A brief discussion on the construction cones – know its usage and types

Constructions are very common in the present era, where new constructions are taking place everywhere. Be it a building, a road or even other huge constructions, there is one thing that needs to be taken care of and that is safety. Construction sites are always associated with possible dangers, hazards and accidents. Though the construction site workers know the areas in a site that are more danger prone and accident prone, the passers-by, the travellers in the road might unknowingly enter this zone.

Hence, it is a must that safety measures are properly taken to ensure that the passers-by, the travellers and the cars driving on the roads are made aware of the possible danger. This is what the construction cones can help the workers with.

What are the construction cones?

Amongst the many safety measure tools that are used in a construction site, the cones are the most important ones. As the name suggests, these are made up of a conical shape. Usually, the colour is a bright orange; however, at times the colour of these construction site safety cones can even be made up of a fluorescent green colour. These cones mark the possibility of hazard within a certain zone and by placing the cones, the danger area is marked.

These cones are usually made up of high quality PVC plastic. The better is the quality of the plastic; the better will be its performance and longevity. In most cases, the cones are heavy at the bottom, so that they do not get twisted or turned over easily by wind.

Variety of construction cones:

  • Non-reflective cones:


These types of construction cones come in a plain base colour like orange or fluorescent green or rarely some other colours. They do not have any reflective bands used on them. Hence, in case there is no light in the area, where these cones will be used, they might not be very suitable to notify the possibility of danger or hazard in the area.

  • Reflective cones:


These cones have reflective collars, so that in dark atmospheres, when light reflects on these cones, they hazardous zone can easily be identified. This way, the passers-by and also the cars on the roads can understand and identify the area that is to be avoided.

Areas of usage of these construction cones:

Visibility is the purpose of using these construction cones. These can be used in all the areas, where caution needs to be taken in order to avoid accidents. The most widely used areas are –

  • At building constructions
  • Near road constructions
  • To conduct traffic control.


Now that you have understood about the importance of these cones at the construction sites, it is a must that you buy the good quality ones with proper weight and height. This way, the cones will be visible from a distance and will also withstand strong winds. The colour, height and weight must be considered during your purchase of these cones. Buying the reflective ones is a must, when they ate being used on the roads.