320.

Cat Excavator 320 was first introduced in Japan in the year 1992 and the production began in many countries since then. Consumers using this equipment were pretty content with its performance and hence the sale volume kept on increasing in many countries giving a tough competition to other construction equipment manufacturing companies. Being hydraulic, it was much more powerful than other excavators which gave it an edge over other machines and also became the major reason of its growing popularity.

If we look at its engine, we will find that the excavator has 2 engine configurations which are CAT 3066 or 3116. Both the configurations are turbocharged diesel engines which is capable to produce 128 flywheel horsepower. It also possess a variable flow hydraulic system that provides it different modes which are power and work mode selectors, horsepower summation control, activating the pilot control system, an X-shaped car body and many more features that make it a complete package for the user. It has paid more stress in offering high level comfort to the operator and also offers good visibility to the operator to check things in the front as well as at the rear.

At time passed, Caterpillar came out with more models which are in line with the 320 model. Some features were added and things that didn’t go quite well with consumers were removed. For example, it has installed the new boom and stick-in regeneration circuit which saves a lot of energy with the boom-down and stick-in operation. It also reduces the cost of productivity and ensures the machine delivers more in terms of performance.

More importantly, they have given a lot of stress on factors that reduces the fatigue to the operators. They relocated the frequently used switches for easier access so that they do not have to try hard to reach for them. All they have to do is sit in their place and press the switch they require at that point in time. The armrest has also been redesigned to provide better comfort to the operator.

The entire series of 320 has truly ruled the market and still has its positive impression in the global heavy equipment industry.