A Guide To Atlas Copco Dynapac Rollers

The construction heavy equipment has its own advantages. No machinery can replace the other one. Therefore, it’s become vital for a person working in the construction site to know the utilities of each equipment very clearly. Rollers also have its own separate function and it is mainly used for road construction. If you are intended to buy rollers, you must find out the job requirement and the machine’s applications. To know the basic applications of the Atlas Copco Dynapac rollers, just go through the following article.

Critical study on Atlas Copco Dynapac Rollers

Atlas Copco has finished the manufacturing of Dynapac rollers with the designing of CA1300 and CA 1500 models. The manufacturing of the Dynapac rollers was at first started in Bauma. The new logo of Atlas Copco is easily visible on the roller along with the company’s name. Its compaction performance has been optimized and its active bouncing control also known as ABC has been modified to prevent the damaging of the machine and over-compaction. The scheme of their color varies from grey to yellow.

The roller’s built-in safety operations and enhanced serviceability has taken the models to the level of perfection. Moreover, it saves the time and is cost-effective.

Features of Atlas Copco Dynapac Rollers

With fixed linear freight which extends from 70 to 365 lbs per in., the Atlas Copco CA rollers are the best for compressing gravel, sand, rock fill, clay and silt. It also has almost no effect of environment on it. The unusual characteristic of the ‘silent weights’ has improved the working of the compaction and has become a standard on the Dynapac models of CA4000 to CA6500.

The machine also has the fuel saving Tier IV engine which reduces fuel consumption and the emission of CO2 by allowing the roller only that much power to utilize which is required for its operation at any given time limit.

The CA rollers can be set up with a sustainable package having the feature of mainframe system of ECO rpm, a service pack available for 50 hours, a hydraulic fluid which can be biodegradable, working LED lights and an electric engine block heater.

The ergonomically manufactured cabs which are air-conditioned provide comfort ad fine visibility to the operator. You can easily access the cross-mounted engine and ensure transportation ease as it subdues the length of the machine.

It produces very low noise which allows the operator to stay alert even during long tiring working periods. The machine’s safety measures comprises of electronic drive control having a speedy function of brake. This function minimizes the braking gaps if you move the lever rapidly and an angle indicator. The systems of optional anti-spin or toggling gear shifting smoothly counteract the problem of loss of friction even in the most difficult situation.

The latest CA rollers are reachable in standard designed models as per the specifications of the owners and consists of the extra facilities of wide range of scrappers, bolt-on-pad shell for carrying out the applications of PD and the lamps for the smooth working in the night.