Being intoxicated doesn’t mix well with heavy equipment

Ever imagined how difficult it was for you to drive your car the last time you were intoxicated. Well, it is not at all possible for anybody to do anything right when he/she is under the influence of alcohol or any substance that has the potential to intoxicate our system We may have no control on our self and it becomes all the more difficult to do any small piece of work. Driving vehicle can become far more dangerous for us as well as for people around us. Now, imagine that you are working in a construction company and are given to operate the heavy equipment. You somehow wished to take few drinks and you turned up to the site. You thought that you would be doing fine even after having those drinks. But the moment you begin to work, you start feeling dizzy and your head starts spinning. You tend to lose control over yourself and in this process you find yourself nowhere in the position to operate the machine and if you still stress yourself and work on the equipment, you stand with higher chances of committing accidents thus probably injuring or even killing people on the site.

The construction company needs to take stern steps to ensure that all of its employees are doing well and are in their proper state of mind. If possible conduct tests on employees that they find skeptical. However, under no cost that they should allow their men or women to work in intoxicated state. It just does not go well with heavy equipment.

Conduct various trainings informing people the dangers of working in an intoxicated state:-

Many people are of the opinion that they can work better when they are intoxicated. They feel that they become more attentive and can do their work well after having few drinks or after having some sort of drug. Therefore, they tend to take few shots of drinks before they enter the cabin of the machine. It is really important to tell them that their very thought is completely incorrect. You find yourself to be more attentive because you feel sleepy but still at the back of your mind you know that you have to work all day and therefore you try hard to keep yourself awake. There is a need to impart trainings at every construction site on the hazards of working in an intoxicated state. Show them some real life pictures of the aftermath after working in an intoxicated state. That might open their eyes and they will realize how perilous it is to continue working in that way.

Install detectors that will detect if people are intoxicated:-

Construction companies for the good of its employees can install detectors that shall be used on employees who will be working on heavy equipment to detect if they are intoxicated. In case if they are, then they shall be asked to leave for the day. If possible, give them a notice and a stern warning stating that if they come to work again in this condition then they shall be expelled from work.