An overview on Caterpillar D6N XL Specs

Yet another exclusive and highly efficient equipment by Caterpillar is D6N XL. It is a combination of power, superior quality and is durable on toughest terrain. The best point about the machine is it on move and gives great visibility and makes it fuel efficient. The XL machine has various electronic control systems like GPS, Laser Grade as well as ATS; these machines improve the working condition and reduce any extra operational costs.

  1. Specifications—At the height of 9.47ft, it has 145hp and track gauge of 74.41inch. The Cat 3126B DITAAC model is an efficient tractor for heavy work round the clock. Not to forget, the engines meet the levels of exhaust emissions across the world. It is fitted with highly advanced controls of electro-hydraulic power which provides excellent manoeuvring of the machine.  Further it has differential steering which can conveniently keep a hold on both tracks especially during turning. These can control the speed of the equipment, direction and other such specific work.


  1. Performance—The efficient Caterpillar D6N XL Specs give it a very good performance and cuts down any additional operating cost. The rugged and reliable parts of the tractor insure that there is power. It has proved to be a reliable machine especially where there is good paved road and digging needs to be done. In addition the modular structure helps in handling the machine and provides easy maintenance. It has proved to be a durable machine due to its excellent manufacturing features.


  1. Designing—The designing of the operator’s cabin is such that it can distress the operator. The sound proof cabin has very low vibrations and to enhance the performance of the operator provides great visibility. It has smooth air circulation through its air conditioning which neither makes the cabin cold or warm. The structure is specifically designed to reduce any fatigue and help the operator to work for a long duration.
  2. Customer Support—Whether one owns, rents or get from resale; the company provides good customer support system. This makes working with Caterpillar D6N XL even simpler and convenient. If required one can get a customized plan agreement for customer support. In all respect company’s aim to fulfil the desire and aspirations of the customer.

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One can either rent Caterpillar D6N XL or purchase it from an online or an offline stores. There are numerous dealers who are into retailing and renting of the machine. They offer their service online and also provide with comparative analysis for the benefit of the customers. This can give them value for money and reduce their expenditure on machinery. For more information on the specs or for comparison, one can check out the reviews and product details at an online store. It can easily remove soil and make a place for work, so learn more and buy the best product through on

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