Application of Equipment Tracking Method for Mounting Profits and Lessening Downfall

Generally the companies those who depend on the heavy equipment may sometime experience the decline in the profit margin and unfortunately breakdown of the business. The main reasons to this problem are the lack of maintenance of the heavy equipment; erroneous billings can lead to the path of over spending and loss in the market. To curb out the problem the management companies formulated a new kind of solution known as equipment tracking method. It is a constructive equipment executive structure that is appropriate to be utilized with any kind of apparatus.

Equipment tracking system helps the companies to gain knowledge of each and every appropriate machine and its usage. In accordance with the equipment facts the companies are being taught to expand productivity by monitoring equipment tracking solution. This system gives practical information about various equipments like forklift, light tower, bulldozer and generator.  Sometime the appliances are kept in the construction site for long days and when it is again needed it is complex to predict that for how much time the machine was in use. The incessant examining of the equipment in the equipment tracking technique helps in analyzing the longevity of the machine and decreases the fuel cost. Some of the oil and gas companies are applying this method to find out all possessions and equipment very easily. The equipments are connected with the internet connection and the location can be accessed simply. This system facilitates the oil and gas corporations to enhance punter service, perk up billing processes and augment communication with the distant manual workers.

The primary facet of the equipment tracking system is the substitution of customary paper equipment logbook with the computerized record diary. This solution proffers all kinds of information related to equipments and its eminence obligatory for cGMP agreement.  This scheme facilitates the companies with digital signatures and approvals and helps in optimization of handling apparatus. The safeguarding and the calibration measures are analysed electronically in a simpler and faster way. The system gives a practical announcement about the maintenance program of equipment and present the notice prior to the date of expire of any calibration event. This technique can be applied alone or can be accompanied with other well-designed operation management components to increase the output of the organisation.

To operate the equipment tracking technique a computer with internet explorer browser is required. Microsoft SQL Server is the principal database of this system. The client can go through the web page of this solution by browsing only internet explorer. The hardware and software versions are different according to the company’s category. This system is required to maintain an electronic logbook where the records of equipment cleaning, calibration are written. The other quality of this solution is the maintenance of the document in computerised manner so that at the time of approvals and review these documents can be presented very easily. The system also shows the longevity of the engine of any equipment and there is an indicator that displays the need of maintenance of the machine.