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Attain the Service of Trencher of Heavy Equipment Rental Companies

Nowadays, renting heavy construction equipment is considered as the most profitable business all around the world due to the craze for urbanisation. Therefore most of the construction firms are opting for the service of heavy equipment rental companies. Trencher is also a genus of construction equipment that is given to the architectural companies on rent. The apparatus is employed to excavate trenches, chiefly for laying pipes, cables underneath the ground. These trenchers are sometimes utilised in installing the drainage system or in preparing the trough combat. The construction companies can choose from the varied sizes of trenchers available in the market like walk-behind, heavy track, tractor etc.

Types of Trencher for Rent

Trenchers are available in various forms and use different ploughing gadgets to dig the earth. Some of them are as follows:

  • Wheel trencher also named as rock wheel is compiled by a serrated metal helm. This sort of trencher is economical to manage and maintain. It has the capacity to work in both soft and hard quality soil. They are generally accumulated on rubber tires or tracks.
  • Chain ditcher is capable of cutting the ground with a digging chain that is galvanised around a rounded metal edge. This kind of trencher has the capability to cut the hard quality ground that is not possible by the bucket-type excavator.
  • Micro trencher is often named as small rock wheel that is specifically used in urban areas. It is attached with the cutting helm. These are used in curtailing traffic or walker annoyance at the time of planting network.
  • Horticulturists and gardeners repeatedly use portable trenchers to establish landscape binding and irrigation lines. Compared to other trenchers, these machines are light weighted and are easily manageable.

 Profits in Hiring Trenchers

  • By hiring trenchers, the companies can save the storage cost of this heavy equipment. It is the responsibility of the rental companies that bear the storage cost of ditchers. The companies can hire it for their required time period and return the machine after the completion of the leasing period.
  • The rental companies assist the construction companies to avoid capital investment in these expensive trenchers. The companies are only required to pay the machinery expense that is the rental charge of the trencher to the leasing company. The possessors of the construction companies are free from the tenure cost of the trenchers.
  • The rental companies by providing the service of trencher reinforce the financing potential of the construction companies due to the reason that they proffer an improved ratio of possessions to liabilities.
  • The construction companies are not required to bear the depreciation cost of the heavy equipment machine when they take it from the rental companies. In fact the purchasing value of the trencher decreases as the time goes on therefore it is sensible to take it on rent.

Some of the notable producers of trenchers are TESMEC Company, Ditch Witch, Vermeeer Company, Digga, Marais etc. It is a suggestion to the construction companies to always hire ditchers of these labelled companies.

How to develop a lubrication program for your heavy construction equipment?

Lubrication is the technical process which helps to reduce the wear without the interference of human. Lubrication is done   by mediating a substance known as lubricant (which can be solid, liquid, or sometimes gas) which helps to carry the load between the opposing surfaces.

It is important for every equipment to get it properly and regularly lubricated so that it can go in the long run. Without lubricating heavy construction equipment, your machines will fail to withstand the wear and tear of time. But, don’t be afraid! You just need to follow some guidelines and you are on the way of increasing the life span of construction equipment even without wasting any money on the technicians.

There are three main things which can develop a lubrication program-

  • Procedure which support a broader maintenance tactics.
  • What needs to be set up?
  • From where to start the procedure?

These lubrication programs can be accomplished in many different ways. The procedure listed below is the most easy and effective while bringing uniformity to the task.

  • You should be dedicated enough to give your attention to find out what parts of the equipment should be lubricated. To cover the areas of lubricating the heavy construction equipment, you first have to make a proper schedule and for this time and effort is needed.
  • You can also look into the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manual to find out what kind of lubricant should be used for the machine. In the OEM number of lubrication points are also mentioned. These OEMs are really very helpful for the beginners in this field. A comparison of OEM selection with the AGMA standards is also very essential.
  • You should plan lubrication properly to avoid any kind of damages. Everyone dealing with lubrication program should be endowed with responsibility.
  • If you really want to become an expert in lubrication then, you should have to learn when to stop the lubrication procedure. If you over lubricate a heavy equipment, then be careful, you are unaware of the damage that you are causing to the construction equipment.
  • For lubricating the condition based machines, ultrasound technology is ideally suitable. This ultrasonic inspection helps you to know which bearing needs to be lubricated and how much lubricant you should apply to it.
  • Apart from normal wear, bearing is also greatly affected by the thickness of a relative film by an adequate lubricant.
  • As the lubricant is susceptible to weather, the container with the lubricant should be kept in a controlled climatic condition (dry, covered and at constant temperature).
  • For lubrication program correct viscosity is also another important factor. This viscosity is determined by operating temperature, environmental conditions, shaft speed, and type of the lubricant, tooth geometry and loading. The tooth form directs the sliding and rolling. Whereas the speed, viscosity and surface area of the gear dictates the operating frictional mode.

Most of the person who carries on with his lubrication work does not exactly know how to schedule their lubrication procedure. By following these simple steps, you can easily be an expert in this field.


How to Avoid Heavy Equipment Accidents

Are you going to start new business? Well, in that case you definitely want to choose the most profitable industry that can bring success within short period of time. Construction industry is definitely the best place that can help you to establish a great business. However, you have to continue your business very carefully and safely. Actually most of the accidents happen in the construction sites so, it is very essential to take serious steps and maintain the safety with the site. As you have to work with heavy equipment, so it is really important that you should give your full attention to the safety and security. If you fail to concentrate on the site then it you may find yourself in some unexpected danger.

Here are some tips that help you to prevent any unexpected danger or you can rescue yourself from such conditions.

At first you need to perform a site analysis. There are many professional experts who can help you in this work. You need to understand the situation and get familiarize with any unwanted hazards. If you can manage to learn how to face such problems then you can definitely make some solutions. You should also try to know that what types of personal protection you should need to take for protection. It is very important to have necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for the proper protection. So, through these processes you will be able to recognize and can deal with that properly.

You should not use a piece of equipment because it can cause accidents. So, before using equipment, you have to check out whether it can be adjusted or not. Equipment has different parts and it is very important to give full attention to every part of the machine. You should try to give special attention to the rotating and moving parts of the machine. As those parts are the most important so they can cause huge accidents, therefore, it is good to take special care on the moving parts.

As the equipment is very expensive, so you should also verify it before buying. If there is any kind of damage then try to fix it. With damaged parts you cannot work in the construction site. It can increase the chances of risks. Damaged parts are always very risky as it can bring unexpected danger in the site. As you are running a construction site with a number of workers so you have to take their responsibility also.

It is very important to maintain the machine properly. Without a proper maintenance equipment can be damaged and cause huge accidents. Thereby, it is best to maintain your machine everyday to avoid such accidents.

These are the few steps that can maintain your machine and help you to avoid certain types of accidents. To work in the most secure atmosphere you should organize such facilities take care of it.

Never Give Up Your Hopes Even If You Suffer Loses In the First Few Years of Your Business in the Construction Domain

A business is entitled to two very important aspects and they are profits and losses. Either you make money in your business or you lose out. These are the two significant factors that keep your business going. We see another trend in business. Guys who have newly set up their business tend to incur losses than making profits which is kind of demoralizing. This is perhaps the major reason why many of the folks who have started their business thinking of making it big end up completely giving it away. There is perhaps a wrong notion that runs in peoples’ mind that business is the only way to make them rich. Which is why without giving much thought to it, they start doing a business and then all of a sudden realize that this was not their cup of tea and eventually scrap it off.

This was one bunch of folks. There is another bunch of people who no matter what stick to their position even after having incurred huge losses in their business. They are the one who either make it big or get perished completely. They are probably the ones who do not like to give up their hopes and want to continue to see the end of their journey. Well, it is better that we all fall in the second list because you have to give time to your business to grow. If you not financially sound or don’t have much patience, business is not for you.

Incurring losses in the first few years of your business is inevitable:-  When you form a business, you do not have clients, you do not have proper infrastructure, you do not have all the necessary things that is needed to shape up your business. You gather them all in the phase of time and during this time you also do things which an experienced person will not dare to. It is only because you are learning things. You go wrong many times and also do not find anybody to correct you or to guide and show you the right way. In such scenarios, making losses is inevitable. You just can’t expect to get returns from your business because it lacks a lot of things that are important to gain profits in a business. During the troubled times, it is imperative to stick along and not take decisions like to wind it up.

Learn from your mistakes:-  The best way to set your foot in the construction business is to learn from your mistakes and not to repeat it ever. You rarely get people to guide you as folks don’t want competition in business. Many feel that by giving right advices they might give birth to a strong competitor which may pose as a challenge to them in the later years. Therefore, you are on your own and always keep your learning antenna on.

Listen to others but do that you feel is right:-  When you are new, you will come across people who care giving you advices on your business. They may not know much how to deal with situations but always have advices for others. It’s better to give them a hearing ear but use your brains to rationale their advices.




Top Ten Models of Dump Truck

Mining dump trucks used in the constructional sites continue to grow larger, as most of the miners increasingly prefer big capacity dump trucks with greater functional efficiency. That’s why, the manufacturing companies try their utmost to bring out contemporary models of big-sized mining trucks to increase the productivity within short time.

List of top ten models of dump truck

  • Caterpillar 797F:- It is the second biggest mining dump truck which is in service since 2009. The truck is equipped with radial tyres of Bridgestone VRDP or six Michelin XDR. The hydraulic torque converter transmission of the truck enables it to run at the rate of 68km/h.
  • Belaz 75710:– Belarusian Company Belaz launched this extra-heavy truck in the month of October, 2013. The weight of this equipment is 360t. The main feature of Belaz 75710 is its over-sized eight tubeless airy tires of Michelin and two turbocharged diesel engine of sixteen- cylinder. The equipment uses electromechanical transmittal that run on AC.
  • Liebherr T 282C /T 284:- These ultra-modern dump trucks are designed by Liebherr. Both of the trucks weigh 661t. They share the credit of being the second biggest mining trucks across the world whose length is 15.69m. The equipment is fitted with insulated-gate bipolar transistor AC drive system of Liebherr.
  • Terex MT 6300AC:- It was introduced in 2008 by Terex, an American manufacturer company. The truck’s payload capacity is 400t and the total operating weight is upto 660t. A four-stroke cycle engine having 20 cylinders powered by electric converter of AC is installed in the truck which gives out a power of 3750hp.
  • Belaz 75601:- This is the recent model of 7560 truck series manufactured by Belaz. It is invented to carry loose rocks from deep open holes at mining sites. The electromechanical transmission from the 20-V cylinders with diesel engine of four-cycle has been equipped in the machine so as to enable it to run on a gross power of 3750hp.
  • Terex MT 5500AC:- It is the biggest dump truck around the globe. The payload efficiency of the truck is 360t used extensively for large depthless mining purposes. The system of AC electric drive of the equipment helps it to run at a speed of 64km/h.
  • KOMATSU 960-1K/ 960E-1:- These kinds of trucks are rigid. The total lengths of both the trucks are 15.34and 15.6m respectively. Both of them have the speed of 64km/h. It has 18V-type cylinders which are powered by diesel engine of four cycle.
  • Hitachi EH5000AC-3:- Hitachi’s largest and latest rigid mining truck is EH5000AC-3. As it uses the low exhalation16-cylinder diesel engine of Cummins, it is environment-friendly.
  • Caterpillar 795F AC: – The gateless body and the famous MSD features of these trucks give it a unique modular look. Developed by Caterpillar, the model uses the techniques of AC electric drive which makes it run at a speed of 64km/h.
  • Belaz 75600:– The truck of this type is used to transport heavy rocks from mining sites of deep-unclosed holes. It can lift a maximum weight of 352t. Its 18-V type cylinders run on a four cycle-turbocharged diesel engine.


After going through the article, you will surely get a clear idea of the latest models of dump trucks. This idea will definitely help you to purchase the desired truck to carry out the work at construction site.

How to avoid heavy equipment disasters?

We all know that construction equipment or other heavy equipment are extremely dangerous. Construction sites and very prone to fatal accidents and disasters, every worker in such sites have to exceedingly cautious while handling such heavy equipment. It is pertinent for every single one of the employees to follow safety guidelines to avoid potential disasters at all times. Even one second’s ignorance can cost them their life or limbs. Similar other types of accidents construction accidents also take place mostly due to the person’s negligence or usage of faulty instruments.

It has been observed that a large number of accidents are reported every year that take place in construction sites and account for the death or injury of thousands of workers. For these reasons not only does the project owners lose huge sums of money but the employees of these families also suffer from great loss and go through pain. Four construction site accidents were reported in the 2012, all of which took place at the World Trade Centre (WTC) construction project.

So what are the common types of accidents that occur in construction sites?

Classification of construction accidents or heavy equipment disasters can be done on the basis of their severity, whether the economic loss encountered is big or small or if the amount of loss of lives and injuries caused are big or small. It can be caused either due to design ignorance, equipment failures, and worker’s carelessness or simply due to natural disaster causes. On the basis of the location of such heavy equipment accidents they are grouped as and residential building site accidents, tunnel accidents and highway construction site disasters.

Some types of heavy equipment accidents can be listed as:

  1. Ladder Accidents
  2. Saw Blade Accidents
  3. Crane and Truck Accidents
  4. Elevator Accidents
  5. Power Tool Accidents
  6. Welding Equipment Accidents
  7. Scaffolding Failure
  8. Cable and Rope Accidents
  9. Forklift Accidents

To name a few of them other categories may be listed as collapse of building components, labor related disasters, fire and explosions, falling of objects, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) violations leading to disasters etc.

Some labor related disasters can be listed as:

  • Iron Worker Accidents
  • Painter Accidents
  • Brick Layer Accidents
  • Plumber Accidents
  • Carpenter Accidents
  • Union worker Accidents
  • Maintenance Worker Accidents

Based on the project type or location they can be categorized as: –

Parking garage collapse, tunnel construction accidents, highway construction, demolition mishaps, residential building site disasters, bridge building site disasters, excavation accidents etc.

What are the common causes of disasters in sites with heavy equipment?

  • Most commonly accidents involving being struck by tools, equipment or being hit by falling objects usually take place due to insufficient planning of site storage, inadequacy of tool belts to ensure safety while using them, lack of toe boards on scaffoldings.
  • Improper usage of heavy construction vehicles such as cranes, trucks, hoists etc. can also lead to fatal disasters.
  • Certain trenching disasters may place workers in danger of being trapped under soil and rocks, increasing their risk of having asphyxiation, breathing of poisoning fumes and drowning in underground water. Derisory excavation wall support, failure of protective systems, unsuccessful soil inspection and unsafe passage into and out of the trench may generate such kind of construction accidents.


One can aspire to become heavy equipment operator

Usually many people have this notion that working as a heavy equipment operator is best suited to people who are not much qualified and hence can’t seek a reputable job anywhere to support their family. However, this is completely incorrect and there are many construction companies who have employed youths coming out from good educational institutions. The fact of the matter is in today’s time, when jobs are not easily available and many people remain unemployed, this particular job is helping many in smoothly running their family expenses. This does not mean that a person having studied finance or sales and marketing can find their place in becoming a heavy equipment operator. The person who is applying for this kind of job predominantly need to have some basic knowledge about machines and the way it works.

We would be talking about the facts that one need to consider before they decide to become a heavy equipment operator.

Keen interest in machines:-

A person need not be good driver. It certainly doesn’t qualify him/her to become a heavy equipment operator. All he/she needs to have some level of interest in heavy equipment. Some may find the entire concept of heavy equipment to be very boring and they should realize that it is not their cup of tea. They should be looking for something else to shape up their career. For people who love to deal with machines, they may find their place in this industry. It has been seen that children who love to sit in the driver’s cabin while their uncle or father takes them on a ride on the heavy equipment end up loving this profession. Nevertheless, this is not mandatory as there are instances where people have ended up becoming a heavy equipment operator without having any of his family members or relatives in this profession.

Get enrolled with a good institution:-

For people who seriously want to be a part of this industry, it is very important for them to hunt for a reputed institution that gives training to its students on various subjects pertaining to heavy equipments. Such institutions also have a section where they train individuals to become able heavy equipment operator. Please note that there are many institutions across US who promises to get the student enrolled with big construction companies. This may not always be true and a proper verification regarding their authenticity would be required. Please don’t get carried away with classy advertisements. They may be a trap to invite applicants from joining the institute and the applicants may end up learning par below their competitors.


After selecting the correct institute, you may want to select the kind of heavy equipment to work on. You may become the operator of an excavator, bulldozer or a backhoe loader, forklift etc. Now one you have decided the machine in which you want to specialize, you then have to learn the features of all the models available. This will only help you to become an able operator and will shape your profile in the most positive way.

Know the Educational Requirements to become a Proficient Heavy Equipment Operator

A heavy equipment operator needs to operate complex Heavy Equipment for various construction and mining projects in the building site. They need to undertake comprehensive and in-depth formal training in order to be skilful and dexterous in this field. Read this article carefully to learn if you are a heavy equipment operator.

Apprentice programs

Generally the heavy equipment operators start their career as apprentice or trainee. The apprenticeship training is given at various technical colleges and trade unions. Also post secondary institutions as well as professional associations are available. The technical and community colleges offer programs that are accredited by National Joint Apprentice and Training Committee and approved by state labour departments. The eligibility of the students enrolling for this course has to be 18 years of age and must have a driving license. The driving licence is required since sometimes the heavy equipment needs to be operated on roads. The duration of the courses span up to 4 years. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the students undertaking the apprenticeship programs have better chances of landing jobs, as they are well equipped and have comprehensive knowledge about varieties of heavy equipments than the college goers.

Classroom Job Training

In the classroom job training students wanting to become heavy equipment operators are given education on safety processes and policies. The safety procedures include operation of safety equipments as well as pre functioning process. The courses thoroughly comply with guidelines laid by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. The courses also give emphasis on eliminating hazardous wastes.

Among other popular courses heavy equipment protection and repairing them. Operators are given training on greasing machine parts or joining machine parts by soldering or welding.

Practical Training

Like other professional courses practical training is very important for the heavy equipment operators to hold them in good stead and prepare them for a bright career ahead. Here they are given training on the application of the heavy equipment such as landscaping and grading a site using tractors or bulldozers.



Extra Requirements:

Operator’s need to have a  commercial driver’s  licence(CDL) since they sometimes will have to transport the equipments from one place to another in the construction sites.

Career Prospects:

Graduates can find lucrative careers as operators in pipeline operations, CPR and waste operations. They can also peruse their career as trouble-shooters or equipment repairer.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has divulged that the average salary per annum for operating engineers is high and lucrative. Some years ago the highest -paying business organisations asked these heavy equipment workers to perform support activities for road shipping, scientific investigation services, health and surgical infirmaries, and generation of electricity. Each of these workers or operators was remunerated a per annum average salary of $58,500 or in excess of that.

The BLS predicts that employment prospects for construction heavy equipment operators will be enhanced by 19% between the year of 2012 and 2022. Operators accessible to work in urban areas with technical know-how are expected to be the most benefitted ones with bright employment prospects. The operator who knows to operate more than one heavy equipment is also believed to have optimistic career.

So if you are planning to become a heavy equipment operator undergo some practical training. It will prepare you for a bright and lucrative career ahead. With increase in construction projects it has already become a popular career option among many and in future it is likely to grow as well.













Know the detail of dump trucks and other construction equipment

Well, construction companies are raising high in all over the world. Due to its amazing work friendly accessibility and great profit it has made a strong position in people’s mind. The beginners want to focus on this field and try their luck into it. To handle a construction company is not an easy task. You have to give your 100% to this business. Well, one of the most important things that are highly needed in construction sites is the equipment. Without some efficient construction equipment, you cannot run a construction site. Thereby, it is very important to know the information regarding such equipment. You have to learn the detail of different equipment. If you are going to operate it in your worksite or jobsite then it is essential to learn its uses and detail of its other parts.

One of the most useful heavy equipment is dump trucks. It is also popular as production trucks. It is used in construction sites to transport some materials like dirt, gravel and sand from your site. This dump truck is designed with hydraulically operated open box that is connected with the rear. It helps the truck to deliver the dirt on the right spot. You can get dump truck in many different configurations and each of the one is made to deal with different works. You will get dump truck in different categories that can serve you specific tasks.

There are standard dump truck, transfer dump truck and semi trailer end dump truck. Each of them is different and can deal different types of works. The standard dump truck has a long chassis. It is connected with bulkhead. It has major two parts that are truck cab and dump body. T has front axle and a real axle that help it to work properly. Transfer dump trucks are the most useful equipment. It helps to transport different types of extra material. Many construction companies purchase this equipment in order to serve their work properly.

Other important construction equipment is front loader that is also popular as front end loader, scoop loader, shovel and bucket loader. It is a different type of tractor and people use it with a square bucket in order to move or transport the essential material. There will be the loader assembly that is attached with the vehicle. Sometimes, for your work you can replace the bucket with some other things such as tools, forks or even with a hydraulically operated bucket.

You will get different types of front end loader. The caterpillar 950G is one of the best. It is used to deliver material into the truck, clear the rubber and sometimes, it also helps in digging.

There are other construction equipment such as bulldozer, excavator and many more. All these equipment helps to maintain different works in a construction site. You can purchase them from local dealer and maintain your work properly.

Advantages of renting heavy equipment

The constructional and industrial companies should decide very carefully whether to buy or rent heavy equipment. Sometimes, renting the equipment can be more beneficial to buying the equipment. If you too planning for getting equipment, first consider for what purpose you are going to use it. This consideration will help you to decide whether you should buy or lease the equipment. Undoubtedly renting the equipment has some major advantages. Some of those advantages are given below.

Advantages of renting heavy equipment

The growing sectors of industries are becoming busy with heavy constructional works. They don’t want to spend much money on getting the equipment while at the same time not ready to compromise with the quality. Here comes the idea of renting the equipment.

  • If you are leasing a heavy equipment, you will not be burdened with the job of maintaining it regularly. Though there are some heavy equipment which require a bit maintenance through routine testing. But, in case of renting, it is the renting company which is going to do this task for you. This will enable you to schedule your work properly without investing any time and money in maintenance of the equipment.
  • One important aspect of the machine ownership which most of the companies don’t consider before purchasing is the storage facility. They left the equipment in open spaces which ultimately lead to the damage of the equipment. When the person is opting for renting the equipment, he doesn’t need have to spend much money in creating a storage building or renting it. It is the duty of the renting company to manage a space for storing the equipment properly.
  • Another great advantage of leasing the equipment is the transportation facility. Suppose, your working place is far away from your equipment storing room, then transporting the equipment to the worksite can be time consuming, expensive and tiresome. In such a case, most of the people hire a third –party company to transport the equipment. Too much complicated, right? If you opt for renting, the company will provide you with transportation of the equipment without any extra charges to the worksite.
  • The most common thread which unites all the operational advantages to leasing is the reduction in labour costs and time. The hidden costs of purchasing the equipment often make it very difficult. If you are deciding to rent the equipment, go on because it is economic too. No additional costs are required to upkeep the machine in case of leasing it. Sometimes, the companies have to set up complete divisions only for proper handling of the logistics and support their equipment.

If you have low budget and cannot afford to buy the equipment, you should kick on for leasing it. Look for the company which will offer you a well-stocked and maintained fleet of heavy constructional equipment. The company should also provide you with top-notch quality service. So, go ahead and get your equipment type on leasing and start the construction business.