Buying or Selling of Heavy Equipment – Put it on Classifieds

Buying or Selling of Heavy Equipments – Put it on Classifieds

Big mining companies or construction companies has variety of machines that are used for different projects. Some of the machines which are old and are hard to maintain are usually sold off to small time contractors who cannot afford to buy brand new equipment. Such contractors have a great deal by buying the machineries at a price much below the market price and can use them for their work before disposing it to scrap dealers. These machines do not have a short life. They can carry on for years and years which makes it all the more beneficial for the contractors to make optimum utilization of the piece before disposing it off. Sellers have wide range of options through which they can list their items for sale. These options are very user friendly and easy to understand. We would be discussing in detail about the different options one can use to sell their old stuff to interested buyers.

Listing it on classified on the internet:  There are innumerable classified websites where you can list your item and can thus give wide exposure to it. You may find several buyers interested to buy your machine and may also receive many phone calls asking for an appointment and simultaneously to inspect the machine. All you have to do is list the item properly for getting maximum exposure. Buyers would be interested if only you advertise your product by giving all the relevant information that signifies the utility of the product. Any additional information would be welcomed by the buyer. Sellers are charged by the online classified site for listing their item and the charge may depend on the kind of product you are listing or the price you have quoted for the product. Some classified websites charge a percentage of the price you have quoted and if the item is sold successfully, they might charge a little more for the sale.

The seller needs to be very careful with the terms and conditions of these online portals and should list their item only if they have completely understood their conditions and fee structure. You can know the email address of the prospect interested in buying your item and can communicate with them. In this way, if they need any more information or specifications, that can be given to them via email. Overall, listing an item in an online classified is a great option one can have to sell their heavy equipment to interested buyers.

Newspaper classifieds: This is another widely used option to reach to potential buyers. Here, you have to first identify a local newspaper having maximum circulation. You can then post your ad by giving some features of your machine. Posting an ad in a newspaper gives you limited space and thereby it becomes important to give your contact details in the advertisement. Buyers may not know much about your equipment by looking in the small ad. If you want to get it clicked, getting the prospects contact you is of prime importance. You can as well give out your email address in the ad and can get responses from interested buyers. All you have to do is just email them the specifications on their email address and rest will follow accordingly. You’ll start getting calls from the buyers and if things go well, you’ll complete the sale for your good.