Case Backhoe

Not having sufficient heavy equipment can create numerous problems for a construction company and probably that is the reason why many construction companies tend to buy the important machines that is a must in case of every project. There are some heavy equipment that is always required at some stage or the other of a project and Backhoe loader beings one amongst them. You need a loader for sure to gather all the dirt, lift it and dump it in a dumping truck. So the question arise what brand should a person go for when he has plenty of options available and it becomes difficult for him to take a rational decision.

Well, we will be speaking about the specification of CASE Backhoe loader as we find that one can definitely go for CASE as it economical and well within the budget of a small construction company and apart from that it is termed to be one of the best backhoe producers in the country. As a matter of fact, most of its produces are exported all over the globe thus making it the best choice amongst the users. Moreover, it is also capable of excavating earth. May not be as viable as an excavator but can be a very good alternative in case if you do not have an excavator working on the site.

CASE has recently come up with 580 Super M Loader Backhoe. The total gross and net power of the machine is 95 hp and 90 hp respectively with a displacement of 272 cu in. The power is measured at 2200 rpm, the torque is measured at 1500 rpm and the total number of cylinders available is 4. The operating weight of the machine is 6480 kg. Talking about the fuel capacity, it can accommodate 119 liters of fuel and has the same capacity of hydraulic system fluid. The oil system fluid capacity is 13.6 liters and cooling system fluid capacity is 18 liters. It can turn at a radius of 11 ft in. The operating voltage is 12V with alternator supplied amperage of 90 amps. The total number of forward and reverse gears is 4 and has a maximum forward speed of 25.5 mph and maximum reverse speed of 30.8 mph.

Talking about the significant part of the machine which is the loader, the maximum capacity of the loader is 0.87 yd3 with a bucket width of 82in and bucket breakout force of 9164lb. The lift capacity at full height is 6182 lb and the maximum clearance at dump height is 8.8 ft in. it is fitted with hydraulic pump which is gear-type and has a flow capacity of 28.5 gallon per minute. The relief valve pressure is 3050 psi.

Talking a bit about the dimension of the machine, the transport length and width of the machine is around 22.8 ft in and 7.2 ft in respectively whereas the height to the top of the cab is 8.8 ft in. The features given in this CASE backhoe is something that one can find in any other backhoe. However, the price is something that actually matters a lot here. It is much lower that the machines manufactures by its competitors and therefore becomes the most preferred machine.