Announce a bonus to your staff this Christmas

It has been debated in numerous and in different occasions about the fact that does the employees for a construction company are really paid for the kind of hard work they do for the company. Most of them feel that they are underpaid and there is also a certain section of the population that feels that they are correctly paid on the basis of time they give for the work. But at the same time, there is something that needs to be done for the people who work tirelessly for the entire day on a construction or mining jobsite and what better it will be than declaring a bonus for the month of Christmas. Though money can’t buy happiness but it undoubtedly plays a very significant role in bringing happiness at home. The children of construction workers want their fathers’ to bring gifts to them. They do not understand the debate if his/her father is under paid or overpaid. They expect something extra from their father during this season and fulfilling their dreams will eventually make the man happier.

There are several companies that offers their employees with several gifts and do not wish to pay them via cash. They on the other hand give them gifts which obviously make them happy. However, the gifts given to the employees will only service their purpose and in case if someone wants to buy a gift for his children and he does not have enough money with him, the gift given to him by his company stands meaningless. This is why giving money in cash and in kind makes more sense.

Once he cashes the money received to him as bonus, he can buy whatever he wants to and is not restricted to the item that he receives as gift. He can take back home the thing that his family needs. Giving your employee a gift only becomes meaningful when he can make good use of it and you do not know which employee needs what and therefore it is better to declare a bonus to everybody so that they can buy things that means the most to them. They can even use that money to plan their vacations which was not possible if he was merely given a gift.

Christmas is also a time when maximum people plan their vacations irrespective how rich they are. They definitely want to go someplace which they could otherwise not afford and they can realize their dream of going to an exotic location with the help of the bonus money. Some companies also offer vacation tickets to the best employees of the year. This sounds really great to the guy who gets it. He can go off for a week and just relax without have to think about any work.

Another option that you can adopt is announce a bonus that will be a mixture of food coupons or shopping coupons and some cash with it. This will allow the employee to go at an expensive restaurant with his family and have a great time out there.