Rent a Crawler Loader

People who are into demolition work need good loaders to carry the debris. It is said that for guys who are inexperienced and want to give a try in the construction business should start with demolition works as you only deal with breaking buildings and carry the debris. You get good money for the work and you also do not have the risk of running out of business at any time. There may be few ups and downs in this form of work but more or less things get fine at the end of the day. However, in order to survive doing the demolition work one needs to ensure that they have heavy equipment that indeed does the work for them and out of the many machines the need a crawler loader can’t be ignored. It is rather a must to have a crawler loader on the jobsite to remove debris.

The need of the heavy equipment gives rise to another form of business or we can even put it in this way that for guys who have too many crawler loaders with them and want to do away can rent it out to people who actually want to make some use of it. In this way you do not have to completely do away with the machine and you also get some money rather than keeping the machine idle. You also have the option to sell it off once you feel that it has got pretty old now and there are no takers who want it on rent. There are scrap dealers or guys who refurbish old machines into new. They pay good price for it. In order to rent a crawler loader you need to know the ways to rent it and if there are any rules to it.

Give your machine a makeover:-

If the crawler loader has been idle for a long time and you do not know how it will work then you should primarily start the engine and check if that sounds to be good. Do some trials on the crawler loader for you to understand if it is still in working condition or it needs a mechanic’s touch. This is quite crucial to be done as you will be renting it out and you want to make sure that the person who takes it on rent does not experience issues with it. It is also advisable to paint the machine and make it look new. The guy who will take the crawler will appreciate if you do some basic work on the machine before you hand it over to him. On the contrary, makeover of the machine needs to be done before you even list the machine on some website that deals with renting heavy equipment.

A formal agreement is important:-

You should draft an agreement with the taker where you mention the terms and conditions in detail and that should be signed by both the parties. The duration for which you are giving the crawler on rent and the amount you will get as compensation should be explicitly mentioned on the draft.

Know the intricacies of the construction business

The construction business is one of the most popular and profitable businesses in the current scenario. People choose the real estate business for investments and also everyone desires to have a property of his or her own. Hence, if you too are looking for a business that will fetch you great profits within a very short span, the construction business is the right one for you.

But, before you start the construction business, it is a must that you know about the intricacies of the construction business. With proper details, you will be able to establish your business fast and will also be able to enjoy the profits soon.

  • Get the finances:


The first thing that you need to start or establish a business is finance. Without finances, you will never be able to start any business. However, the construction business is one of those businesses that require huge amount of start-up capital.

For that you need to chalk out a business plan that will help you to fetch bank loans. The plan must clearly state how many employees you are going to have, your target market and how you plan to achieve the target. The initial cost and the potential profit that you will earn from it must be clearly mentioned in the plan. If you do not know how to right a good business plan, hire a skilled professional, who knows how to write business plans for a construction business.

  • Tools and heavy construction equipment:


One of the very important intricate factors associated with construction business is the expense of tools, heavy construction equipment and machineries. If you can afford, you can buy them. You will certainly get the brand new equipment as well as the old equipment. There are many dealers, who deal in the new and old construction equipment and will easily find one for you. You can also rent the equipment, tools and machineries for your projects initially, if you do not want to engage a lump sum amount of money in buying them.

  • Setup the business office:


The construction business demands a physical office, where all the employees, the clients and the customers can come in to deal. You must also keep in mind that along with the office building, you need a parking space for the construction equipment, machineries and tools.

  • Licensed and insured:


If you want to be fair and gain acknowledgement within a short span of time, having your business licensed and insured is a must. This will give the customers the assurance and guarantee that your company is there to stay. Certainly this will have an impact on the prices of your projects, increasing the profit margin.

  • Safety plans for the employees:


Since the construction business works onsite and there are numerous workers, who will be working on the many construction projects, their safety plans and occupational health plans is your responsibility. You must offer them to the employees, so that they are happy working with you and do not bring your business to a standstill under any circumstances.

Regular maintenance is vital. It can fetch a good resale value.

We have seen so many instances where we tend to forget things that are very important for us. For example, paying utility bills. These things however can be corrected if you pay them later but there are few things that are so important that you just can’t afford to delay and if you fail to take care of those things in a timely manner, it will have a big direct impact on your business and may take a good amount of money to get it resurrected.

One of the thing that you just can’t miss is giving your heavy equipment for regular maintenance. If you have construction business then you know it far better than any person the importance of heavy equipment in your industry. Heavy equipment is considered to be the lifeline of the construction, mining and agricultural sectors. Without the machines, one just can’t imagine to conduct his business smoothly. Machines do undergo a lot of wear and tear if they are put to work rigorously for all the days in a week and if not checked in time it will give up soon and may come to a stage where the cost of getting it repaired will become way too expensive. A wise businessman will undoubtedly want to save his money from getting spent in such unnecessary expenditures.

Apart from incurring an additional expense, if one manages to do timely servicing of his heavy equipment then he has far better chances of getting a good resale value. You can also fetch a good rental value if at all you plan to give it on rent. It has ideally been seen that big construction houses believe a lot in upgrading their machines that are more technologically savvy and far better than the old models. Now the question is what they do with the existing machines. Well, they either sell it off at a dirt cheap rate to small time construction companies or simply rent it out.

They probably do not make any money by selling it at a cheaper rate. It is because they were never bothered to give their machines to a mechanic for servicing. They are perhaps so busy with work that they hardly care about the maintenance part or assign a person who will take care of the maintenance part of the machines. If the man fails to do his work properly, then the machine starts showing problems and eventually it gets sold at a very cheap rate. It is therefore important to assign somebody really trustworthy who can take up this work quite seriously and won’t fumble with his responsibilities.

Other than this, if one services his machine at regular intervals, it increases the longevity of the machine and it can sustain under tremendously difficult terrains. People buying used equipment will definitely pay a good price for something that’s reliable and won’t give up when they really want the machine to work.

Rental Tips for track loaders

The increasing population has led to increase in the construction activities. Many construction companies cannot afford to a buy and maintain all new equipment for their work. In case of short term projects, after completion of work the equipment is no longer required and this leads to waste of money. Hence, companies prefer to buy equipment and machines on rental basis at an affordable price and return it after use. Thus, the equipment rental business has gained a lot of momentum in last few years and is profitable.

It is observed that many equipment rentals, rent only specific equipment and not all types of equipments. Being in rental business of specific equipment can be a good idea as it saves the cost of buying and maintaining different equipment. Track loaders (TLs) are type of heavy equipment, used to move aside or load materials such as asphalt, demolition debris, snow feed, rock and so forth into or onto another type of machinery. TLs can do every kind of construction activity. Although not a perfect tool buying different equipment for every work is not possible for any construction company since it’s a heavy investment. Hence, multifunctional TLs are in demand. However, they are expensive, hence most construction companies prefer buying these equipment on rent.

The following are some tips for person in business of renting track loaders to make it profitable:

  1. TLs are expensive and rental service provider (RSP) should be able to afford to buy them. He should be aware of his personal expenses while owing a big place or showroom, advertising, labour and maintenance costs, and so forth. He should make a business plan and have strategies to sale TLs on rent.
  2. TLs should not be overpriced. Many people are willing to buy on rental will find it difficult to purchase. Hence they will negotiate with the price. Quoting the appropriate price is important.
  3. They should make his business known by advertising through newspapers and websites.
  4. Buying brand new TLs is costly. Hence instead of purchasing the entire fleet of TLs (of different sizes and models), the RSP should study the demands of the market to know what is mostly preferred by the construction industry. Keeping TLs from small to mid-size of different brands is a good option.
  5. Due to technological advancements, the new equipment have become compact and easy to operate. This increases productivity at the work site since the speed of work increases. The new compact TLs are more in demand and are said to replace the heavy bulldozers and preferred than the skid steer loaders. RSP should provide such technologically advanced TLs on rent, which increases the customer interest and sales.
  6. Buying used equipment on rental basis is common for the short duration projects, hence they are in demand. Thus, RSP can also look for option of renting ‘used’ or ‘second hand’ TLs, since purchasing such equipment is cost affordable. However, they should be careful while choosing such equipment that they are not very old aged and not used much. Only when these used machines have less wear and tear and their parts are available that they should be purchased from the seller.
  7. The RSP should be careful while renting the expensive heavy machines to the buyer. They should understand the nature of work requirements of the customer and should guide them properly. Also they have to make sure that the buyer has the capability to pay the rental amount and should take care of the equipment and will return the equipment in good condition. The rental agreement has to made between RSP and prospective buyer before the equipment is rented that all the terms and conditions are acceptable to both parties.

Operators should learn to fix heavy equipment

Breaking down of heavy equipment in midst of loads of work is nothing less than a nightmare for the construction company. This is perhaps the last thing that they will ever want to happen in their business. Heavy equipment not working due to technical glitch and unavailability of a competent mechanic is a big problem that one can imagine. Dependency on others especially mechanics have proved to be pretty expensive for many construction companies and for which time and again they had to pay a heavy price for it. Therefore one should learn for the mistakes and never let it happen again.

Since the onus of the well-being of the heavy equipment lies mainly on the operator, it is therefore the operator should also take the onus to learn how to fix machines. Many small construction companies who can’t afford to hire a team of mechanics hire operators who have fair deal of knowledge to fix heavy equipment. It makes more sense to pay more to operators with good knowledge of heavy equipment than paying to mechanics who charges a bomb from the companies.

Make use of user manual to learn repairing techniques:-

When there is a minor glitch in the heavy equipment, there is no point to call a mechanic. The operator if he knows how to fix minor glitches can prove to quite a resource to the company. In case, he does not know to fix glitches he can take help from the user manual and understand the basics of the machine first. As a matter of fact, he has to use the user manual to check the various functions and how to use them properly. He can’t experiment as long as he is not aware of the different functions of the machine and therefore his first book of reference will be the user manual. He will also get to learn few basic tricks to repair the machine if there appears to be a minor technical glitch somewhere down in the engine or any other part of the machine. He will find it to be extremely helpful and can manage things on his own rather than having dependency on a mechanic to sort such a simple problem.

Blogs can be helpful:-

Ideally most of the operators are attached to some or the other blog that talks about heavy equipment. Now if they experience any issue with their machine which they are unable to sort, they can simply put forth the issue on the blog and check for people’s responses. One can expect some marvelous workarounds to the issue and applying them can really work for you. So make use of blogs in times when heavy equipment has ceased to work and get some solution from there.

Videos on internet can be a quick solution:-

Watching videos that shows how to fix a problem can prove to be really helpful. There you will watch the guy actually fixing the machine and you will have a better idea to solve your problem. Moreover you do not have to wait for anybody’s reply on solving the issue. You can get a quick solution in no time.

Heavy equipment required for road construction

In the current scenario or era, where communication and connectivity is the key element for the globe to stay in touch with every corner of the world, roads play a very important role in this purpose. With increasing population, the need for construction of new roads is also increasing day by day. Hence, to meet with the requirement, heavy construction equipment for the construction of roads is also increasing every day.

Technological advancements have given birth to different kinds of machines, tools and engines as well as heavy construction equipment. They all serve different purposes and are used during different needs. Hence, depending on the type of construction that you are catering to, you need to choose the type of heavy construction equipment. Here is a list of all the most important ones that you might require during the construction of the road.

  • Crawler and Excavator:


Before the construction task is started, the area needs to be excavated and the load of dump needs to be removed and the loader and excavator help in this task. It can dig the earth and remove the rocks and earth from the area. These usually have a bucket, a boom and a cab. They can have either tracks or wheels, depending on the requirement and surface that it needs to work on.

  • Motor Grader:


The first step of road construction is creating a flat surface, suitable for the spreading of asphalt. To create that surface, you need a motor grader. The usual structure of the motor grader has –

  • Two rear axles at the back
  • The cab and engine located above
  • One axle in the front of the vehicle
  • A long blade in between the front and rear axles.

The motor graders are also commonly known as a maintainer.

  • Chip Spreader:


Once the surface is prepared, the chip spreader spreads the bitumen or asphalt on the surface. They come in different shapes and sizes. The asphalt that is mixed in a permanent or temporary asphalt plant is spread by the chip spreader.

  • Road Roller:


As the chips, bitumen or asphalt is spread on the surface, the road roller presses it down into the place. There are different types of road rollers like –

  • Double drum asphalt rollers
  • Rubber tire rollers
  • A combination of both
  • Pneumatic tired rollers.

As the material that needs to be rolled or compacted in case of a road construction is either of asphalt, gravel, concrete or soil vibratory steel drum rollers or padded drum compactors are used for this task.

These are some of the very basics of the heavy construction equipment that are required for the construction of roads. The type of road that needs to be constructed, the type of surface, the area and the engineering plan would decide the types of equipment or machinery that would be required. Along with the heavy equipment, there is always the requirement of various tools, drills and mixing machines, without which the construction of the roads would never be possible.

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Non-traditional financial institutions can rip you with high interest

When you are in a business you are always in need of capital. Sometimes to buy infrastructure for your business or you need money to fulfill your merger and expansion plans. It is also evident that you will not have the amount required at your disposal and therefore you have to hunt for a lender who can give you the money at an economical rate of return. Now the crux of the matter is to get a lender who can give you the loan amount at an affordable rate. There are many lenders who are also hunting for clients and are ready to provide loans but they have certain conditions which may not be acceptable to you. Either they will charge you with higher closing cost or they will give the loan at a higher interest rate. More or less, they are ready to give you loan which will be not as per your convenience.

For a person who owns a construction business, he is always in need of capital and his volume of requirement is always high. This means that a construction business owner is potentially a more feasible and appropriate client for the lender. In such a situation, the business owner should keep in mind his interest first. Just because he needs money, he should not go for someone who is providing loan at an unfavorable term and condition. There are few things which the borrower needs to analyze before he finalizes to go for the loan.

Credit rating must be good:-

A construction business owner borrows money to meet his business requirements and the frequency of borrowing money is quite often. In midst of borrowing money, he should also remember that he can’t afford to default any payment because if he defaults then that will have its ramifications on his credit rating which take a hit. No good lenders provide loan to people with poor credit rating and they eventually land up to non-traditional financial institutions who care less about poor credit rating but they offer loans with higher interest rates. This will really hurt you in the long run. You will pay more of interest and less of principal resulting in the non-depletion of loan amount. So a good/high credit rating will always benefit you in terms of availing loan at a lower interest rate.

Closing costs are extremely high:-

Whenever you go for a loan, there are few costs that you have to pay to close the loan. There are charges paid to the guy who will underwrite the loan, then charges to the attorney and also fees that will be charged by the non-traditional lenders to arrange for everything to close the loan. These fees can be exorbitant and might also pinch you. The traditional lender also charges closing costs but that is comparatively lesser than the non-traditional ones.

Construction houses should be extremely careful when they are dealing with lenders. They need to do a thorough study about the different costs that they need to pay to the lender and only if they are convinced with the terms and conditions that they should proceed any further.

Financial Institutions, Markets, and Money

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Quality of raw materials to be monitored in the construction industry

Any company in order to survive and simultaneously grow in a competitive environment has to show a lot of metal. They need to be consistent in one thing and that is maintaining the quality of the end product. As long as they are able to maintain the quality of their products they exist in the competitive market and once they start compromising on the sole factor that is responsible for their growth they will soon see a fall in their sales. At the same time people who have been using their products for a long time will want to see something new. May be an add-on feature at the same cost but if they see a decline in the quality of the product they will for sure give a second thought to go for the same brand ever in their life. This huge can be the impact of the quality of a product.

In the construction industry too quality plays a crucial role in its overall growth. Construction industry like any other industry is as competitive as it can be and therefore it becomes all the more important for a construction company to give significance to the quality part. Now in order for the final product to be an ace product it is significant that the raw materials used to manufacture the end product is also of ace quality. You can’t expect the end product to be exceptional by using deteriorated quality of raw materials. This is where the quality of raw materials plays such an important role in the overall making of a wonderful product. So the company has to pay special attention to the fact that the raw materials used for construction are of first rate quality and they will be for sure applauded for their wonderful work.

Hire expert people:-

You should be hiring people who have expert knowledge in recognizing the quality of the raw material. Raw materials which are superior in quality are quite expensive. So the call is yours which one you would want to go with. However, it will be crucial to have people who know about the quality of raw materials and can give their expert opinion of the subject. There are chances that you might get cheated by the raw material vendor who supplies the stuff to you. The subject experts can analyze the quality of the stuff and can guide you if the quotation laid by the vendor is reasonable or not.

Buy government approved raw materials:-

Hiring experts can prove to be quite expensive and if you are unable to afford them then the next best available option for you is to buy government approved raw materials. Government gives grades to the raw materials and on the basis of it the price of the item is fixed. So you need to know which item can cost how much. This small part of research needs to be done by you to buy raw materials of superior quality.

Hiring Great People

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Heavy Equipment Amusement Park

Vacations are a much needed part of our lives which helps us to get relieved of the hectic weeks. It removes a lot of stress out of our mind and prepares us to take on new challenges. But when we talk about vacations we usually see a gap from work for a week. Now taking leaves so frequently is not possible when you are a part of the corporate world and when you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of. In such a situation, the best available option to get rid of stress is to visit an amusement park. It is perhaps the perfect place where one can enjoy with his friends and family. You go there in the morning and by the time it is evening you are exhausted with all the rides and still you feel so fresh and charged up. That is the magic that an amusement park has for you.

These days we have theme based amusement parks where they keep stuffs based on a particular topic or subject matter. These things are gaining immense popularity as kids are able to learn about a specific topic and have fun at the same time. We have one such theme based amusement park in US which focuses on heavy equipment. So children whose parents are from the construction industry will gain a lot from this park. They will get to learn many things as they take on each ride.

It is obvious that their parents will tell them the significance of each machine as they move on with the rides. This will also develop an interest in the young minds towards the construction sector and particularly towards the heavy equipment industry. As a matter of fact, the heavy equipment industry has immense scope of growth for people who are great thinkers and like to see things out of the box. Innovation is the need of the hour and kids of this generation are for reason smarter than what we were.

Children can learn to dig using heavy equipment:-

Children who have seen their parent working inside the cabin of heavy equipment and also aspire to be like them can benefit a lot from one such amusement park. The amusement park named “Diggerland USA” is one such park that provides children the thing they need to become competent operators. They get to ride on real heavy equipment and are also given to dig the ground using the machines. They are certainly accompanied by their parents who if are an operator can also share their views on the machine to the young chap.

Every hour has a new thing to do:-

Children are given a time slot within which they can be on one machine and play on it. Once the hour is over the next game begins and they have to move to the next type of heavy equipment and continue their game. This means that there is unlimited fun along with dining and simultaneously children get to learn new things in life which may later become useful to them.

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Renting a bulldozer can pay you off handsomely

We buy heavy equipment on the basis of our needs and it has been often seen that after upgrading the heavy equipment, we are ultimately left with 2 machines of the same stature. So what we eventually think is to do away with the old one since we do not see any need of it. Well, we are wrong if we think about selling it off unless the machine is too old for anybody to use it and you sell it as scrap. However, when you have the option to rent the equipment why go for selling it. Bulldozer is often the first equipment possessed by a contractor. He may need it for his demolition business but then after a point in time he will think of upgrading his arsenal and might buy another one which is far more technologically advanced. In a situation like this, he can end up renting the previous machine and continue to make recurring income.

There is always a market for renting bulldozer:-

Bulldozers will never find themselves out of market. As long as the construction industry is in existence, dozers will have their place in this segment. Therefore, the dozer you have and you may not need it will always find someone who will want to use it. You can let it out to them by making a contract for a week or month or year or more than that and also fix an amount that you will get as a compensation for letting the other person use your machine. There are many contractors who are in constant hunt for dozers as they can’t afford to buy a new one. They are pretty happy to pay the rental money in lieu of the dozer.

Dozers are eye candy for demolition business owners:-

People who are into the business of demolition do not intend to make big investments. As a matter of fact, this is probably one of the few businesses where you do not need a lot of capital to invest to kick start your business. All you need in the form of heavy equipment is a dozer and few accessories that you need on the dozer. They certainly do not want to buy a dozer which can prove to be very expensive to them. The best alternative for them is to get it on rent. Since the rentals of dozers are comparatively cheaper than other heavy equipment, it certainly fits into their pocket. Simultaneously, getting a demolition job is simpler; they can easily afford to pay the rents without any defaults.

Can demand higher rent if machine is in good condition:-

The instrumental factor that determines the rental price of a dozer is the condition of the machine. If the machine is in good health then the price can be a bit higher but if it is not then you can’t expect a good rental value from it. This means that you got to take good care of your machine whether it is in use or not so that if ever you have to let it out, you can get a good price for it.