Accidents associated with construction equipment

Construction equipment are generally heavy and one has to be cautious at all time to minimize the risks that can happen from bad handling and lack of proper maintenance of this equipment. Heavy construction equipment used in big construction companies make the construction much faster and easier. There are always some risks associated with the heavy construction equipment which can have disastrous consequences. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 75% of workers at construction equipment factory became victims of accidents. Some of the risks of using construction equipment are listed below.

  • Site fall: It includes roof related falls, scaffolding falls, elevator shaft falls, crane falls and falling objects. Over three hundred deaths arise from construction site fall every year. Though some companies pay compensation for the injury caused to the victim, but do you think it’s enough? Safety precautions should be taken by the construction equipment to ensure well being of the worker.
  • Roof related Falls:– Roof fall is one of the most common form of accidents. This includes skylight falls, communication tower falls and fall through existing opening. Many of the deaths and injuries can be controlled by proper protection equipment.
  • Crane Falls on Construction Site:– Cranes are designed to control enormous pieces of powerful machinery. The operators can also fall from crane due to loss of its balance.


  • Other common form of accidents using construction equipment are:
  • Forklifts
  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Front-end loaders and
  • Skid Steers.
  • Steps to avoid such construction site accidents
  • Allow only trained and expert professionals for operating heavy equipment.
  • Equipment has been designed properly and safely manufactured.
  • A display of warnings on the machinery should be there.
  • Equipment is needed to maintain regularly with periodic checkups.
  • Find out whether the machine is properly carried out or not with tightened bolts, nuts and screws.
  • Check the trailer deck, stability and clearances.
  • Be careful of overhead hurdles and underground utilities like water, sewer, electrical lines, gas and telecom.
  • Find out whether any unconventional sound is coming or not from the construction equipment.

Accidents related with construction equipment is mostly categorized into two categories. Firstly, it’s improper maintenance management system and the way of its handling. And secondly, defect in the design or manufacture of the equipment including absence of proper warnings.

Sometimes there are also electrical accidents due to the construction equipment. OSHA has issued some guidelines for the safety of the workers with construction equipment and some precautionary steps that should be taken to face such hazardous accidents. Electric shock is another such common accident. It can cause many complications like muscular spasm, internal injury, cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest. A fire plan should also be there to evacuate the workers safely when an explosion occurs.

We all know the fact that accidents are not natural but they are manmade mainly because of their ignorance. So, to minimize such accidents the construction equipment companies should take proper steps and guarantee a safe life to its workers.