Air-conditioning System on Heavy Equipments

Working in a closed cabin for almost throughout the day can drive anyone crazy and especially when you are working during the summers with hot air waves blowing outside can make you real sick. It would be too hot for you to stay inside and you can’t just work without an air condition which is fitted inside to keep the room cold and subsequently allowing you an environment to work. An air condition inside the cabin can also increase the productivity as the hot climate outside the cabin will not dehydrate the operator and will keep him in a mood to carry on with his work for hours.
The heavy equipment manufacturing companies have long understood the need of an air conditioning system inside the cabin as it can be intolerable for any soul to work in extreme high temperature. Alternatively, they also found the need to keep the engine and other parts of the machine cool. Due to the nature of work these machines are involved in, it becomes all the more important to ensure that the environment remains cool so that they do not stop working due to overheat. Keeping all these into consideration, the heavy equipment companies are developing their machines and bringing in new models with advanced technology that are completely capable of solving the heating problems inside as well as outside the cabin.
Moreover, there are companies that manufacture air conditioners that can be purchased and fitted in the machines. So just in case, if your air conditioning has stopped working, you know that you can get it replaced with a new one. When the machine that was first installed with an air conditioner, it was very difficult to get that replaced in case it gets faulty. However nowadays, heavy equipments are made in a way that you can easily get the faulty stuff removed and put a new one in its place. The air conditioners that are manufactured in the recent years are mostly modular one-piece construction that can be easily installed in the machines and one can even swap them between machines.
These air conditioners are 100% hydraulic with no electrical power needed. It will work comfortably in high temperatures exceeding 55 degree Celsius. They can work proficiently in hazardous environment. This is something which many purchasers look for. The companies that buy such heavy equipments are mostly construction companies and mining companies and the kind of work environment they put these machines to use are predominantly hazardous in nature. Hence, it is evident that they would be looking for air conditioners that can face the heat of the work and also throws out cool air to keep the equipment as well as the operator working.
The air conditioning unit can be installed in various machines like dozers, loaders, excavators, haul trucks, other heavy construction equipment and also at underground equipment applications. The companies making these air conditioners have taken special care on their making and have stressed on factors like no leaking hoses, low maintenance and things that lengthens the life of the conditioner and concurrently also provides warranty for a year or two.