Are Heavy Equipment Manufactured By Companies Eco-Friendly?

Environment has become a major issue in the present scenario of rapid urbanization. With the commencement and conclusion of each new construction project, the threat to the environment is taking a much more concrete shape, with the result being that those involved in the construction industry are now looking for ways and means in which they can make sure that they get about the business in a manner that is compatible with the environment. It has, therefore, become very important to adopt certain remedial measures that will prove to be effective in healing the environment. And one such in which they can ensure this is by using heavy construction equipment that are eco friendly.


Are The Construction Equipment Eco Friendly?


While some of the manufacturers of heavy construction equipment are taking up initiatives to provide equipment that are considerably environment friendly, but a majority of the heavy equipment that are being used for the purposes cannot really be said to be the same. These equipment contribute quite significantly when it comes to the air and noise pollution levels. The noxious soot along with the pollutants that result in the formation of smog emitted by these construction equipment only add to the increasing threats of global warming and ozone contamination. This in turn leads to chronic cases of respiratory diseases, such as, asthma, bronchitis and even premature death.


It must also be mentioned in this context that these equipments often operate accompanied by noises high in the decibel scale that cannot be said to be too healthy for the population, especially the ones with critical health issues. Additionally, the high frequency of the noises produced by these equipments might lead to hearing impairment quite early on.


Using eco friendly heavy equipment


Making use of eco friendly heavy equipment has become crucial in the maintenance of an environment where the pollution level is minimal. Let us take a look at the traits that make a heavy construction equipment eco friendly.


  • The heavy equipment that is being put to use in the construction site must be designed in a manner that guarantees minimal levels of fuel emissions. Less fuel emission means lesser carbon monoxide in the air, thereby, less air pollution.
  • It must also be ensured that the heavy equipment that is being put to use makes minimum amount of noise. This definitely brings the level of noise pollution lower, thereby adding to the eco friendly nature of the equipment.
  • Also make sure that the heavy equipment that is being put to use in the construction area is constructed out of recyclable material. This will ensure that the disposal of the equipment will not pose much of a hindrance along with being environment friendly.

It has, therefore become very important to consider heavy equipment in the construction area that are eco friendly not only for the benefit of nature, but also for the people associated with the construction work and those living in close proximity to it.

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