Cat 140H transmission problems

Heavy equipment are prone to some or the other problems. The problems that occur in the heavy equipment can be attributed to more than one factor. You have to make sure that you keep a check at regular intervals on all the factors that ultimately leads to issues in the machine. Other than that, heavy equipment of any popular brand can develop problems over the time. Regular maintenance is very critical and one just can’t skip this important aspect. Though heavy equipment manufacturing companies work hard to produce machines that require less maintenance but it does not make any sense if one demands a machine that should work forever without the need of any maintenance work. It just does not work that way. It has been witnessed that a lot of heavy equipment have issues with their transmission which is considered to be one of the most critical organ in the heavy equipment anatomy.

Operators experience different kinds of problems with the transmission. Issues like the gears are not working properly or even if you change the gears to increase the speed of the machine, it just does not move fast. Well, when someone is experiencing this sort of problem then they should first check if the oil is good and if it is not then it is time to change the oil and then check if things are back in place. People using CAT 140H usually experiences this issue. The change in the gear does not help the machine to move faster. The solution to this problem is to get the side covers removed and clean all the trans-electrical connectors for the solenoids. At times, people are not able to move the gear beyond a certain point. Probably they are not getting the voltage in the coil which leads to this problem. The solution could be changing the coil and check if that works. Most of the time the coil goes bad due to excessive heat and it cause transmission problem.

The other ideal solution when you experience issues with the transmission of CAT 140H is to call up the service center of the company and check if they send their engineers who can fix the issue. However, if you are working in a place where CAT can’t send their engineers then you can try things on your own by going through the user manual. It does speak about various kinds of transmission problems that the machine can encounter and what one needs to do to get it resolved. It is also advisable that you take help of a mechanic who knows how to deal with the issue. User manual does throw light on it but if you are a newbie who does not know how to fix it, you may end up in a bigger mess.

CAT 140H are class machines and they very rarely encounter issues and if the issue is related with the transmission, it may take no time to deal with it but if you are on your own trying few things from the user manual will be a big help.