Benefits of using camera in the heavy construction equipment

Heavy construction equipment are becoming more advanced with every passing day. The construction equipment manufacturing companies are introducing new technological advancements to the equipments so that the users can get benefitted from the accessory. One of the latest additions is the incorporation of camera to the construction equipments. In most of the cases, the wheeled loaders are being equipped with this accessory. One of the companies that have excelled in this service is the Sibelco heavy construction equipment manufacturing company, which is a Belgium based company. They basically produce the construction equipment to refine and extract various kinds of minerals from sands. The camera system that has been introduced to the wheeled loaders is the RadarEye camera and monitoring system. This camera system is a very helpful technology that helps the operator of the vehicle to have a real-time vision. Not only this, but also, to get detailed information about the site where the work is going on, this RadarEye camera system helps a lot. Whereas, in most cases, the detection of the materials and objects on the field becomes difficult, this RadarEye helps the operator to have a detailed view of the field.

The camera on the heavy construction equipment is very beneficial for the heavy construction equipment operators:

  • As in the regular vehicles, it is very important for the driver to have a rear view and the view of the surrounding, even in the heavy construction equipment, the operator needs to have a rear view and also of the surrounding. As the cameras installed in the heavy construction equipment are designed with the property of rotating more than 120 degree on an average, it offers the operator the opportunity to have a wide angle view of the back of the vehicle.
  • The LCD screen that is placed within the cab of the heavy construction equipment is of a minimum of 7 inch width, and therefore, it is very helpful for the operator to have a detailed look outside. The LCD screen is also colorful and therefore, the view becomes clearer and comfortable for the eyes.
  • It is very likely that the accessories in heavy construction equipment become damaged very easily. Whereas, the parts of the equipment gets damaged so easily, something as delicate as a camera would also be damaged due to the extreme load and pressure that the heavy construction equipment faces. However, to tackle this problem, these cameras have been designed with weather proof technology that can perform its task in extreme conditions of heat, water and snow.
  • The camera and the monitoring screen do not need any external control boxes and comes with warranty, so the operators do not need to bother about the after sales services.

The Rosco Incorporated Company introduces such cameras for loaders, excavators, bulldozers and tractors, cranes, rollers and all other kinds of vehicles, with an aluminium casing.