Find Out the Features & Utility of CAT 140 Motor Grader

Taking off snow from the road or putting aside huge logs and dump it in the truck, all these can’t be done without the help of a grader. Not only taking the snow off the roads but also it is used for moving earth. It can be widely seen in a construction or a mining site taking away huge blocks of debris or mud and dumping them in one corner. It has a long blade in the front which is used to make a flat surface. All the standard models come with 3 axels. The engine and the cab are located above the rear axle and the third one is situated near the front end of the machine. The blade is located just between them. The engines have a capacity of 125-500 hp which increases the productivity of the grader.

Having given a brief description of a grader, we would now be discussing in length about CAT 140 Motor Grader and how useful it is with respect to the construction and mining industry.

Let’s us begin with how useful it is in view to the operator. Engineers working with CAT have ensured that they pay more stress on providing high level of visibility to the operator. This is how they came up with angled cab doors, engine with tapered enclosure and slanted back window. This has helped a long way for the man inside the cabin to have an eagle’s view to things outside the box. They have also changed the control levers and steering wheel with joystick controls which facilitates the operator to work on those two things rather than keeping a count of number of switches inside the cabin. The space in the cabin has also been extended to give more room to the operator. Well, this lets him to relax inside the cabin when he’s got nothing to do.

The model 140 and its subsequent series are fitted with C9.3 ACERT engine which is considered as one of the best in the industry. This particular engine has supreme torque and significant capacity to pull things which are either sudden or short-term loads. While it does this, it can also maintain desirable grading speeds which permit it to get the work done faster without any sort of downshifting. The 140 series has been installed with “hydraulically demand fan” that automatically adjusts the cooling speed of the fan which is certainly done as per the requirements of the engine cooling system. This actually takes off the burden from the engine which allows it to use more horsepower on the ground and thus increases the efficiency of the desired job.

The brakes provided in the 140 series are hydraulic which gives more power to the brakes when they are applied. It also reduces the chances of the brakes getting deteriorated and thus increases its life. 

Overall, CAT grader 140 series is a machine with low maintenance cost, thus saves good deal of money of the owner and also consumes less fuel thereby help the company to make maximum profits.