Can’t Afford to Buy Heavy Equipment, Take It on Rent

It may not be a simple task for a contractor who has just started his business to buy those expensive heavy equipments and use them for the projects he gets. It has been seen that small time contractors find it very difficult to get big projects at the beginning of their career; hence they have to suffice themselves with whatever small project is given to them. Keeping into account the expenses that are incurred on such projects, it becomes unimaginable to buy heavy equipments. So what is the way out? Rather than thinking of buying them, he can simply take them on rent. Once he has a project, he can very well understand the sort of heavy equipments that will be needed for the work. In accordance to it, he can manage the machines on time and can return them once the work is completed.

Different equipments have different price tags associated with it. It also depends on the number of months you would be requiring the stuff. So before you go for the deal, you need to be sure that you go there after doing your homework or else it might turn out to be an expensive affair for you. The owner may charge differently for different models; that is, if you are given an option between “Fork Lift Truck – X Model” and “Fork Lift Truck – Y Model”, you’ll see a difference in the rental amount in both the equipments, though its features may not be significantly different as compared to the earlier model. At times, you may also notice a difference in the rental amount in the same type of equipment belonging to different brands. This shows that before you strike a deal, you need to know your requirements perfectly and also if the machine fits in those requirements. If you are brand specific and believe in brands are known for their performances in the heavy equipment market, then you also need to be ready to pay more for selecting the brand of your choice.

In order to know the rental rates of the machine, you can make use of 2 class options which unarguably is used by many other small ticket contractors.

The first is pretty simple. Use the power of technology. Go on the internet and browse all the possible sites that speak about hiring heavy equipment on rent. There you’ll have a fair idea of the amount you need to pay as rent. This is also where you start your homework and presumably learn few more things on renting a machine. There are also certain sites where the person who owns the machine lists them to give them on rent. You can make use of those sites and can contact the lessor. However before you try to reach him, please check the number of years it has been used, if there were any accidents that happened on the machine, how often has the owner serviced the machine. You may as well create a list of questions that you feel are necessary to be asked. You can probably shoot those questions in an email and once you are reverted with the reply and find it satisfactory, you can take the next step of meeting him in person.

The other alternative you have is to go through magazines related to heavy machineries. There you’ll get a lot of help in finding lessors who want to rent their machines. The density of people wanting to give their machines on rent would be low but that doesn’t mean we should completely skip the option. The magazine may also provide you with quotations coming from different people which will again help you to understand the fair market price of the machines. This will invariably help you to bargain well with the lessor and if things go well, you come out with a deal.