Articulated trucks should be chosen over a scraper

There are many huge vehicles that are used for various purposes like loading or carrying different materials and elements from one place to the other, and also for the mining industry, a lot of heavy load vehicles are required. Scrapers and articulated vehicles like trucks are the most common and broadly used vehicles among these.

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Features of scrapers:

In the suburbs and country sides, the scrapers are the most popular ones. But the best use of a scraper is for the mines.

  • A front edge that has a horizontal and sharp hopper which can be moved vertically with hydraulic power is what makes the scraper so useful.
  • The sharp and horizontal edge of the hopper of the scraper can cut the soil and clay easily and can carry it to other area.
  • After the hopper has cut the soil or clay with its sharp edges, it can be raised up, so that the elements do not fall down, and then it is carried to the area where it is supposed to be dumped and then the hopper is lowered.
  • It works best where the cut and fill area are close.
  • If the cut and fill area is large then multiple scrapers can work together.

Different types of scrapers:

Many companies build scrapers of different types. Some of the most commonly used scrapers that have the best utility quality are the carry all scrapers, ejector scrapers. The carry all scrapers give the best carriage time, whereas the ejector scrapers can work even on wet soil.


Features of articulated vehicles:

  • Simple and easy to operate articulated vehicles make them easy to use.
  • No need to spend too much money on the maintenance and servicing of the articulated trucks, and the time that is saved can be spent on the work.
  • Easy pivotal system, that helps to detach the truck from the cab, so makes the vehicle control easy.

The articulated dump trucks are very good on rocky and muddy terrains. As this vehicle can be removed from its cab by the pivotal joint, using an articulated truck becomes very easy to use. Where regular dump trucks and scrapers fail to carry out the heavy loads on rough terrains, the articulated dump trucks or the ADTs do the job without any hassle. The steering of the articulated trucks is also unique that is controlled by two hydraulic rams that are fixed to the cab of the vehicle.

Comparison between a scraper and an articulated dump truck:

Both vehicles are good in terms of their own services. But where it comes to a comparison between the two, the articulated dump trucks are better than the scrapers because of the unique design of its detachable chassis. The articulated trucks work quite faster than the other and what makes it unique is its amazing fuel efficiency. Therefore, using an articulated truck will increase the productivity, as well as the profit.